Shinmai Boukensha – 55

Day 55: The Boy And The Old Man
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 7th day.
Weather: Sunny

We ended up staying at the luxury inn for two days in a row… In spite of luxury being the enemy.
This is all the fault of my older brother, who put up that paper!! I won’t forgive you, brother!!
…But thinking about it won’t solve anything. And so I must go and work.
Working helps you to forget your troubles!!

When I entered the guild, it was shrouded in an awkward atmosphere.
The reason for this was a small boy and an old man in a tailcoat who were at the reception desk.
The boy was throwing a fit, and the old man and the receptionist were trying to calm him down.
…Hmm. I will avoid getting involved then!!

And so I quietly walked past their backs and towards the quest board.
Today I will… Perhap I should go to the Rufardo Abandoned Mine Dungeon.
Ore sold at a surprisingly high price, and there was a gathering quest that was just right.
Normally, carrying all of the ore would be a hassle, and so I wouldn’t do it, but it will be easy with Ms. Noa here!!

And so we took the request sheet to the counter… But they were still there. The boy and the old man.
The receptionist seemed like she was quite at a loss now.
As for the other counters…well, there were only two, one on each side…and they were both full.
…Clearly everyone else was trying to avoid getting involved!?

As I thought of which line to go to, the boy suddenly noticed my presence and pointed to me and shouted.
Why is that child allowed to do it and not me! Something like that… I have a headache now.
And even when I ignored him, he started to move towards me… Hey, don’t come over here!?

…And now I am caught.
I, Ms. Noa, the receptionist, and the old man were all trying to persuade the boy.
Apparently, this boy really wanted to explore a dungeon, but he was not allowed to, according to the rules.
However, he would not listen, no matter how many times it was explained to him.
I am strong! I am more capable than anyone!! He kept saying such things… And why does he compare himself to me?

I asked the old man this in a whisper, and he said that the boy had seen us escape from the underground waterway the other day.
If something like that can do it, then so can I! That’s what he thought… Something like that… Was he trying to pick a fight with me?
After some time, only I was called by the Guild Master for some reason… Why!?

I entered the office and the Guild Master suddenly bowed his head to me.
He then asked me to take the boy to the dungeons.
As for the problem of rank, it would be solved if the old man came out of retirement… In other words, both he and Ms. Noa were above C-Rank.
When I asked why he was going to such lengths, he said that it was difficult to refuse someone who was the son of a powerful nobleman… The idea of their being an authority that the guild must bend to is quite horrifying!

I don’t want to do this! Especially if nobles are involved!!
However, when I tried to leave, I was handed a sheet of paper. Yes, it was that sheet of paper..
This is you, isn’t it? He said with a diabolical smile as I tensed up.
…This is very cowardly, you know!?

…In the end, I had to accept. We leave tomorrow.
Sniff… I could not go against his authority.
And when I returned, Ms. Noa was angry with me… Ugh, this is all my brother’s fault!!

In order to butter up the angry Ms. Noa, we had to stay at a luxury inn once again… I want to cry.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Silver: -1(Inn x2)(Bed: A+, Food: A+)
Balance: 53 silver, 8 bronze

(ノ_-;)sigh… So many troubles.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Couldn’t they just fobbed off the brat by sending him to the easiest dungeon along with the old man? It’s not like the kid would be able to tell the difficulty level of any dungeon he goes to and the old guy is apparently pretty strong so he’d be able to protect him. I mean I don’t think any adventurer would appreciate having that little sh*t foisted on them so just sending him to an easy dungeon should have been enough.

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