My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 372

I Bought Liza What She Wanted

“Your grandfather was right, and it’s good to be wise with money. However, this is not a waste. I just want to see you happy. And it would make me happy to know that you weren’t hesitating on my account.”
“You would be happy, papa…?”
“Yes. If it’s something that you want and will make you smile, then I will be happy as well.”
“…Are you, sure?”
“You won’t regret it later on?”
“Of course, not. Do I look like someone who would have second thoughts about such things?”
“No, you don’t.”
“Then don’t worry about it. See, Liza? What about this bag?”

Ms. Claire had been watching us with a smile. She then took the bag and showed it to Liza.

“Mmm…the flowers are pretty.”
“Do you want it?”
“Very well. Then we’ll buy this!”
“Thank you.”

While she still seemed hesitant, she finally admitted to wanting it.
As soon as Liza nodded, I decided to buy it as I handed it over to Mr. Haines.
Mr. Haines had also been watching us with a smile… It was a little embarrassing, not that I thought about it.

“Good, Liza.”

I patted Liza on the head to hide my embarrassment.
Liza laughed happily, which was really cute.
Her tail wagged happily as if to expression her emotion, which quickly caught Mr. Claire and the other’s attention.

“Now, what other things do you want?”

Now that Liza understood that she didn’t have to hesitate, we went around the store and bought a few other items.
Ms. Claire and the others would also sometimes give their advice.
As expected, their varying opinions meant that we stayed in the store for quite a long time, but I didn’t mind because Liza seemed happy.
Even if I felt bad for Leo and Nicholas.

We bought so much stuff that Liza could not carry it all by herself.
Still, Liza hung the bag from her shoulder and stuffed it with some of her new things.
One of the things she had wanted the most was a water bottle.
She said that this was so she could fill it with Leo’s magic water.
That was how much she liked it.

“Still, was that really a good idea?”
“Indeed… She will have to be very careful with it… But I suppose it’s fine because she’s a beastkin?”

Liza was practically exploding with happiness, and her tail and ears were moving.
As we watching her, Ms. Claire and I talked about one of the things she had wanted.
Right before I paid for everything, Liza had stopped in front of the weapons corner.
And then her eyes seemed to sparkle as she saw a thick knife.

It wasn’t like the small one I had bought for shaving, and was nearly fifteen centimeters.
Not only that, but the blade was curved and had a rather ominous look to it.
According to Mr. Haines, it was originally made as a hunting knife, but was not a weapon called a kukri.

As far as I was aware, it wasn’t a European weapon, so it was surprising to see it here.
Regardless, Liza wanted it with the same excitement that she showed for the water bottle.
I now wondered if I had been so wise to tell her that she should not hesitate, and that I would buy her anything.

“What does being a beastkin have to do with it?”
“It is said that beastkin were originally hunters. So perhaps it is like an instinct for her…”

Her beast blood was calling… I did not like to think about it, but I suppose that could be a reason that she found a hunting knife so appealing.
In any case, it would definitely be necessary for her to be careful, and not take it out for no reason.

“We still have a little time left.”

After paying for everything, we thanked Mr. Haines and went back out in order to reunite with Leo and Nicholas.
Liza immediately started to show Leo her new bag.
I checked my pocket watch. Indeed, there was still some time before we had to go and pick up the clothes from Mr. Halton’s store.
Perhaps we could go to the orphanage so Liza could play?

“Papa! Mama says she is hungry!”
“Ah, now that I think about it, she hasn’t had lunch yet. And she waited so patiently, so we’ll have to feed her something special.”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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