Shinmai Boukensha – 54

Day 54: Missing Person and the Runaway
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 6th day.
Weather: Cloudy

Ahh, luxury inns really do have the best breakfasts.
I can’t wait until I can work while having an inn like this as my main base.
In order to do that, I must work hard today as well!!

But when I went to the guild to submit the requested items, the place was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.
There was something tense in the very air.
The reason must be the five royal knights that stood by the reception counter…
They wore pitch-black armor with deep crimson capes. And the pomels of their longswords were decorated in the shape of a dragon.
…Their equipment looked so expensive! I am so jealous!!

So everyone was tense because of their presence.
After all, many Adventurers took on work that was just barely legal…
And there were times when the Knights Order would take credit for their work…
Well, I heard a lot of stories like that, so I understood how they felt.

After some time, the five knights left as if nothing had happened.
And then, the atmosphere loosened up all at once.
But the receptionist who had to deal with them looked quite exhausted.
Still, she gave me a perfect smile when I went over to submit the items. What a professional.
As she inspected the items, I asked about the knights who were just there.
I simply wanted to know what their business was.

Surprisingly, she explained it to me right away.
Apparently, they were questioning people over a missing person.
…Who could it be? It must be someone very important for the Knights Order to get involved.
As I wondered about this, I was warned that I must not pry into the matter any further.
I nodded, accepted the reward and left.
…You don’t have to worry about me. I do not like knights and nobles at all.

However, I couldn’t help but think about it a little as I walked to the quest board.
I too had run away from home. Could there be a missing persons request for me as well…?
It’s been almost two months since I left… Perhaps I should check the missing person board.
And so I quickly scanned it and then…

…I found it…
For some reason, the description was purposely vague, but parts of the information, like the interests and preferences matched me exactly. On top of that, there was the client. While he used my mother’s surname, it was my older brother.
…Hmm. I must tear this off and burn it!!

As my hand reached out towards it, someone grabbed my arm. Ahhhh!! …Oh, it’s just Ms. Noa. Don’t surprise me like that… I thought you were a guild worker.
As I sighed with relief, Ms. Noa whispered in my ear. They will be able to trace you, so you can’t remove it.

…Ah, I see! With such vague information, the only one who would know it was me is me.
In other words, if I tore it off, my older brother would know that either I or someone related was nearby!! Ms. Noa nodded gravely at this.
Ve-very impressive! It’s no wonder that she was able to escape from Ms. El for a hundred years… She is first-rate when it comes to running away from home!!

Yes, I must leave it be. As for today’s work… I have lost my motivation a little…
This is all my older brother’s fault… I better forget work for today and go back to the inn and think of my next move instead…

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Silver: +75 (Scrap mana crystals x5)
Bronze: +9 (Quest items)
-1 (Inn x2)(Bed: A+, Food: A+)
Balance: 54 silver, 8 bronze

[Wall]_・)Peek. I…I have to escape!!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. I wonder who the missing person is? Could it be the girl Noa used to work for? She seemed to be a noble or royalty. If so then that flag Adventurer-chan tried to dodge is unmissable.

    Also I wonder why Adventurer-chan’s own missing persons report is kept intentionally vague about her description? Could it be she’s actually somebody important?

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