My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 443

There was no time for Ms. Claire to learn household chores

Even if Ms. Claire was going to Range village with me, as Sebastian had said, she would have to return to the mansion quite regularly.
And so we had to consider what would be efficient… Clearly there was no time for Ms. Claire to be learning such things.
I’m sure she would have some free time during the day, but I doubted it would be enough time, considering she hadn’t done anything like that before.
Besides, she would need to get some rest as well…

“I’m sorry, Ms. Claire. It is not that there is something wrong with you. It is simply a matter of time.”
“…Yes, I understand that. But… I did hope to cook him a meal…”
“Oh, nevermind…”
“Claire, you can think of such things later. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time in the future.”
“Very well, father.”

I apologized and told Ms. Claire that it was not her fault.
Perhaps we had sounded a bit harsh, but she seemed satisfied and nodded understandingly.
She muttered something else under her breath, but I could not hear her.
But Mr. Ekenhart seemed to know… What was it?

“Oh, excuse me. In any case, I intend to prepare a place for you and Leo to live.”

We had been talking about how I didn’t want a house that was too big, and the cost, but it seemed like the conversation ended with Ms. Claire.
Was this his way of negotiating?

Regardless, I suppose I would have to discuss the details of it with Sebastian later.
If Sebastian was there, then I think everything would be dealt with in a sensible manner.
…Unless he decided to take Mr. Ekenhart’s side completely.

“So, I understand a place will be prepared for Mr. Takumi and Leo. However…what is this about Lady Claire?”

Apparently, Mr. Haines was still puzzled about that part.
After all, it had not been properly explained to him.

“While it is Mr. Takumi who will be making the herb fields in Range village… It is his wish that Claire be involved with management. After all, they will be running the business together.”
“Yes. I want to make my own contribution to this house and the surrounding lands, including your village.”

She had looked a little upset a moment ago, but Ms. Claire had now regained her calm.
It was impressive that she could switch back so quickly.

“So, does that mean the business will be controlled by the duke?”
“No, that will be Mr. Takumi. We are in more of a supporting role. Claire will handle all external matters, while Mr. Takumi takes care of the fields.”
“What do you mean…external?”
“We will need to find stores in other villages and towns that will sell the herbs. Normally, there are not that many herbs, so we can just sell them in our own stores. But Mr. Takumi’s herbs are special. You will see that for yourself soon enough, chief.”

To put it simply, I would manage the herb fields and the people involved in working in them.
Ms. Claire would be in contact with stores across the lands and try to sell the herbs to them. Like a sales department?
As someone without connections, or much knowledge of the surrounding area, I would be very grateful for her help.
It wouldn’t matter how good my herbs were if there was no one to buy them.

“Yes. Mr. Takumi’s herbs cured the sick in the village within a blink of an eye. I would not doubt their quality. However… Can he really make that much?”

Mr. Haines was right to wonder about this.
Herbs weren’t usually grown in large fields, and it seemed doubtful that we could make enough to send across the duke’s lands.
Herbs were mainly something that were gathered in forests and mountains by people who made medicine.
Besides, they were not consumed in great quantities like grain, and the fact that there was so much variety made them unfit for growing on a large scale.

And each herb having different conditions for growing them would also make things difficult.
I suppose that if different herbs were all grown in different locations, they would be able to have a lot of types in large quantities. But the fact that this hadn’t been done up until now suggested that it was probably quite difficult to do by human hands.
Even though the land that was reserved near the village was quite large, it did not seem like it would be enough to send herbs to so many towns. And it would also take a considerable amount of time to grow. That was why he was concerned.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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