Strange Dragon – 53

Chapter 53 – Feeding the Demon Wolf Cubs

I stayed in the infirmary for a while even after we had made the sick people drink the antidote for the poison berry.
This was to make sure that it was properly effective.

After some time had passed, the healer turned to me and said,

“Their symptoms seem to have eased quite a lot. Especially their fevers.”

So, the sick people, including Victor, were no longer suffering from a fever.
However, they were still vomiting and their stomachs were in pain.
But when it came to food poisoning, it was best to let it run its course.

“I think we can consider it confirmed now. The antidote was effective.”

I said, and the healer nodded.

“As long as the poison is gone, we just have to make sure that they drink enough water, and then they should be fine.”

Victor, the Adventurers, and the geologists all had peaceful expressions now.
And then one of the geologists said,

“Aside from needing to visit the bathroom often, I feel better. Thank you, Mr. Theo.”
“I’m glad to hear it.”

The other Adventurers thanked me as well.
And after some time, they started to become drowsy.
Ever since midnight, they had not been able to sleep due to fever, vomiting, and stomach pains.

However, the worst of this poison berry incident had now passed.

And so with a sense of relief, I left everything else to the healer and left the infirmary.
Outside, Hippolius was waiting for me.
Hippolius’s body was slightly wet. I suppose they had taken a bath in order to remove the fleas.
And so I wiped Hippolius’s body with a towel.

‘Thank you. Is everyone alright?’
“Aye. The medicine was effective.”

Perhaps Hippolius felt relieved, as they pushed their body towards me. And their tail was wagging gently.
And so once I was finished drying them with a towel, I petted Hippolius softly.

“Hippolius. How are the demon wolf cubs doing?”
‘Kelly bathed them, and now they are eating!’
“Are Fio and Shiro with them?”

Kelly had likely bathed them in order to get rid of the fleas.
Of course, they would be hungry after that.
I checked the position of the sun. It was just before midday.
Now that I thought about it, I was hungry as well.

“Hippolius, why didn’t you go and eat?”
‘I was waiting for you.’
“Oh… Thank you. Are you hungry now?”

And so we headed to the place with the ovens.
There, the Adventurers were preparing the meals.

However, I could not see Fio and the others.
Apparently, in order to allow the wolf cubs to relax as they ate, they had taken them to Hippolius’s house.
And so Hippolius and I got our food and headed to the house.

Once we went inside, we saw that Fio, Shiro, the wolf cubs, and Kelly were there.
Fio seemed to have been working on something, but she stopped and ran towards us.

“Wuff! Victor. How is he?”
“Victor and the others are going to be fine.”
“And the demon wolf cubs?”

The wolf cubs were not eating yet.
Because Kelly and Fio were still preparing the food.
After cutting the boiled meat into small pieces, they were grinding it in a mortar.

“I’ll help you.”
“Thank you, Theo. As they are still so young, it is best to make it easy for them to eat.”
“That’s true.”
“Besides, I doubt they have been eating well up until now.”

They were grinding it so that it would be easier to digest as well.
And so I helped Fio and Kelly as they returned to their work of preparing the food.
As Shiro could not use a pestle and mortar, he was licking the wolf cubs.

“Kyuuun. Kyuuun.”

They whimpered sweetly.
Upon seeing this, Hippolius approached the wolf cubs. But the wolf cubs looked a little scared.
They had already ridden on Hippolius when Fio was carrying them.
However, Fio wasn’t holding them now. So it was understandable that they were anxious.
Especially because Hippolius was so large.

And then Shiro began to bark softly, ‘Wuff-wuff.’
Shiro was telling them that it was okay.
The wolf cubs became quiet after that.


Hippolius sniffed the cubs and then licked them gently.
And then the wolf cubs started to lick Hippolius back.

It seemed that they got used to strangers very quickly.
In spite of the fact that they were being hurt by the false demon bear, they had not become cowardly.

And so I continued to work while watching the wolf cubs, Hippolius and Shiro.
“Alright, that should be enough.”
Kelly said, and so all of the ground meat was put onto a plate.

“Wuff! Food!”

Fio and Shiro called the cubs, who then tottered over to them.
And then they began to eat the food hungrily.

“Slow down a little.”

The cubs whimpered as they ate.
When I activated the taming skill to find out what these sounds meant, I heard, ‘Delicious-delicious.’

“You really were hungry… You should eat a lot then.”

The demon wolf cubs were very skinny.
It was clear that the false demon bear had not been feeding them enough.

And so I petted them on the back as they ate.
Now that they had been bathed, the demon wolf cubs had beautiful silver fur, just like Shiro.
And it felt smooth to the touch.

“They’re very clean now, the wolf cubs.”

Fio’s tail wagged proudly. It was as if she was happy that her siblings had been praised.

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