Seisan Mahoushi – 161

Chapter 161 – Lost!?

“Over here!”

Ymir pointed to the back of a narrow alley.

And so I rushed right in.

Then we saw Riise the weretiger, being taken into one of the houses. And while she was resisting, the person was an adult, and she could not escape.

We quickly followed her.

However, the doors were shut, and would not open.

But there was a small window that allowed us to peek inside. Aside from the first man, there were a few other villainous figures surrounding Riise.

Riise was then gagged with a rope.

“Hehe. Now we have captured one of the Grank mercenaries.”
“They always pay a good price to get one of their own back. We should make a good profit.”

Even if they weren’t slave merchants, they were certainly thugs.

Ecleshia shook with rage.

“What fiends. We must break down the door and…”
“Wait a minute, Ecleshia. We don’t want them to direct their blades at Riise when they feel threatened. It is best to ambush them.”

I said, and then I turned to Wiz, who was perched on my shoulder.

“Wiz… can you deal with this lock?”

Wiz nodded at me and then hopped down to the ground.

And then he slipped through the crack under the door.

For many years, Wiz had created many different things with me. And that included keys and locks.
And so he knew a lot about the structure of locks. He should have no trouble with unlocking it.

“Ecleshia. Stay on your guard. Enna, prepare your water magic. Ymir. Throw this into the room as soon as the door opens.”
“…Yes. Uh, what is this? A bomb?”

Ymir looked puzzled as I handed her the sphere.

“No, it’s a smoke screen. It will make smoke. And while the enemy is confused, I will take Riise out.”

I said, and then I took out a special helmet from magic workshop. It would cover my head completely, and the front part was made with glass. Like this, I wouldn’t have to worry about breathing in the smoke, and it would not get in my eyes.

As for how I would see, I could also detect the movement of magic energy. And since I recognized Riise’s energy, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Everyone nodded to show that they understood.

And then I heard the click of the lock opening.

“Alright, are you ready?”

And then I quickly opened the door, and Ymir threw the smoke ball in the room after lighting it.

Immediately, smoke filled the room. However, it would disappear after about ten seconds.

And so I started to run towards Riise.


As expected, the men were confused.
However, I could tell where Riise was due to her magic energy.

And so I picked her up and left the room.


And then the men started to chase after me.

However, we had Enna, who could use water magic. And though she hadn’t brought the staff that I made that enhanced your water magic, but Enna could use powerful water magic now.

“Enna! Cast it at their feet!”

Enna held her hands in front of her and unleashed the water magic.

“What!? What is this water!?”

It was hard to believe that the waves of water were the product of magic. It swept the men off their feet, knocking them down.

“Well done, Enna!”

Ymir said, and Enna looked a little bashful.

We continued to run out of the alley and make our escape.

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    • Josh if a softy for the most part and this was more of a blitz to save the hostage, so that the beatings can come after this… at least one would hope.

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