Strange Dragon – 92

Chapter 92 – Peaceful Morning

The day after Ije joined us.
As always, I was woken up by Hippolius, the wolf cubs, and Pii.
Small Hippolius, Kuro, Roro, and Ruru were licking my face.
And Pii was nibbling on my head. Perhaps it had been influenced by Hippolius.

It seemed that once they woke up in the morning, they tended to think,
“I’m awake! Let’s play! I’m hungry! Yes! Let’s lick Theo’s face!”

And Pii had watched them and joined in.

“Good morning, Hippolius, Kuro, Roro, Ruru and Pii.”
“Now, how about we eat breakfast?”

I got up and then Fio and Shio woke up as well.
Fio and Shiro stretched.

“Huh? Where is Ije?”

She had slept with the wolf cubs, but was no longer in the room.

“Don’t know!”
While Fio said that she didn’t know, Shiro was saying that Ije got up early.

“I see. Perhaps she is preparing breakfast then. I better go and help her.”
‘Hippolius will help too!’
“Hmm. Though, there might not be anything to help with.”

It would be difficult for Hippolius to help with something like that.

The cubs and Pii wanted to help as well.
However, it would also be difficult for them.

“I see. Hmm. Well, it’s good that you want to help.”

And then we left the house together.
When we arrived at the dining hall and kitchen, it was rather crowded.

“Steam that!”
“Yes, yes!”
“That boil with meat later.”
“Leave it to me!”

Just like yesterday, Ije was giving out orders to the people in the kitchen.

I poked my head in.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“We fine!”
“Mr. Theo. You should make food for the cubs.”
“That’s true.”

After an Adventurer suggested it, I decided to make food for the wolf cubs.
Though, all this involved crushing cooked meat so that it was easier to eat.
It was not difficult at all.

And so I went to the dining hall and started to grind the meat.


The cubs started to whimper as if they could not wait.
And for some reason, Hippolius had joined them.

As for Fio, she went to the kitchen in order to help Ije.

“Mr. Theo. Good morning.”
“Hmm? Oh, good morning, Victor. Are you alright?”

Victor had gotten food poisoning after eating the poison red berries.

“Thanks to you, I’m fine now. There was your medicine, Mr. Theo, and Ije’s cooking. I have regained my energy.”
“That is good to hear… But surely it would be best for you to continue to rest?”
“I’ll be fine as long as I don’t move around too much.”
“I see. Well, please take it easy.”
“Of course.”
“I’ll do any heavy work for you, so you should relax.”

Sometimes, people would feel energetic once they recovered. But they have actually depleted a lot of strength.
And so if they let their guard down, they might catch some other sickness.

“Thank you. I’ll be careful.”
“That’s good. Still, what about the others?”

Victor was not the only one who had gotten food poisoning.
There were five other Adventurers and also a geologist that were bed-ridden.

“The Adventurers are all better, with no symptoms left. However…”
“Not the geologist?”
“Yes. While the fever has subsided, they are still suffering from some symptoms.”

As they had volunteered on this expedition to a new continent, they would be quite strong, even though they were geologists.
But it was not surprising that they would still be weaker compared to first-rate Adventurers.
And so it could not be helped if they took a little longer to recover.

As we talked of such things, the Adventurers and the geologist who had been sick, arrived at the dining hall.
So, he had recovered enough to walk.

“Are you alright? We could have brought you the food…”
“Thank you, but I am fine. I must go out and get some fresh air once in a while.”
“Don’t push yourself, okay?”
“I know. I shall go back to bed after I finish eating.”

Even though the geologist was the slowest to recover, he already seemed completely different compared to how he was yesterday.
The medicine and Ije’s food must have really helped.

Shortly after that, the breakfast for the wolf cubs was ready.

“Wolf cubs…as you are little, you can eat first.”

Hippolius, who was behind them, wanted to eat as well.


I wondered how I should feed Hippolius and the wolf cubs.

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