My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 442

I hadn’t thought about where I would live

“Mr. Takumi should be fine… But good Leo…”
“Hmm. You mean the house is too small.”

After looking at me, Mr. Haines glanced over to Leo, who was playing with Rosalie.
Leo noticed this and turned to us questioningly.

“Indeed, it would be one thing if it was just Mr. Takumi, but you would need a very large house for Leo to live in.”
“Ah… That is true…”
“What, Mr. Takumi? You didn’t think about it?”
“Ahahaha… Yes…”
“So Mr. Takumi can be quite airheaded as well…”

Hmm, I did not want to be called that by Mr. Ekenhart…
Mr. Haines watched me as I laughed and scratched my head… As did Ms. Claire.
But it was true. I had not even been thinking about how much space Leo would need.
I never had to think about it here, because the mansion was so big. But in Ractos, Leo always had to stay outside when we entered stores.
Living in the mansion made me forget that sometimes, and I thought of as how she used to be.
A small Maltese…

“Well, you do not have to worry about that. Because the plan is to build a house near the fields. We are ready to start construction, and are only waiting for the chief’s permission.”

So Mr. Ekenhart had already thought of it, and had been preparing in advance.

“Um, how much is that going to cost?”

As I was getting paid by the duke for the herbs, I hadn’t worried about money for some time… But this sounded very expensive… The former salaryman in me felt like fainting.
Who knew what kind of crazy house the duke would try and build.
For instance… What if it was similar to this one? I didn’t know if I wanted to own such a place.

“You do not have to worry about that either. Since Claire will also be staying there, I will pay for everything. And yes, it will be a big mansion.”
“Father, I am quite sure that I told you that a small, cozy house would be perfectly fine?”
“…Lady Claire is what…?”

My eyes widened at Mr. Ekenhart’s words. Ms. Claire looked annoyed, while Mr. Ekenhart was confused.

“No, no, no. We really do not need a mansion! Just something that Leo will be comfortable in! Besides, I do not like the idea of you paying for everything!”
“I thought you might say that, Mr. Takumi. But there is Claire. Do you think my daughter will be satisfied living in some shack?”
“Father, do not compare me to those other rich daughters. I would be very satisfied in a normal house.”

I frantically protested, while ignoring the shocked Mr. Haines.
If Mr. Ekenhart paid for everything, then I wouldn’t feel like I owned the house, and would not be comfortable.
And while Mr. Ekenhart tried to act like it was for Ms. Claire’s sake, she also voiced her displeasure.

“But Claire. You are quite hopeless without servants to do everything around the house for you.”
“Well…I will just have to learn then!”
“What do you think, Mr. Takumi?”
“Huh? Why are you asking me? Uh… That could take a long time…”
“Mr. Takumi!?”

“Ms. Claire had been surrounded by servants since she was born.
Of course, she did not know the first thing about the household duties that servants performed.
Still, she insisted that she could learn them.
I had to admit that this would be difficult in the time we had, and Ms. Claire looked at me as if this was a great betrayal.

“I, uh… Well, not that long… I think.”
“Then… Why?”

Mr. Ekenhart was just protective, so she could easily dismiss his opinions, but Ms. Claire seemed rather crushed why I seemed to agree with him.
Perhaps she was taking it too personally. I felt bad for her, but we had to be realistic.

“Ms. Claire, how are you going to learn?”
“Well…the maids will teach me.”
“Uh… We could start today?”
“That won’t work.”
“I agree.”
“You too, Sebastian? Why do you say that?”

After I questioned Ms. Claire, Mr. Ekenhart offered his conclusion. Sebastian and I nodded in agreement.

“Ms. Claire… Ever since last night, well, today, you have been incredibly busy. And I am sure there is still much that you have to do?”
“Indeed. Besides, we are going to the forest soon. I will not be in this house for long, and Tilura has her studies. Do you really think you have time to learn some household chores? While you have more than a few days, it is not as long as a few years!”

Ms. Claire had no answer for that.
Indeed, Mr. Ekenhart would be leaving soon.
I suppose he would return to the main house after we go to the forest. And there was still the matter of the slums. Ms. Claire would have a lot of work to do.
Even I could see that.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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