Shinmai Boukensha – 56

Day 56: A Depressing Job
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 8th day.
Weather: Sunny

I felt quite depressed this morning… I really hate it. Today’s job…
Still, I have to do my best…
As we weren’t meeting them until midday, I had to make preparations until then.
Even if I wasn’t enthusiastic about this job, cutting corners could put me and others in danger.

After Ms. Noa and I purchased everything we needed, we went to the town’s east gate.
When we arrived, the boy, the old man, and a middle-aged man were already waiting there.
…Why was there more now!?
When they noticed us, the boy began to complain about us being late… But we were right on time!!

It was very troublesome, but we just apologized and moved to introductions.

First, the boy’s name was Rai. His short, red hair was very striking. He was twelve-years old.
And his insolent blue eyes never stopped glaring at me… What did I ever do to him?
By the way, his equipment was merely a short sword and leather breastplate.
He was going to the dungeon so lightly armored… It was giving me a headache.

As for the old man, who always had a kindly smile, his name was Mr. Sebas.
His round spectacles and wavy, silver hair were very stylish.
He was wearing the same tailcoat as yesterday. There was no armor in sight.
However, he was wearing wrist guards made of some kind of scales on both arms.
…Surely, he was not a close-quarters fighter… P-please don’t hurt yourself, alright!?

Finally, there was the middle-aged man, Mr. Gein. He had black hair, which was mostly shaved off, and sharp, scary eyes that made him look like a wolf.
His equipment was a well-worn suite of silver armor and a great sword that was as long as he was tall.
By the looks of him, he was clearly a veteran.
And yet…he was only F-Rank! What a scam.
…There must be something they’re not saying! Though, I am not going to ask!!

As for our own introductions, I just said, ‘We’re the Nameku Hunters!’ Because I didn’t care enough.
Ms. Noa was stunned… Hehehe. Yes, I never thought that I would use that name myself…
However, I don’t have any intention of becoming friendly with these people…
Rai glared at me even harder. Perhaps he was dissatisfied with my introduction… Your attitude is one of the reasons, you know?

Well, after those introductions were finished, we decided to go on our way.
We would be going to the Rufaldo Abandoned Mine Dungeon. If things went according to schedule, we would arrive there tomorrow.

When we walked past the gate, there was a carriage waiting for us… How luxurious!
Mr. Sebas sat in the driver’s seat, and the rest of us climbed into the back.
But I was quite astonished when I saw their cargo. At first, I had wondered why they seemed to be traveling lightly, but there were numerous barrels and wooden boxes loaded into the carriage… Were they peddlers now?
Rai looked at me with a triumphant expression, as if to say, I might share some if you run out!! But he need not worry about me.
I have everything I need in my bunny sack. And I also have Ms. Noa. I will not need his help.
I turned up my nose at him, and then he started to make a lot of noise for some reason… He really was annoying.
But Mr. Sebas ignored everything as he continued to drive the carriage along the road.

Oh, that’s right. On the road, we passed by a party from the Knights Order.
…Were they broadening the area they searched?
Well, I did not want to get involved, and so I ignored them.

…Ah, I just want to get this job over with.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -50(portable food)
-10(Cheese 1 block)
-20(Oil pots x4)
-7(Pickaxe for Ms. Noa)
-50(Map of the abandoned mine)
Silver: -4(Lanterns x2)
Balance: 47 silver, 71 bronze

( -.-) =з Ha… I want to run away.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    She actually used the name. Please let this be a sign that it will continue. I so want the name to last.

  2. I’m already seeing red flags. The brat and his butler are too lightly equipped and they also brought another person that doesn’t seem like he was assigned to this brat by the guildmaster like Adventurer-chan was which means his character can’t be guaranteed. Then his equipment doesn’t match his rank. He’s got well worn silver armor yet he’s only F rank which shouldn’t easily be able to acquire armor like the kind he’s wearing. While there is the possibility that he’s just an adventurer who doesn’t care about his rank enough to do any exams to rank up while actually being very experienced and have money to afford his equipment but I feel like any adventurer like that wouldn’t go out of his way to take on a quest like this to babysit some brat. It feels more like he’s some bandit who scavenged his equipment or maybe an army deserter who ran away with his equipment that was provided to him and he just saw this brat is inexperienced so he introduced himself to them so he can attack them in the dungeon and rob them or capture the boy so he can hold him for ransom.

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