Royal Magician – 148

Chapter 148 – One at a time

“Mr. Cloze must be frustrated.”
“Yes, it is like admitting that the 4th unit was not good enough on their own.”

I heard the others whispering.
After some discussion, we had gone to the royal library to search through the documents.

An unknown magic formula that obstructs recovery magic.

Unless we found a way to nullify it, then we could not save the prince.

(However, the department of magic medicine is not my strong suit. This was a problem so difficult that the Royal Magicians of the 4th unit could not find a solution. So it will be impossible for me to find the answer.)

After all, the greatest healer and the greatest researcher of magic medicine had failed already.

(Regardless, I’ll have to look through the books that could provide a hint.)

I activated Spell Boost.
The speed at which I worked was my weapon.

And so I checked all the items that seemed promising.

(Damn it. I don’t understand. I can’t make sense of it.)

My mind felt like it was going to burst.
I could not even tell what was written there.

(Calm down. I’ve been in situations like this before.)

Training that I participated in for the first time after joining the Royal Palace Magicians Order.
The lesson from the university professor had been incredibly difficult, and I could not follow it.

However, what saved me were the words of my old friend.

‘Think about the problems after separating them. Go through it slowly, and organize the parts you do understand. And then you will be able to get closer to the solution.’

(Just start with the things I know and organize them. Don’t panic. Little by little.)

Like unraveling a knot. Take the advanced and complicated parts and carefully arrange them.
Stay calm, I kept telling myself.

Do not try to understand everything at once.
One at a time. One at a time.

Slowly, I went through the material.
And the result was that I understood the reason that I couldn’t make sense of the information.

(Insufficient foundational knowledge is the issue. Attempting to understand complex content with only vague background knowledge.)

I understand that now.
So I just had to figure out a way to break through it.

(If I don’t understand something, I should study it. Put everything I have into researching it thoroughly.)

It wasn’t very smart or efficient.
However, as someone who could do things at a faster speed, it was also a way that made use of my strengths.

(Yes, good. It’s dirty, and like me.)

I patiently went over the letter.
Studied and learned.

Little by little.
One at a time.

◇  ◇  ◇

(This is a ridiculously difficult problem.)

Raul Natrusti, dispatched as a reinforcement from the Royal Magians Order 6th unit, was aware of the incredibly challenging nature of the task.

An abnormal situation where the kingdom’s most skilled healer and magic doctors were still unable to find clues or solutions.

The reason for this was that there were too many options and possibilities that had to be considered.

(Without any precedents or clues. The crucial magic formula was of an extremely small size that it could not even be recognized by the human eye. Just realizing that it was a magic formula was a great feat.)

On top of that, the magic formula in question was inside of the prince’s body.
And so it could not be analyzed or even seen directly.

(It is impossible to analyze something when information is this limited. However, unless we do it, the prince cannot be saved.)

The pressure that this could affect the future of the kingdom.
As Royal Magicians, they had to save the prince no matter what.

(However, there was just too little information.)

The situation was too difficult.
They didn’t even know where to begin.
It was while they were troubled over this and searched for clues in the royal palace library.

(Remnants of a magic formula…?)

In a secluded area to the back.
Where it was dimly lit, there were sparks of light being activated like fireflies.

(Who is doing…)

Thinking it strange, Raul took a closer look and was shocked.

What he saw was the small magician. And she was reading the books from the shelves at a speed that the eye could barely follow.

(She is using Spell Boost to study faster…)

It was possible in principle.
However, acceleration magic like that was among the most difficult and draining.

(Having to activate such difficult magic over and over again while learning. Is such a thing possible for humans…)

It was hard to comprehend.
He wass confused.
Without realizing it, he stumbled into a shelf, causing the books to fall to the floor.

The sounds echoed through the library.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb…”

He said frantically while raising his face. But what he then saw was completely unexpected.

(She…hasn’t noticed…?)

Not being able to hear such a loud noise. It was preposterous.
However, she had not seemed to notice, and continued to study silently.

He was so stunned that he forgot to pick up the books.
Passion towards magic that resulted in the shocking ability to concentrate.

A chill ran down his spine.

(So this is Noelle Springfield…)

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