Seisan Mahoushi – 178

Chapter 178 – I made the same mistake again!?

During the feast that celebrated our triumphant return to Fendel.

I started to feel a little hot, and so I returned to my house, earlier than the others.

It wasn’t like I had a headache, or felt sick. It was a strange feeling. Like excitement in my chest.

My body felt hot, even though I hadn’t drunk any wine… This feeling…I had experienced it before.

Still, Wiz was a nice and cool pillow under my head.

And then, I heard a young woman’s voice echo close to the house.

“Really… I was so worried.”
“You always treat me like I’m some kid… I’m an adult, you know!”

It was the voice of one of the Kijins who had been on the expedition.

“I…wanted to see you…so much.”
“Me too… I thought about you every day.”

In the next instant, they started professing their love to each other and kissing loudly. And there were weird noises…which were probably the sounds of their horns scraping together…

…How passionate. But surely they could have found a better spot to do that.

As their voices grew louder and bolder, so did the beating of my heart.

Damn it… Maybe I’ll make some earplugs then.

I thought as I sat up in my bed.

However, that was when the door opened with a click.

“Hmm? Iria…?”

The people who walked in were dressed in night robes. It was Iria, Mette and Monica.

“Ms. Melk and the others are bathing.”

Iria said, and Mette nodded.

“Yes. She will be busy taking care of the children for some time. Melk cannot stop talking about her brave feats during our journey. Ymir and Asuha as well.”
“It feels a little unfair but…”

Monica said, and then Iria replied.

“In that case, you can come some other time, Ms. Monica. Mette and I will be here today.”
“B-but! Well, since I am already here!”

Now what did they mean by that?

I only had to wait a second to learn the answer.

Because Iria and the others had cast off their robes.


I could not believe my eyes.

The undergarments they were wearing were not the ones I had mass produced.

They were much more revealing and flattering to their forms.

Iria’s was a pure white that matched her long platinum hair. It was made of pretty lace. Furthermore, she wore long stockings that reached her thighs, as well as a garterbelt.

She appeared more mature than usual, and my heart began to beat faster. Besides, I had never seen a woman wearing a garterbelt before.

As for Mette, she had chosen a glossy purple that matched her ponytail. She was covered in the least amount of cloth, and I wondered how it even stayed on. But it was like her, since she had the boldest personality.

Still, she was also wearing the stockings and garterbelt, which gave her a different impression from the usual.

Monica’s undergarments were a light blue.
And unlike the others, she wore a blue corset as well.
She also looked a little more bashful than the other two.

“Uh, where did you get that?”

I asked, with what was probably a stupefied expression.

Iria answered.

“We bought them. In the royal capital.”
“Royal capital…”

I then recalled that they had gone into a store that was only for adults.

“I-I see.”
“What do you think, Sir Joshua? Does it suit us?”

Iria asked with a hint of uncertainty. I could only nod silently.

After that, I pulled up the covers, like a turtle hiding in its shell.

However, the blanket was easily peeled away, and the three peered into my face.

I looked up at them. All three were incredibly beautiful.

And then they lay down next to me on the bed.

“…I! I want to settle down with you and have children!”
“Me too! A lot of them!”

The voices were still echoing loudly from outside, which made the atmosphere more awkward. Really. Why didn’t they go and continue this somewhere else?

No, the air really was different now… This smell… Where have I…

The scent of Iria and the others wafted through the room.
Was it perfume? It wasn’t the one that Ecleshia made. Perhaps they had also purchased it in the royal capital.

…I was starting to feel dizzy.

“Come with me!”

The voices rang outside. And then I felt something change within me.

However, I held it back.
I had always been able to keep a cool head back at the knights order. And I would not bend in a place like this.

I closed my eyes tightly.

But in the next instant, something soft covered my face.

“Sir Joshua… I love you.”
“Me too…Joshua.”

Mette’s voice echoed a moment later. And then she grabbed onto my back.

Monica also squeezed my hand and said,

“I feel great affection towards you, Sir Joshua…”

They said sweetly, and I felt that my heart was going to leave my chest.

Because I felt the same towards all three…no, the others as well.

However, should one person be allowed this much happiness?

No, I could not lie about my feelings. After all, they went through such lengths, even though it was a little embarrassing.


But before I could finish, the door banged open.

“I found you.”
“You went ahead of us again! And this time even Ms. Mette and Ms. Monica are here too!”

Melk and Asuha were furious.

“Wa-wait, all of you. There is no need to fight!”

I said, but it was already too late.
After that, they argued about who would be first.

And then, just as I expected, the Oni appeared. I was scared of it at first, but I was starting to get used to seeing it…

Regardless, I was at their mercy for the rest of the night.

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