Royal Magician – 35

Chapter 35 – Premonition(Magic Artificer Guild 6)

“You still haven’t found her!”

As the guild chief roared, the vice chief seemed to shrink as he replied.

“I’m very sorry. I’ve sent requests to the Adventurers guild and contacted all of the magic related guilds in the area. I am doing everything that I can, but…”
“And you still have no information.”
“It’s proving to be difficult… Though, there was a rumor about someone with a similar name who is working as a Royal Magician.”
“There is no way that she could have become a Royal Magician.”
“Indeed. That’s what I thought.”

They both agreed that she was still a lowly magic artificer.

Even if she really had graduated from a famous magic academy, and had potential as a magician, that didn’t mean she was powerful enough to join one of the highest ranking organizations within the kingdom.

Had she had such power, she would not have been working in some magic artificer guild in the countryside.

The very fact that she had continued to work in such unfavorable conditions suggested that her ability as a magician was not at that level.

“So, she must have given up and found work that is unrelated to magic then.”
“We should question the other guilds, perhaps?”
“No, this just means she was never worth anything to begin with. Yes, now that I think about it… The idea that that girl was supporting the momentum of our guild…it is ridiculous.”
“Indeed. Though, I still wonder how she was able to make so many crystal balls.”
“Well, she is a known liar. There must have been some way that she was fooling us.”

They nodded at each other.
And then they smiled.

“The fact that the marquis and the Oswalt Company rated them so highly shows they have a poor eye for such things.”
“That is good news for us. If she is able to fool them, then we should be able to fool them as well.”
“Do you have a plan?”
“Of course.”

The guild chief nodded with a confident expression.

“Justice only wins in the stories. In the real world, it is people who act with cunning who win the day. Society was built to always allow villains to win.”

After that, the two ordered crystal balls from other guilds.
After acquiring finished products from neighboring guilds that were considered to be of good quality, they would polish them even further, so they would appear to be of the very highest quality.

“Wonderful…! This is even more beautiful than anything we have made before.”

Said the vice chief in an excited voice.

“Of course, it is. I planned and used my own hands to make it. Of course, it would be better than anything those other magic artificers could make. They know nothing but manual labor.”
“Indeed. I underestimated your talent.”
“Damn it. To think that I am forced to do such work. I can only pray that I will never have to do this again.

The guild chief sighed and continued.

“Still, our funds are quite depleted after ordering those products. All because of the rebellion of those idiots. Those damned magic artificers…”
“It really was a close call. Even I thought the situation was hopeless.”
“I would not allow such scum to crush me. I am someone who should rise to the top.”
“Indeed. With crystal balls like these, the Oswalt Company will surely be pleased.”
“Rejoice. Because our success is near.”

Now that they had been able to ship the crystal balls to the marquis and the Oswalt Company before the deadline, they smiled confidently in their victory.

After finishing the required work, the guild chief slept until morning.

However, his peaceful slumber was disturbed by the voice of the vice chief, which was coming from outside.

It felt so far away. The pounding on the door and the panicked voice.

He had a premonition.

Something very wrong had happened.

A chill ran down his back.

(No, it can’t be. I had done everything so brilliantly.)

He repeated to himself.

The banging of the door and the voice was getting closer.

With desperate prayer, he opened the door. And then the vice chief said,

“The marquis demands your presence at once…! He says that there is a problem with the crystal balls we sent them…!”

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  1. Oh good. I had been worried that these idiots would actually become a problem after discovering where Noelle went and trying to force her to return but it turns out to have been a needless worry. They actually got some information about her but they didn’t believe it was the same person and then gave up on the search altogether.

    Anyways these guys are so stupid that I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t get rid of the price tag or any identifying mark on the crystal balls they bought before they tried to pass them off as their own.

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