Strange Dragon – 83

Chapter 83 – False Demon Bear Nest 2

I looked at the thing that Ije was holding.
It was a shortsword that was very pretty and shiny.
I suppose the false demon bear had added it to the collection, because it shined.
Thanks to that, it had not been thrown away.

“That is a very fine sword.”
“Yes. Thank you. Ije got it from father.”
“I see. I’m glad you were able to get it back then.”

So that was why it was important.
I now understood why Ije would come back to a place with such horrible memories.

“Do you have a sheath for it?”
“…No. The devil threw it away.”
“I see…”

So it really was not interested in things that did not shine.

“Ije. Should I make a sheath for you?”
“That would be nice, but… Theo can really do it?”
“Aye, it is not too hard. But I’ll need to borrow the sword in order to take measurements.”

I then cast the appraisal skill on it.
Like this, I had accurate measurements of the length and width of the blade.
And then I took out some wood materials from my magic bag, and used the crafting skill to make a sheath.

“Th-Theo. Amazing.”
“I have a crafting skill.”

I then handed Ije the sword and sheath.

“Ije. Check to see if you can use it smoothly.”

Ije tried sheathing and unsheathing the short sword, as well as tilting it to see if it would slide out on its own.

“Theo, thank you! It’s amazing!”
“That’s good.”
“Yes, thank you! Theo is amazing!”

Ije’s tail wagged happily.

“Still, that sword really is well made, Ije.”
“Theo knows a lot about knives?”

When measuring the blade, I learned more than just the measurements.
The materials and crafting methods also entered my head.

“I know, because I also have an appraisal skill.”
“That’s amazing!”

Ije’s short sword was made of an orichalcum and mithril alloy.
So the materials alone were incredibly rare.
On top of that, it would require great skill to process.
However, judging by what I saw of Ije’s village, it seemed unlikely that they could make such a thing.

“Ije. Was this short sword something that was passed down for generations?”
“Ije thinks so. …Maybe.”

Ije did not sound very confident.
In other words, Ije’s father had not said anything about where the blade had come from.

“…Did your people use written letters?”
“A skill to record words…”

Ije looked puzzled.
It was difficult to explain letters to someone who did not know what they were.
And so I used my finger to write ‘Theodore’ on the ground.

“It’s more like symbols rather than pictures. Well, no, it is like a picture.”

There was no point in talking about symbols to someone who did not know letters.

“Letters are a way to record something with specific pictures.”
“You didn’t have anything like that, Ije?”
“I see.”

That would certainly make it difficult to keep records of the past.
What had brought Ije and the others to this place.
And how long had they had the sword of orichalcum and mithril.
It was no wonder that Ije did not know.

“Well, the mystery deepens.”
“Yes. Well, we should see if there is anything else we can take.”
“Do you want anything, Ije?”
“Pots would be good…but are heavy.”
“You don’t have to worry about weight, as I have a magic bag.”
“Magic bag?”
“A bag that can fit a lot inside, due to magic.”

So saying, I started to randomly throw the large farm tools into my magic bag.
Some were nearly 2 meters long, and yet fit inside my 0.5 meter bag.
Ije’s eyes widened at this.


And then Ije happily gathered the pots and other things.
The pots were all clean and polished.

As I helped put various things into the magic bag, I asked Ije,

“..Ije. What will you do now?”
“…Don’t know. Perhaps return to the village.”

There was no one left in Ije’s village.
Living alone amidst ruins of buildings, the overgrown square and roads, and only barren fields surrounding it. It would be very lonely.

“What do you think about living with us?”
“Sure. There is plenty of space left.”
“But what about food?”
“You don’t have to worry about that either. Hippolius is good at hunting, and we have plenty of food stocked up.”
“It really won’t be troublesome?”
“Aye, it won’t.”
“Thank you. Ije will go then.”
“Good. The others will be happy.”

And so Ije agreed to join us. That was a very good thing.

“Alright. Hippolius and the others are waiting, so let’s quickly take what we can use and leave.”

And so we quickly gathered anything that we could use.
Once all of the cooking and farming tools were gathered, what was left was the precious metals and treasures.

“What about this?”
“Gold, silver, copper, platinum. It would have been worth a lot in the continent that we used to live on, but…”
“They were… They are pretty.”

But we could not sell them on the new continent, and so they had less value.

“Well, gold and silver can be used when creating alloys. So I guess we’ll take them.”

And so Ije and I tossed the precious metals into the magic bag.
Once we were finished with that, I noticed something else.

“Oh, there are also magic stones.”

As they were also shiny, the false demon bear must have been collecting them.

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