Paintbrush Summoner – 7

Chapter 7 – This World’s Affairs Also Hinged on Wealth

“I’m tired…”

Menew was lying spread eagle on the bed in the room that he had been given.

It was not a physical fatigue that he felt. This was mental exhaustion.

(In my past life…I never talked to a girl this much. And so I never knew that a girl could talk to that extent…)

The blue bird had been named ‘Cheeta’ by Ms. Valette. Apparently, it was because its chirping sounded like ‘chee-chee.’

And unlike the first lightning spear, the bird did not disappear. It stayed on Valette’s shoulder the entire time that Menew was guided through the mansion.

He had drawn it in order to cheer up Valette… But now that she had become so attached to it, she might be even more sad if it were to disappear.

Leaving that aside, the tour of the mansion had been amazing. Amazingly exhausting.

First, it started with the drawing room, which had its own bathrooms and closets. Then, since she was hungry, she took him to the kitchens, and then the great hall, the salon, and on and on she dragged him. She should have more consideration for a former shut-in.

She estimated his size so that she could order some new clothes, and then spent a great deal of time talking to the attendant about them. Then they rested in the drawing room.

Additionally, he had yet to hear anything about his status, which was the thing he had wanted to know about the most.

As he thought of such things, there was a knock on the door.

He hadn’t heard someone knock on his door since the last time he was staying with his parents. He mused as he got up.

“Come in..”

“I have finished the arrangements for your clothes! Now, let us visit the church!”

He was not surprised to see Ms. Valette. And Cheeta.

Ever since the beginning, she had been like a storm.

“The church?”

“Yes. In order to view your status, you must be baptized at the church. Have you any recollection of being baptized?”


Because I never did that.

“Then perhaps it would be best for you to be baptized again.”

“Is this church nearby?”

“Yes. We can reach it by foot.”

“I suppose I’ll go then. And you’ll teach me everything I need to know?”

“Of course!”

As they walked to the church Valette told Menew the basics. Particularly regarding time and money.

“In general, the currency consists of silver, copper, and the beltz coins. One silver coin is worth 1,000 beltz. Copper coins are worth 100 beltz. Everything below that is 1 beltz, which is made of tin.”


As he listened he took out the leather bag from his pouch and looked inside. But there was no silver or copper.

He saw ten platinum and twenty silver coins.

“…Mister Menew. Is that…”

“Uh…my pocket money? I’m glad it wasn’t stolen.”

“You must put that away at once!”

Valette frantically thrust the bag back into my pouch.

It was all so startling for both parties that they had stopped in their tracks near the gate. They had not even left the mansion premises yet.

“Th-tha…that was…close…”

“Was it really that bad?”

“In one month…that is…30 days…a commoner only needs one silver. To feed the entire family.”


He blurted.

“…Yes. And the gold you are carrying is worth 10,000 beltz. The platinum is one hundred times that. It is used for very expensive transactions. Of course, merchant houses and nobles, like ours, have them, but…”

That god. That Seker. What did he mean by this?

This was too large of a bonus. It could not be explained away with amnesia. Surely.

10,200,000 yen.

Not only that, but goods seemed to be cheaper here. Well, maybe it would make more sense to convert it into dollars?

Regardless, it was not the kind of amount to just drop into someone’s wallet, god.

“Why don’t you keep it with the Merchants Guild? You will earn interest, and can convert it. The current interest rate is around 20 percent, if I recall correctly…”

“What, seriously?”

He had never cared about interest rates while in Japan. But if his money was going to increase just by keeping it with them, then there was no reason to say no.

“Yes, well, you will be able to withdraw your money at any Merchant Guild across the country. So please use it. It will help the economy.”

“You really are the daughter of a guild chief.”

“No, you have not seen anything yet. But sorry for the delay. Let us continue on our way.”


And so they started walking again.

After exiting from the gate, they turned in the direction that he had first come. Apparently, he had passed the church without realizing it.

“So, you have enough money. Then there is… About time, was it?”

“Yes. I should be fine with basic living. But there is a lot that I have forgotten as well.”

“There are 24 hours in a day. Seven days in a week. And 30 days in a month. And a year is 12 months.”

“…I see.”

He hoped that he would be able to see his status soon.

It would probably all be translated so that he would understand it. When it came to currency, it had done its best. It seemed like when it came to things that were similar, his brain would just translate it automatically.

Just as they passed the fences surrounding the Harnes estate, Valette stopped.

“Here we are.”

“It’s right next door!”

There was a square building of chalk white. But there was no cross, which he associated with church buildings.

Instead, there was beautiful stained glass on both sides of the doors.

(Perhaps it is something else, and only translated as church for me.)

“Buildings without roofs…that are flat. Such buildings are churches. Apparently, it has something to do with not having barriers against god. Regardless, let us go inside.”

She explained this to him, and then Menew stepped foot into the building with a feeling of excitement. He was finally going to be able to see his status.

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