Strange Dragon – 56

Chapter 56 – Light Work and the Climatoglogist’s Opinion

“Winters in the royal capital were also cold, but… It will be much worse here.”

In the capital, it would only snow a few times a year.
And it was only cold enough for water to freeze for a few days.
However, here, it was likely that it would be so cold that water would freeze in an instant, and it would be like that for most of the season.

“…I’m glad that I heard this.”
“Well, not really glad. But it is better that I know.”

The climatologist seemed puzzled, and so I explained.

“Remember how I laid out pipes around the base for the water supply and sewage systems?”

That was all it took for the climatologist to realize.

“I was thinking that I would need to do something in order to keep those pipes from bursting if the water freezes.”
“Yes, that is important.”

Perhaps I should add a function so that they can be drained of water.
No, it would be better to make it so that the water in the pipes won’t freeze at all.
It might be possible if I used that magic tool that makes hot water that Victor had given to me.
Though, the safest way to prepare would be to remove the water and have an anti-freezing system.

“…In any case, I will need metal.”

However, I had used up all of our metal materials this morning when building the infirmary and the out house.
And so we would have to go out and gather some metal soon.

As I thought about the water and sewer pipes, the climatologist turned to me.

“If winters are harsh, then there will likely be food shortages as well.”

So the climatologist was worried about the food.
Indeed. The investigation could survive without a sewage system, but we could not survive if we ran out of food.

“We will need to stock up on food supplies then.”
“Indeed. However, it should be possible to go fishing at sea, even during winter. So if necessary…”
“Winter fishing sounds difficult.”
“I’m sure it is. So it will be a last resort.”

Yes, we should prioritize the gathering of food.
Thankfully, there were a lot of edible plants in this area.
And if I keep them in my magic bag, they should last for quite some time.

Before leaving the port to embark on this journey, I had stored a lot of drinking water into my magic bag.
This was in preparation for a lengthy sea voyage.
Also, I had stored a lot of metal and other materials as well.

However, I had taken out many of those things already.
In other words, there would be more space to store food inside.

As we discussed such matters and worked, it was soon time for lunch.
And so I carried some food to the infirmary.
When I was there, I asked Kelly how Victor and the others were doing.

“Ah, they are recovering faster than I expected. Especially Victor.”

Kelly sounded impressed.

In the royal capital, Victor had been working as Guild Master.
But before that, he had been a first-rate Adventurer, and continued to exercise even after retiring.

“Still, it is surprising that he should recover faster than the other Adventurers.”
“I’m just built differently.”

Victor said with a calm smile.
We definitely did not have to worry about him.

“Aye. Perhaps these other Adventurers should reconsider the way they train then.”

Kelly mused.

“Kelly, don’t say such ridiculous things.”
“Yes, yes. We’re recovering quite fast as well.”
“It’s just Master Victor who is abnormal.”

The Adventurers laughed as they complained to Kelly.
The fact that they could joke around like this showed that they were much better now.

“Even if you feel better, you must continue to eat lightly for some time, and continue to rest.”

The priest and healer explained to the Adventurers.
On the other hand, the Geologists still looked sickly.

“This is embarrassing.”
“No, no. It’s just Victor and the others who heal abnormally fast. You shouldn’t feel bad about it.”

I insisted to them, and they smiled weakly.

“Still, your medicine has made it less painful, Mr. Theo.”
“I’m glad to hear it.”

As we talked like this, Victor and the others began to eat.
It was a soup with some soft, boiled meat.
However, eating only meat meant it lacked nutrition.

“I think I will go out tomorrow and gather some plants that are easy to digest.”
“I would be grateful… But you must be busy as it is, Mr. Theo…”

Victor sounded concerned.
Even though he was sick, he still cared about other people.

“Well, I won’t be able to craft more items without gathering more metal. So I have to leave the base anyway.”
“You are going to gather metal as well as plants? Won’t that be difficult?”

You needed the appraisal and crafting skill for gathering metal, and the appraisal skill was also necessary for gathering plants.
And the skills also depleted magic energy.
So Victor thought that it might be too draining.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be reckless.”

After talking to them, I left the infirmary.
And then I got some food for the others, including the wolf cubs, and returned to Hippolius’s house.

The reason that we didn’t eat with the others yet, was because of the cubs we had just rescued.
They were still not used to this new environment. And so they might be scared if they were surrounded by a lot of people.
And so I decided that we should eat in Hippolius’s house.

When I reached the house, they were all still sleeping. They must have been really tied.
However, the smell of the food soon woke them up.

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