Strange Dragon – 57

Chapter 57 – Demon Wolf Cubs’ Dinner and Toilet


The demon wolf cubs woke up and started to totter over to me.
They were very cute.
When I used the taming skill to interpret their whines, I saw that they were saying, ‘we’re hungry.’

Fio and Shiro woke up as well and started stretching.
After that, they quietly watched the demon wolf cubs from the back with gentle expressions.

“I see that they are quite hungry. Sorry to make you wait.”

Compared to when we first found them, they seemed to be a lot easier around me.
As they would now come up to my feet and whimper sweetly.

“Now, wait one moment, wolf cubs.”

They were saying, ‘hurry! hurry!’
That showed how hungry they were. And their tails were wagging eagerly.

The meat had been cooked until it was very soft, and then I had crushed it and let it cool off.
This, I placed into a wide plate, which I then put down in front of the wolf cubs.

“Here, eat up now.”

And then the wolf cubs fell on it at once, and began to eat.
I could hear them saying, ‘yummy, yummy’ as they ate.

“Hmm. I suppose we should increase their number of meals for some time.”

I mused as I saw how hungrily they ate.

“Fio, Shiro. And Hippolius. We should eat as well.”

And so I took out their portions of the food and handed it to them.

“Hippolius is…”

Hippolius was still sleeping.

“Hmm. Still sleeping then… I suppose it’s because Hippolius used so much magic.”

That being said, I would feel bad if we ate while Hippolius was still sleeping.
Surely Hippolius would wake up in the middle of the night with an empty stomach.

“Hippolius, it’s dinner.”

I said as I rubbed Hippolius’s stomach.

“You finally woke up. Let’s eat then. Aren’t you hungry?”

And so I placed the food in front of Hippolius.
Hippolius’s dinner was a great chunk of meat.

Now that we were ready, I started to eat as well.
And then Hippolius, Fio, and Shiro followed after me.

“You really don’t have to wait for me.”

But it seemed like they had their own way of doing things.

“Hippolius. You slept well. I suppose it was very tiring for you, today.”
‘I’m fine!’
“You should take it easy, though. Rest when you can.”
‘Not tired!’

Hippolius was slowly eating the meat.
While it looked like a great mass of meat, it was actually small compared to Hippolius’s body.
And so Hippolius could eat it in one bite.
However, Hippolius was eating it slowly as if savoring it.

“Hippolius, is that enough?”
‘Enough! Ate magic energy!’
“Ah, that’s right. I shared some with you before you went to sleep.”

Perhaps this meal was more about enjoying the taste for Hippolius.

“What about you, Fio and Shiro? Is it enough?”

Fio and Shiro were gobbling the food eagerly.
As our dinner continued like this in a peaceful atmosphere, the wolf cubs finished eating first.
And so placed a bowl of water in front of them.

And then the wolf cubs started to drink it thirstily.
When they were finished, they then started to fawn over me as I was eating.
And so I petted them and asked,

“Wolf cubs, are you still hungry?”

Apparently, they wanted me to play with them.
And so I ate quickly with my right hand, while petting them with my left.

“Wolf cubs. I see you are quick to get used to humans.”
“Kyuun. Kyuun.”
“I see. It’s because Fio was there from the time that you were born.”

It made sense that they were quick to let their guard down.
Once I finished eating, I focused my full attention on the wolf cubs.

Fio and Shiro also finished eating, and started to play with them.
Hippolius stuck its lower jaw to the floor and smelled the wolf cubs.

Shiro then started to lick the backs of the wolf cubs, like a substitute parent, and then the cubs began to relieve themselves.

“Yes. It’s good that you can do that.”

I took out a rag and wiped the floor clean. Fio also helped me.

“Perhaps I should make a bathroom for the demon wolf cubs.”
“A toilet!”
“It can just be some rags over a wooden board.”

That was something I could make quickly.
I took out the materials I had in my magic bag, and then I used the crafting skill to make a toilet for the demon wolf cubs.

It was about four square meters in size.
The rim was elevated a little, but would be easy enough for the cubs to climb over.
And then I used the crafting skill to combine some rags to make one large one.

“Wolf cubs. You should do your business in here.”
“Kyuun? Kyuun?”

They seemed interested enough in it.
‘What? What is this?’ They asked. They did not understand what it was for.


Shiro was now teaching the wolf cubs.
However, I wasn’t sure they understood.
But the wolf cubs were smart, and so they would surely learn eventually.

After that, we played with them for a while, and then went to sleep.

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