Royal Magician – 80

Chapter 80 – Change

The two shadows crossed at a speed too fast for the eye to follow.
Attacks and defenses on a different level.
Powerful shockwaves slammed into the magic barriers that protected the spectators.

The entire maneuvering grounds of the Royal Knights Order shook.

As all eyes were fixed on this unbelievable battle, the thing that prince Michael Ardenfeld noticed was the change that had come over Noelle Springfield.

(She changed again.)

It was just a small change.
As the battle was moving at such a swifter pace, hardly anyone else had noticed it.

And even fewer would have realized the true meaning of this abnormal ability of hers.

(Again. She is different from before.)

Her movements would change during the fight.
She would adapt to her opponent and refine her movements rapidly. Michael could not help but smile broadly.

The Holy Blade was the strongest knight in the kingdom.
It was a surprise that he was even stronger than the overwhelming power he had shown earlier, but the fact that she was not backing down in front of him, was something in the realm of madness.

(Wonderful… You always exceed my expectations, Noelle Springfield…)

This was a very rare experience for him.
With such a brilliant mind, people even whispered that he could predict the future. And he had indeed foreseen many things.

But though he received praise from all corners of the kingdoms, he was never satisfied, and felt incredible boredom.

The days passed, and he never felt surprised by anything.

And so the appearance of Noelle Springfield was of great interest to him.

She was immeasurable. And had so much promise.

(I must be grateful to Luke Waldstein as well. Without him, she would likely not have survived this long against the Holy Blade’s attacks.)

He was a genius that had been promoted to Adamantite rank at a record speed. Most people saw him as being even more promising than her.

Clearly, his high load training had been effective.

(You should be proud. You both did very well.)

Though Michael Ardenfeld.

(Still, as she is now, she cannot match the Holy Blade.)

In the spectators stand, Luke Waldstein watched the fight silently.
They were moving with such speed.
The others gasped as they watched.

“This is bad.”

Muttered Gawain Stark, who was sitting next to him.

“Even I would not be confident if I had to face the Holy Blade at that distance. And even if she is quick to adapt, she will not be able to last for the required five minutes, at this rate.”
“So you noticed her ability.”
“I was the first one to fight her after she arrived.”

Said Gawain.

“Though, I did not expect her to be able to keep up against him this long. I can understand why the prince is so interested in her. Perhaps in three years, she will have a chance of winning.”

At a glance, it might look like they were evenly matched.
However, both of them could tell that there were differences in precision and power that could not be ignored.

As she was now, there was no hope of her winning.

Luke Waldstein had known this even before the fight began.

“In the first place, five minutes is much too harsh. She will not be able to continue at this pace. The longer it drags on, the more the magician will be at a disadvantage.”

Magician’s magic energy would deplete as they fought, meaning their endurance was low compared to knights.

And if they were fighting while using the same amount of physical energy, then it was the magician, who used both, that would be fighting with limitations later on.

Because he had known all of this, he had made her train with the sealing bracelet. But her opponent was too strong.

As the battle continued, the Holy Blade’s movements became more precise.

At this rate, she would not survive for the full five minutes.
And even if she managed to keep up with him, the lost magic energy would create a gulf between them.

“It was never about winning. She just needs to hold her own for a while, that is all. The point of this battle is to prove that she has what it takes to join the Kingsguard.”
“So the best scenario for the prince is for her to lose, but fight well.”
“Yes. The obstacle is much too high. You would not expect her to be able to win.”

Said Luke.

“However, she is not one to give up. And neither am I.”

Gawain smiled at that.

“Do you have some trick up your sleeve then?”
“If she cannot win by lasting for five minutes, then she must defeat him head on. By using all of her power to the fullest, and risking it all on a single chance.”

Said Luke Waldstein.

“Now, the real battle begins.”

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