Royal Magician – 147

Chapter 147 – The Plight of the Third Prince and the Fourth Unit

Raphael Ardenfeld was the third prince.
He was eight years old. Due to being weak since birth, he was rarely seen in public. Still, he was known for his angelic appearance and fragility. Like something that would break at the slightest touch.

Immediately after his birth, the royal doctor had said to the king,

“This one will not live very long. If all goes well, he may live to be five years old. But with worse luck, he will die within a year.”

However, in spite of his young age, he was shockingly bright. And he had a calm personality that earned him the affection of those around him.

The wet nurses fussed over and raised him dearly.
The king and queen generally did not involve themselves in the raising of their children. But it was said that he alone received their special affection.

As parents, they brought in the most advanced medical magic devices, and created the best possible environment for him.

And while slow, they slowly started to have an effect.

The prince reached his fifth birthday, and then the one after that.
The sight of the little prince living earnestly was the greatest joy for the king and queen.

And so this incident was a terrible shock to them. The two had barely been able to eat for the past week.

“The problem that the royal family has been facing is the infiltration of enemy forces within, who oppose the abolition of tax exemptions. So there was a top secret mission to find the informants and traitors. As a chosen Royal Magician, I was to tell you about your mission today.”

I had been called to Mr. Gawain’s office.
And I gasped at his words.

“But the situation has changed.”
“They chose the worst method that could be imagined.”

Said Mr. Gawain.

“It must be a warning towards the royal family. And the effect is strong. Apparently, the king is starting to consider delaying the abolition of tax exemptions.”
“So, does that mean the culprit is someone from the noble class who possesses tax exemption privileges?”
“The aristocratic class of the High Court, which wields significant influence outside the capital city, is a strong possibility. Another is the Holy King Church.”

Even someone like me, who was not particularly good with general knowledge, knew that the abolition of tax exemption privileges was an important issue in the Kingdom of Ardenfeld.

The tax exemption privileges were established to protect people from the rampages of monsters that attacked the western countries, during a time when the nobility and the church did not hold as much power.

However, once all of that was over, the nobles and church did not want to relinquish their privileges.

And the financial condition of the kingdom slowly worsened due to the imbalance caused by the inability to levy taxes on those who possessed significant wealth.

It was said that the situation was already so bad, that something had to be done at once.

“The problem is that people have overestimated the financial situation of the kingdom. They do not know how it is. And so they believe the nobles, who pretend that they are victims of an oppressive authority.”
“Then why don’t they make it public?”
“Apparently, the ministers are also considering that possibility. But what would you think after looking at these documents?”

I examined the documents that he handed to me.

“Huh? The royal family is using this much money?”
“I feel the same. While it is not as much as some nobles use, it would look like a lot for commoners. So it would have the opposite effect. It might cause people to riot.”
“But nobles spend more…”
“Well, they have that much saved up.”

After inspecting the documents for some time, I raised my face.

“Yes, it does seem like a beneficial measure to proceed with the abolition of tax exemptions.”
“However, the aristocrats of the High Court are strongly opposing it. The Archbishop of the Holy King Church is also doing the same.”
“And then the third prince was targeted.”

Mr. Gawain held his temples and let out a deep sigh.

“I’ve been thinking for a while. How this is my fault.”
“But the Kingsguard are supposed to protect the royal family.”
“That does not change the fact that it happened in the palace. Such mistakes cannot be made.”

It wasn’t just Mr. Gawain who felt responsible.
The usual cheerfulness was gone with the others as well. And there was a heavy atmosphere with my superiors.

Part of it was that an innocent child had been targeted.

To poison a sickly child just to protect your own wealth.

(I will not allow it.)

I clenched my fist and said,

“So, what am I to do?”
“First, we must ensure that the prince’s condition becomes stable. And so you will aid Vicente Sera, from the 4th unit.”
“You want me to support…someone who is Magus-Rank?”

That was surprising.
Vicente Sera was the greatest healing magician in the kingdom.

He had received the prestigious Magical Medical Research Award, the most authoritative recognition in the field of magical medicine, five times.
An extraordinary individual who was called the ‘Savior Sorcerer’ for saving over ten thousand people during a conflict that occurred in the southern countries.

(To help such a person…)

Not only that, but the patient was the beloved third prince.
This was an important job that would affect the future of the country.

It was then that a certain worry flashed through my mind.

“…Um, but I am not that knowledgeable about magic medicine…”

During my time as a magic artificer, I had used healing magic quite a lot, and was rather good at it. But when it came to actual magic medicine, I lacked knowledge in many ways.

“I haven’t gone to university, and would likely fail the exams…”
“It is an emergency. Each unit is sending someone who can be of help. So just go.”

I quickly got my things together and headed to the prince’s room.

It was a special part of the royal palace, that only a restricted few were allowed to enter.
The large door was shut tight, and the eyes of the Kingsguards nights were alert.

“Your name?”
“Noelle Springfield. From the Royal Magicians, 3rd unit. I came on Captain Gawain’s orders.”

In the midst of the nervous atmosphere, I showed them the gold pocket watch.

“We were expecting you. Please go inside.”

I was then led to an audience chamber.
There were chairs lined up, and the elite of the Royal Magicians Order were gathered together.

(I-I will go to the corner, where I won’t stick out.)

With a feeling of unease, I waited for instructions.
Eventually, a serious-looking man with silver glasses came in.
There wasn’t a single wrinkle on his uniform, and his boots were polished to perfection.

“I am Cloze Anderlecht, vice captain of unit 4. Captain Vicente cannot leave the side of His Highness the Prince. Therefore, as his buddy, I will take command of all of you in his place.”

And then one of the magicians who sat towards the front raised their hand.

“If he cannot leave, does that mean the prince’s condition is that serious?”
“Indeed. As you are all here to help, I will give you the precise information. But this is top secret. And so you will be punished if you repeat this to anyone without permission.”

Said Cloze.

“Currently, Unit 4’s medical team is attending to His Highness’ care. However, the situation is not as favorable as initially anticipated. According to the analysis conducted by the elite members of Unit 5 and Captain Maurice Haydenstam, it appears that an unknown magical formula that inhibits restorative magic was mixed into the neurotoxin.”
“Still, neurotoxins are extremely minute substances, aren’t they? Is it really possible to incorporate advanced magical formulas into them?”
“If that is what he says, then it must be possible. But it is clear that something that exceeds current magic technology is being used. An unknown relic, or some ancient art that was lost.”

Cloze paused for a moment before continuing.

“Even with Captain Vicente’s abilities, preventing the condition from worsening any further is the best that can be done. To be frank, we are in an extremely difficult situation. What we would like to ask of all of you is the analysis of the unknown magical formula incorporated into the neurotoxin. We need to find a way to neutralize or render it harmless.”

His clenched fist was shaking.

“Please. Lend us your help.”

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