Royal Magician – 132

Chapter 132 – Fierce Battle

After regaining my consciousness, I ran towards the arena waiting room.

I didn’t know what was happening, but it was clear that the current situation was a disaster.
Even those incredibly powerful elf magicians had their hands full.

Still, the sight of those magicians from different countries, fighting to protect the audience.
And seeing my superiors of the Royal Magicians Order at the forefront…it made me happy.

However, things were also desperate.
They were all working together to support the magic barrier, but it seemed like it would shatter at any moment now.

All they could do was focus on defense.
We were at such a disadvantage, that it made me want to look away.

In the first place, it was almost miraculous that they were able to hold the line against such a horde of magic beasts.

There were clearly not enough people fighting, I thought as I ran. And then I noticed something.

(What is that…)

The presence of strange mana that was completely different from everyone else.

A spell that shined in beautiful gold.

Even though the barrier was being broken, he had such power that he could calmly defend the spectators from the monsters.

He was holding back so many of them just by himself.

(Is he even human?)

No one could watch and not be stunned. It was clear that he was the reason there was any balance, in spite of the great difference in fighting force.
In any case, as a subordinate, I should ask for instructions!

“President Cronos! What should I do!”

I shouted to the man who stood above, on one of the spectator seats.

“Are you alright? You look quite depleted to me.”
“I’m fine! I’ve experienced worse! There was a month when I worked overtime for 400 hours!”

I said with a chuckle, and President Cronos replied.

“I captured the person who was behind this, but the situation is still dire. In spite of fighting back with full force, they have a vicious, ancient dragon who is creating these monsters. If this continues much longer, we will have no hope of winning.”
“Is this ancient dragon really that strong?”
“The seal has not been broken entirely. And yet defeating it is still impossible. But if the seal is broken, then everyone here would be as good as dad.”
“Tha-that’s ridiculous…”
“Well, the dragon is really close to an evil god. Thousands of great magicians had to trap it in order to seal it away.”
“Thousands of magicians…”

Clearly, we did not have enough right now.
So what President Cronos said about us having no chance if the battle was prolonged, was likely true.

“Thankfully, we have some brilliant elf magicians here. And the art of sealing is the area that spirit magic excels at the most. If they can repair and reseal it, there is a possibility that this situation can be turned around.”
“And what is stopping that?”
“In order to reseal the ancient dragon that lurks deep in that great hole, you must pass that horde of monsters, and reach the very depths. I could do it myself, but then the horde on the surface would not be stopped. And who knows what damage they will cause.”

He would have to reseal it quickly and return.

However, the problem was that it would take time to return to the surface from the deepest depths.

The Grambern caverns were some of the deepest in the continent. And since we could not fly, it could take hours, no matter how much we hurried.

(Something…there must be some solution…)

A way to return to the surface swiftly.

“Wait a minute”

I said, and then ran to the arena’s facilities.
I made my way through the evacuating crowds, and reached the waiting room, where I drank potions to recover my strength and mana.

After that, I picked up the small whistle that I had hidden there.

Due to the rules of the games, I had not been able to take it to the field with me. It had been a gift that I received for helping someone.

And with that, I rushed out of the door until I was outside, and then I blew on the silver and crystal whistle.

…Please. Lend me your strength, dragon!

◇  ◇  ◇

The battle raged on.
The magicians fought desperately in order to stop the horde of monsters.

In spite of the situation, none of them tried to run away. This was due to pride for their magic, which they had spent years improving, and also a sense of duty.

They knew how big the world was.
They knew what defeat felt like. How small they were.

That they could dedicate their whole lives, and still not reach someone’s level.

Still, they gritted their teeth and continued.
This was training, so that they could get closer to the person they wanted to be.

The reason they had continued to polish their abilities without giving up.
Why they wanted to become stronger.

They knew.
If they fled now, they would lose something that was more important than their lives.

The countless fangs right in front of them.

Just then, the magicians felt a powerful and terrible chill.

The presence of something immense, that exceeded their imagination.

A shadow.
A huge, pitchblack form.
Wings that covered the sky.

(What the…)

It was a dragon.
The strongest of creatures on the continent.

Was this one of the monsters that had been sealed away?
As everyone stood there in shock, the number of monsters that flowed out of the hole increased.

(Damn it. We can’t hold them back…)

It was just as they saw defeat, that a wave of the monsters was smashed, but a giant, tree-like tail.

(It is…protecting us?)

They could hardly believe it.

(But why…? What is happening…?)

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