My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 366

I asked questions about the people I’d be hiring

“I see… So that’s what it is.”
“Mmm. Currently, this is only being disclosed to be people related to this house. And so you must not tell anyone else without Mr. Takumi’s permission.”
“I understand. Indeed, what I heard just now is not something that I can talk about lightly.”
“Yes, that’s right.”

While Ms. Anne would occasionally ask strange questions, we somehow managed to finish explaining to her about my Gift.
She was quite surprised at first, but then she recalled everything she had seen and heard up until now, which seemed to satisfy her.

“Now, it will be much easier to talk about Weed Cultivation in this house. So, Mr. Takumi. You had some questions?”
“Yes. About whether I should tell the workers about my ability.”
“I don’t think it is necessary for you to tell them everything that you can do with your Gift. But perhaps if it is just that you can make some plants grow…”
“You mean, I shouldn’t tell them that it is a Gift?”
“Well, it would make matters more complicated… Besides, some people don’t even know about Gifts.”

Now that we had told Ms. Anne, there was no one in the mansion who did not know about it, so as long as there were no guests, then we didn’t have to be careful about what we said.
Still, having to hide it from people I hired would be troublesome.

“If people do not know what a Gift is in the first place, it would be much simpler to explain it by saying you simply had a strange ability.”
“I suppose that would be simpler… But would they believe it?”
“Well, you have the backing of this house. So they will have to believe it. Besides, we wouldn’t hire anyone who would be that suspicious to begin with.”
“Mr. Takumi. In the information on the list, it should say whether or not the person has knowledge about medicine and herbs.”
“Ah, yes. It was written there. Most of the people did not have knowledge at all…”

But what did that have to do with whether or not I told them?
As we were going to be growing herbs and might have to make medicine as well, it seemed like it would be preferable for them to have some knowledge about it.

“If they are too knowledgeable about herbs, or are pharmacists, then they might start rebelling against you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes. You have an ability to grow herbs and then change them into a potent state.”

Normally, you would have to wait for the herbs to grow. And then you picked them and let them dry. It was a long process.
But I had the useful ability of being able to do it all quickly.
I had assumed that it was a useless ability at first, due to the name. Which was rather embarrassing to me now.

“You will understand, as you are studying as well, but a physician cannot learn everything in a single day. And yet someone who has little knowledge like you is able to grow herbs, and process them without trouble. How do you think they will feel, considering all of the hard work and effort they have gone through?”
“Uh… I suppose it wouldn’t be surprising if they felt resentful.”

They might wonder what it was they had been spending so much time on.
If you were at school or work, and you worked hard to see results, only to see someone do better than you in spite of not putting any effort into it, then you would feel some jealousy.
Though, when I was in school, I was too busy thinking about my part-time job or Leo. And once I started working full time, there was so much to do that I didn’t even have time to think.

“And so we decided to hire people with less knowledge. Besides, the actual work will involve the management of the herbs. So it is not necessary for them to know so much. The exception is the concoction of the medicine… But for now, it will only be simple ones, so it should not be impossible for them to do it.”
“I see. If all they are doing is managing, gathering and storing, then they don’t need extensive knowledge.”

Even the concocting was just mixing and drying. It took more physical strength than brains.
If there was one thing they had to learn, it was how to pick the herbs. But that was quite easy.
In the future, we might want to grow herbs and plants that require more knowledge. But I myself had a lot to learn before that happened.

“Also… We are searching for someone who knows about farming, and can inspect the condition of fields.”
“The condition?”
“Yes. While your herbs grow and increase at an alarming speed… We want to know what effect it has on the land. Currently, we are also keeping an eye on the soil, and there have been reports of small changes.”
“What kind of changes?”
“Well, I am not quite sure. I had someone a little more knowledgeable inspect it, and so I will tell you once I know more.”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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