My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 375

Liza’s Clothes Were Ready

“I see. So it’s a little different then. But could the same thing be made, if you searched for the ingredients?”

Apparently, Ms. Claire was interested in the food from my world.
She was always curious about things that she didn’t know about.

“I don’t know if you could replicate it perfectly… Besides, a lot of it depends on the person who makes it. But perhaps you could make something very close.”
“I see. I would like to eat such food one day.”

It was very nostalgic for me.
Even if I had only been in this world for a few months, I did miss some of the food. It was what I was raised on, after all.
Once the business with the herbs was settled, and I had more time, I could try and search for things…
It might be fun to consult Ms. Helena about it.

“Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. The clothes should be ready soon.”

As we were talking, Ms. Lyra pointed to a clock.

“Well then. Let us return to Mr. Halton’s store.”
“Yes. It was fun to be able to relax and talk here. Thank you.”
“Not at all. Thank you.”

We stood up from our seats and thanked each other.
Ms. Claire smiled, and she looked so bright under the light of the sun, which had started to set.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. The clothes are ready.”
“Thank you.”

We entered Mr. Halton’s store and picked up the few items of clothing that had been modified for her.
Now she wouldn’t have to worry about clothes for some time.

“Well, why don’t you try them on, Liza?”
“I can?”
“Aye, of course. They are your clothes, after all. Ms. Lyra, could you?”
“Yes, certainly. Mr. Halton. Where is the changing room?”
“I will take you to it.”

Ms. Lyra took the clothes, and with Liza, followed Mr. Halton to the changing room.

“How do I look, papa?”
“Oh, it suits you well, Liza.”
“You look adorable, little Liza.”

With Ms. Lyra’s help, Liza was able to change quickly. And when she returned, she swirled around as if to show off her new clothes.
She really seemed to like them.
Both Ms. Claire and I agreed that she looked good.

The clothes were made of a soft fabric and looked quite comfortable.
As for her tail, there was a hole in the back of her skirt, where her tail could come out of.

“…Oh, I’m going to go and show mama! Let’s go, sister Lyra!”
“Hahaha. I’m sure Leo will be happy. Sorry, Ms. Lyra.”
“No, not at all. Let’s go then…”

Liza must have been very excited, as she soon headed out the door with Ms. Lyra.
I suppose it was because she had never had clothes bought for her before.

“Mr. Takumi. We have also prepared this. What do you think?”
“A hat?”
“Yes. While I certainly have no such feelings, some people would look at beastkin with suspicion. And so there may be times when it is best to hide it…”

Mr. Halton had produced a knitted hat.
Only there were two bump-like protrusions on the top, that would cover her ears.
And the sides had elongated flaps with buttons, so that it could be strapped around your head.
So he had made this hat to cover Liza’s ears.

While he was being vague, considering what had happened in the slums, it would not be a surprise if there were people with ill will towards her.
Thankfully, Mr. Halton or Mr. Haines had not been like that. But there had definitely been some odd looks as we went around town.
Though, in most cases, Leo would notice it first, and move so that Liza did not notice anything.

“So you went out of your way to make it. Thank you.”
“Not at all. It is because you are a valued customer.

Mr. Halton said with a bow.
He did not want Liza to encounter any trouble. He was a kind man.

“Some of the clothes have also been altered so that she can cover her tail if necessary. We will do the same with the newly tailored clothes as well.”
“Thank you so much for your consideration.”

He had even thought about hiding the tail, which would be much more difficult.
Liza’s tail drew attention because it moved with her emotions.
And when hiding her ears, she would have to hide her tail as well.
I thanked Mr. Halton and paid extra for the hat.

“What! Is that Leo’s voice? …!”
“Mr. Takumi. Something is happening outside… Oh!”

Just as I was about to leave the store with Ms. Claire, we heard Leo barking loudly.
Leo was usually so calm. What had happened?
It had to be something important for Leo to bark.
And so I left Ms. Claire and rushed outside.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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