Royal Magician – 150

Chapter 150 – A talent known as passion

Using Spell Boost to study faster.

While learning the necessary knowledge of medical magic, I delved into the structure of the magical formula that was interfering with the prince’s body. However, I was soon forced to acknowledge the limitations of my own processing abilities.

The possibilities were simply too numerous.
I did not have enough information to find the right formula.

However, we were currently being asked to find an answer soon, with such limited information.

It was a great obstacle that we must overcome in order to save the prince.

(In any case, we have no choice but to meticulously verify each and every one.)

My notebook was quickly filled with letters and numbers until the pages looked black.

(Damn it. I don’t know. Is this correct?)

My thought processes were tangled.
I wasn’t even sure if I was understanding some parts or not.

(Calm down. And go through it little by little.)

I took a deep breath.

(This is a problem that even the Magus-Rank magicians cannot solve. So it’s only natural that it will be difficult. And that’s what excites me.)

The times seemed to pass in a flash.
The first day.
An then third day.
And then a week passed.

Having thoroughly verified one possibility, what arose within me was a sensation close to conviction.

(I can solve this. I think I can.)

I understood the difficulty. Although there were some incomplete aspects in my background knowledge, I thought that I could address them by supplementing when necessary.

(But I don’t know how long it will take. A hundred years. No, it could even take a thousand years.)

It was no wonder the Saviour Magician was unable to do it.
It takes too much time.
To completely exhaust all the possibilities would require an overwhelming amount of work.

(But then the prince will…)

I thought of the frail young boy that I had seen through the crack of the doors.
At this rate, there was just not enough time.
By the time it was finished, it would be too late.

(My power is not enough to save the prince.)

That was my conclusion.
It pained me to admit it.
I was tempted to lament my lack of strength.

But there was no time for that.

(I’ll think of a way to do it anyway.)

And then my consciousness sunk into the sea of thought.

◇  ◇  ◇

The atmosphere was heavy in the research room that had been prepared.
In spite of being gathered here to help, they had nothing to show for it.

The pressure was mounting.

“Please. Please save His Highness.”

They could not look at the faces of the handmaidens who begged.

Reality was cruel.
They felt the sense of powerlessness in their bones.

(He will now be saved.)

Everyone was thinking that now.

Just as the enemy wanted.

Not knowing when you would lose a beloved family member.
The king would be bound by the chains of fear, have his fangs broken, and the authority of the kingdom will be diminished.

(We cannot give in to such villains…)

Regret and frustration.
The magicians could do nothing but clench their fists with frustration. But it was then that one woman’s voice rang out.

“I have a plan.”

Noelle Springfield.
The newcomer who was known for her incredible speed.

“I will need your help. Please, lend me your power, everyone.”

Said the small magician.

“Everyone here is the best among their units. And so up until now, we have worked to solve the problem individually. As you all have such great ability, it is only natural to think that it will be better to work alone. But that is why I want your cooperation. And I want you to allow me to support you.”
“Support us?”
“Yes, I’ve tried to cram in as much knowledge as I could, but my understanding is still shallow. There are many aspects of medical magic theory where I can’t compare to those of you with more experience. In that case, I should support your work instead. We can assign tasks according to each person’s expertise and create a situation where we can focus on what we’re good at. Let us join forces and tackle this problem together! Please allow me to assist you all in solving this problem.”
“I understand your reasoning now.”

A magician from the 2nd unit said coolly.

“However, in my opinion, it is just an idealistic view that is not very realistic. With such a great number of choices and possibilities, controlling and coordinating a group of so many people would be impossible, especially considering the current situation. We haven’t even grasped the full picture of this problem.”
“While still incomplete, I have done my best to classify the possibilities that should be verified in this problem into six categories.”

The small magician then started to draw something on the large writing board in the front of the room.
However, she suddenly stopped.

“…Um, is there a stepladder or stool anywhere?”

Apparently, she could not reach the top of the board.

One of the butlers then brought her a stepladder to stand on.

“Thank you. I should be fine now.”

However, in spite of such words, she still could not reach the top of the boards.
And so she stood shakily on her toes and wrote.

“Are you alright? Perhaps you would like a ladder?”
“I’m fine. I am an adult, after all.”

Apparently, she had her own pride as well.

(Still, she did look rather childish up there…)

The air suddenly felt ominous.

(Does she really understand what she’s talking about?)

They started to look at her with doubt as she began to swiftly write on the board.

The sound of the pen echoed through the room.
And the letters and formulas appeared.

(…Wait. What is that?)

They gasped.

(How did she manage to categorize and differentiate to such a detailed extent…)

The air in the room started to change.
And they began to realize it.

Just how astonishing this person was.

Confusion and disbelief.

(How much time would it take to…)

The great board was soon flooded with information.

As the magicians watched in shock, the sounds of the pen did not stop.

It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop. It did not stop.

They were speechless.
But they could not look away.
The markings of abnormal amounts of thought and work.

(Who is this person…)

Their mouths felt dry.
What was there, without a doubt, was an awe-inspiring talent called unprecedented passion, which allowed her to accumulate an abnormal amount of information.

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