Royal Magician – 72

Chapter 72 – Wish

The violent winds rushed from the magic staves.
And while I desperately tried to stand my ground against the vicious attacks, as my mana and energy dwindled, I felt that I was nearing my limits.

This was the difference between human and magic weapons.
With magic weapons, the power and accuracy remained the same, even if you chained attacks. But the magic unleashed by humans was restricted.

Emotional agitation.
Energy depletion.
Anxiety and fear.

The state of mind and body affected the accuracy of your magic.

And so I started to be pushed back.
I could no longer press back against the magic.

I couldn’t concentrate any more.
The possibility of defeat was growing stronger.

I swept away the unneeded emotions and tried to concentrate.

I didn’t want to think about defeat or not being able to go on.

What I needed to do now was use all the magic I was capable of.

I understand it.
This battle. I was probably going to lose it.
But the point was to buy as much time as possible.

While we were deep in a hidden passage, we were using magic so extravagantly.
And so even with barriers and soundproof walls, brilliant magicians would be able to notice the difference in the current of mana.

I would leave the rest to the others.
What I could do now, was hand things over to the others in as advantageous a state as possible.

In order to not disappoint those who were so kind to me.
In order to repay the person who had helped me.

I did not want to just lose here for nothing.

I would weaken the enemy as much as possible first!

My vision shook.
My energy and mana drained.


I failed to block an attack, and it landed on my left arm.
My sleeve was torn off.

Wind blades shot towards me like an avalanche.

As my vision started to blur, two powerful spells shot out in front of me.

Thunder and fire magic that wiped away all other attacks.

Shockwaves slammed into me.
The wind blades were erased in an instant, and the floor of the underground facility was peeled off and shattered.

In that brief instant, everyone there understood it.

That the two people who had appeared had power on a different level.
And that the outcome of the battle was already decided.

The Magus rank magician, Gawain Stark.
And my annoyingly brilliant rival and friend… Luke Waldstein.

Magic staves in hand, the enemy retaliated desperately.
However, the battle was one-sided now.
Superior numbers and equipment did not matter in front of those two.

The violent strength upturned everything.

And then Ms. Leticia arrived with magicians from the management department, and they arrested the criminals.

What a relief.
I had been able to buy enough time then.

I was so relieved that my legs gave out from under me.


I felt bad. He was so frantic about me.
And so as he rushed towards me, I quickly said,

“I’m fine. Luke, concentrate on your job…”

While the battle had been settled, this was his chance to be rewarded for his success.
If he arrested the men with his own hands, it would help with his reputation.

And so he should ignore me for now.
And yet, Luke knelt down and activated some healing magic.

“I really am fine.”
“Just be quiet.”
“But, this is your chance.”
“What are you talking about?”

He left no room for arguing.


He definitely should prioritize his work.
But Luke said…

“You are more important, Noelle.”

The sapphire blue eyes. His profile.
After seeing my wounds start to heal, he sighed with relief.

“Good. I was on time then.”

He said with sincere relief.

‘In order for me to become the greatest magician in this country, I want your help, since you were the one person I couldn’t beat.’

That was his reason for bringing me here. So he shouldn’t prioritize me.

While clever, he could be awkward sometimes.

He really was a good guy.

I felt my chest grow warm.
However, I felt too embarrassed to put my feelings into words.

No, but it was best to say such things during times like this.

Still, it was embarrassing.
And so I whispered into his ear.

“Thank you.”

He stared at me for a moment and then said,

“…It’s nothing.”

He turned his face away.
His well-formed ears looked a little red.
So bashful. I thought with a smile.

◇  ◇  ◇

…He hadn’t been too late.
Luke Waldstein was truly relieved about that fact.

The dragon incident in the western frontier.
Luke still remembered the sight of her falling to the ground.

And so he was so glad that he arrived in time.

He did not want to feel like that ever again.
She was someone who was important and could never be replaced.

However, there was another hard realization.

That the day would still come where it would all end.

There was nothing in this world that did not change.
The smallest thing could bring the end of their time together.

He understood that.
They did not feel the same way about each other.

For her, she was just a friend.
Perhaps too much time had passed, and it was too late for her to see him in a different way.

And so this love would remain unrequited.

But that was fine.

As long as she was there.
He was happy enough that he needed nothing else.

He wanted to be by her side.

It was sly and hopeless of him.

“Thank you.”

But because she said it like that, he wanted to be by her side even more.

That this time would continue for as long as possible.

Even if he was afraid of the approaching end.

He held such a childish wish.

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