Royal Magician – 149

Chapter 149 – Suspicion

“Leticia. You are hiding something from me, aren’t you?”

In the Royal Magicians Order headquarters.
Gawain’s office.

Leticia’s expression became suspicious as she answered the accusation.

“What could you be talking about?”
“Answer me. You are not saying something important. And it should not be kept from your superiors. I know.”

Leticia stared at Gawain and then said,

“By lying and saying that you know everything, you mean to shake me so that I will spit everything out. You have a habit of doing that, captain.”
“Don’t try to hide it. You must give up and tell me everything.”
“I am not hiding anything at all. In the first place, it is not in my nature to conceal things. Well, aside from matters concerning my private life. But I share everything that is necessary for my job.”

Gawain did not say anything.
His eyes were fixed on Leticia, searchingly.
And then he said,

“…How do you know everything about me, inside and out?”
“Well, it’s been a long acquaintance. We joined the order at the same time. And it’s been three years since we became captain and vice captain. And as buddies, we were often working on the same mission.”

Leticia stated this calmly.

“It’s no wonder they call you a woman of iron, who never lets her prey get away.”
“Yes, they did call me that once, didn’t they?”
“You think they don’t anymore?”
“Well, these days I’m quite preoccupied with the work of organizing a unit, thanks to its thoughtless captain.”
“…I do feel sorry about that. And I’m always thankful.”

Gawain scratched his head.

“To be honest, I am worried about you. Back when we were in the 1st unit, you would charge head first into danger many times, just to try and expose the misdeeds of nobles.”
“I was merely doing my job.”
“I’ve heard that your superiors tried to stop you, especially after you were served a lethal dose of poison.”
“Even so, I believed it was the right thing to do.”
“It’s meaningful work. I think it’s admirable. However, as a colleague, I wished you would have taken better care of yourself.”
“Well, I was young back then.”

Leticia said with a chuckle.

“Honestly saying what is on your mind in order to make the other person share their true opinion. That is also typical of you.”
“…You make this difficult.”
“I will take that as a compliment.”

The usual gesture of running fingers through the hair.

“Do not worry. I really am not hiding anything.”

She did not seem shaken at all.
Her usual self. Completely composed.

Gawain thought about it after Leticia left the room.

(She did not look like she was lying. In that case, is it Luke who is looking into the High Court?)

If he did expose the corruption of a powerful noble with a strong influence over the High Court, then there was no doubt that it was a remarkable achievement, which carried the potential to elevate him to the prestigious Magus-Rank.

Especially considering the conflict with His Majesty the King over the issue of tax exemptions.

However, there was something about it that did not sit right with Gawain.

(When he has his eyes on a target, he tends to focus on it and nothing else. And so the idea that he would undertake such a colossal task at the same time as the World Trophy is strange…)

But even then, when thinking about the situation, Luke was still the most likely culprit.

(Well, I will have to look into it then.)

Just then, his subordinate, Haribel, rushed into the room.

“Captain! Mr. Luke attempted his fifty-ninth escape, but was thwarted, just as you ordered!”
“Perfect. Now, there is something I wish to ask you.”

After giving instructions, Gawain was left alone in his office again, and he leaned deeply into his chair.

(Or it could be someone else. Noelle… I doubt it. But it is not impossible.)

Once he started to think like that, everyone looked suspicious.

(Who is it… The idiot who is charging into danger alone?)

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