Seisan Mahoushi – 162

Chapter 162 – It was broken!?

“You’re alright now.”

Ecleshia said as she carried Riise.

Riise had looked very anxious earlier, but she must have recognized us, as she had calmed down a little.

Previously, she had spent some time with us in Fendel village, and so she must have remembered our faces.

Ymir made a funny face as she greeted Riise.

“It’s been too long! Now Enna, you greet her too!”
“Uh, um… With that face?”
“Of course! Children like funny faces!”
“Uh, I am Enna. It’s nice to meet you, Riise.”

And so Enna was forced to make a strange face and greet Riise.

Perhaps it was too much for Riise, as she then burst into laughter.

“Haha…please…stop that…you both look so funny.”

And then Ymir looked at me.

Riise was able to talk now. She hadn’t been able to talk before, which showed how much she had grown.

Ymir must have felt embarrassed, as she turned red. So did Enna.

In any case, thanks to them, Riise looked more cheerful now and it would be easier to talk to her.

“Still, what are you doing here? Where is Beyron and Neia?”

I asked, and then Riise’s expression darkened.
And then she opened her mouth.

“Father…sister…are fighting. And…I wanted them to make up.”
“Hmm. A father and daughter fighting. It’s not unusual, but… They should not do it in front of someone so young.”

Ecleshia declared. Ymir and Enna nodded in agreement.

Indeed, I had seen Neia object to her father Beyron before. He was the leader of the group, and she was his daughter, so they must disagree quite often.

And so I squated down so that I was at the same level as Riise.

“That must have been quite hard for you. However, why were you in the plaza by yourself?”
“I wanted to fix it. What Father broke.”

Riise said as she showed me a bag.
She opened the bag, revealing something sparkling inside.

“Are those fragments of something?”

The fragments were rounded, like they were the result of several gemstones being smashed. There was also some string, so perhaps it had been a bracelet. And there was something like blood on the string.

Riise looked at it sadly and said,

“Father wore it on his wrist. And so I’ve been asking different people to fix it, but…”
“They all rejected you….”
“Hmm. Smashed jewels… Yes, that would be difficult.”

Muttered Ymir, who was a crafter. It would not be easy to put a cracked stone back together.

“Yes… Everyone said that they couldn’t do it.”

Riise said darkly.

Of course, none of the places here would be able to do it.

But with my production magic…

“…Could I try fixing it?”

Riise’s expression suddenly brightened.

“You can fix it!?”
“Aye. But I might need some extra materials… In any case, would you mind if I take a look?”

Riise nodded happily and handed be the bag.

And then I put the bag into my magic workshop.

“It has become like powder… There is also a lot of dust and pieces of wood that aren’t part of the original bracelet. This might take some time. Let’s go into a tea house somewhere.”

I made the suggestion, and everyone agreed.

And so we decided to go to a tea house on the main street, that had table outside.

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