Strange Dragon – 54

Chapter 54 – Treating the Demon Wolf Cubs

While petting the demon wolf cubs, I bowed my head towards Kelly.
Kelly had gentle eyes as she stared at the cubs as they ate.

“Thank you, Kelly. I appreciate the help.”
“Don’t mention it. It’s not every day I get to observe such things.”
“I’m glad to hear that. And what have you learned after observing them?”

And so Kelly told me the detailed results of her observation.

They were very underweight for their age.
Not only that, but they had lots of small wounds. But thankfully, none of them were serious.
Also, they were not sick in any way.

“So they are injured. In that case, I should make some medicine with the herbs that we gathered.”
“I think that would be a good idea.”

While they were small cuts, the cubs were also small.
And since they were underweight, that meant they were malnourished.
Sometimes small cuts could lead to bigger problems. We didn’t want that.

And so I looked back at the cubs as they hungrily ate their food.
I was careful to not disturb them as I inspected the injuries on their bodies.

“Yes, they really are small cuts.”
“Aye. Scrapes and bruises.”

It was probably the result of being hit by the false demon bear.

I then moved away from the cubs and took some of the herbs out from my magic bag.

“I suppose a general potion for injuries will be enough.”

I had made these kinds of potions more times than I could count.
When I was in the Hero’s party, I made dozens in a single day.

I was used to it.
And so I finished making the potions in no time.

Since we might use them in the future as well, I made a few extras.
These I poured into bottles and stored them in the magic bag.

Once all that was completed, I saw that the demon wolf cubs had finished eating.

“Alright, cubs. It’s time for your medicine.”

I said as I opened the potion bottle.
“Kuuun. Kuuun.”
They made anxious noises and tried to run away, but Fio and Shiro caught them.

“Don’t worry. It won’t hurt. It just smells a little bad…”

For humans, these potions stunk a little.
So it might be even worse for demon wolves, who had a sharper sense of smell.
And though I felt a little bad for them, it was necessary for their treatment.

“Fio, Shiro. Hold them like that.”

Fio and Shiro replied as they held their siblings firmly.
And then I started the process of applying the potion on their wounds, one by one.

Once I was finished, I explained to the demon wolf cubs,

“Now you will heal faster. Also, do not lick the potion off.”

They were saying, ‘As if we would lick this stinky stuff!’

“Yes. That’s good. The taste is also quite bad.”

And then I petted the demon wolf cubs.
They didn’t seem to mind, as they stood still and were quiet.

“Shiro, Fio. You two must not lick them either.”
“Well, Shiro can lick them in areas that don’t have the potion applied.”

Now that the treatment was finished, I had to discuss matters with Kelly.

“Kelly. How often do you think we should feed the demon wolf cubs?”
“Well, they are wolf cubs. So it should be three times a day at the very least.”

Normally, you would feed a full grown dog two times a day.
But wolves only needed to eat once a day.
On top of that, it was apparently good to have days with no food at all.
I suppose it was because out in the wild, wolves weren’t able to hunt prey every single day.

But you could be more flexible when it came to demon wolves.
They could eat five meals a day or eat nothing for three days, and still be fine.
And if the demon wolf was a familiar, they could live well for months just by receiving magic energy.

However, these were still young cubs, and they were underweight.

“Kelly. Would it be fine to give them breakfast, lunch and dinner, with smaller meals in between when needed?”
“Mmm. While that is fine, each meal should have smaller portions.”

Once we were finished talking about the demon wolf cubs, I had to report about the false demon bear.
And so I drew a detailed sketch, and told her what I had learned through the appraisal skill.
However, I made sure that the demon wolf cubs could not hear me, as they might be traumatized.

Kelly was writing down everything I said at an incredible speed.
Apparently, she was very interested in this information.

“On this new continent, the ecological system is likely very different.”

She muttered thoughtfully.

“Well, I will return now. I want to organize this information, and also see how Victor and the others are doing.”
“Thank you. I’m grateful.”
“There is no need to thank me.”

Kelly then petted the demon wolf cubs and Shiro, and then left.
The wolf cubs seemed to have fun as they started playing with their older siblings, Fio and Shiro.

“The cubs really are cute.”

Fio sounded happy when I praised them.
Her tail was also wagging.

“You are cute too, Shiro.”

Shiro looked a little bashful.

“And you too, Fio and Hippolius.”

Fio also looked embarrassed.
But Hippolius’s tail wagged with obvious happiness.

And after playing for a little longer, the demon wolf cubs finally went to sleep.

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