Royal Magician – 151

Chapter 151 – Teamwork

The best of the best were in the meeting room.
And since I was still in my first year, it would not have been strange for them to just ignore me. However, they were kind enough to nod at my suggestion.

(They are all such nice people…!)

The reality was, that in this kingdom, there were many workplaces that would not have been as kind to a young woman whose career in magic was not very long.

It had been like that at the Magic Artificers Guild. And I had heard similar stories from fellow students at the academy.

(This really is the best work environment in the whole kingdom…!)

I felt moved once again. And like that, the work began with the cooperation of my seniors.

“Senior Ladner, please analyze this section. I believe you were researching in a similar department at university. Senior Nichols, please verify the magical formula while in a state of mechanical equilibrium. I believe the verification method that is always used by the 5th Unit is most effective.”

I assigned tasks while being conscious of everyone’s areas of expertise.

(Hehehe. It was a good thing I asked around and gathered information on everyone before the meeting.)

As they were all the elite, who had notable achievements within their units, it was not difficult to learn of their characteristics.

Grasping the situation and figuring out how to deal with it was my speciality.
A gift I had acquired in a workplace that was hopelessly understaffed and chaotic.

‘Another order! We need an additional seven hundred crystal balls! They must be shipped out within the week!’

Back then, I had been so desperate to keep my job.
There was so much work to do that I didn’t even have time to sleep. However, that experience had given me power.

“Noel, sorry to bother you, but could you create documentation regarding this particular section?”
“I thought you might need it and so I already prepared it. Here, please use this.”

“I need a research paper that discusses this magical formula reaction.”
“In that case, I suggest this one, which was published by a research team from Rysvania last year. I have summarized the key points, so please take a look.”

“Is there anyone here who is knowledgeable about magical formula reactions in non-equilibrium states?”
“I thought there might be a need, and took the liberty of calling a professor from the Royal Magic University who specializes in the subject. Please wait a little longer.”

Being aware of my surroundings, reading ahead, and supporting others so that it was easier to work.
The result of allowing everyone to do what they did best, was a great rise in progress speed of the work.

(Amazing. They really did gather together the best Royal Magicians in order to save the prince.)

I was greatly moved by how well they worked.
But more than anything, it was incredibly thrilling for me to be the one orchestrating such amazing individuals.

(It is like riding on the shoulder of a giant.)

Even if it was a wall that I couldn’t overcome on my own, we could do it if we all worked together.

Time seemed to pass quickly after that.

One day passed.
Two days.
Three days.

Even we were surprised at how quickly we were working.

(At this rate, we might be able to save the prince.)

It seemed possible now.

However, I had forgotten something.
Tragedy always exceeded one’s expectations.

“There is something that I must tell you.”

The worn-out shirt and haggard appearance, completely different from the impeccably dressed man I had seen before.
Mr. Cloze, captain of the 4th Unit.

“There has been a sudden change in the condition of the young prince.”

His voice was hard and raspy.

“I am afraid he has very little time now.”

The air became heavy all at once.
The time limit was approaching fast.

(We will not make it at this rate.)

It wasn’t just me. The others would be thinking this too.

However, there was nothing that I could do.

The current speed was our very best.
Even if there was something that could be improved, it would not make much of a difference.

It was not possible to raise the speed to a dramatic degree.

(Something…there must be some clue to identify the problem…)

However, I could not find anything.
But time kept passing.

“Ms. Springfield. I must speak with you.”

It was then that Mr. Cloze approached me.

And then he asked me to follow him.
What could it be? I wondered as I followed.

As we walked down the hallway that was covered in a red carpet, Mr. Cloze said,

“Please brace yourself. There is a possibility that you’ll be hit by Captain Vicente’s mana.”
“I-I understand.”

I was confused, but nodded.
Mr. Cloze then continued to the back of the special section of the royal palace.

“Where are we going?”
“To the prince’s private chamber.”

It took me a moment to understand what he was saying.

“…Why…am I going there?”

What exactly was the reason that someone like me would be allowed to go there?
I asked hesitantly, and the Mr. Cloze answered.

“Because Captain Vicente called for you.”

I probably looked like a fool.
And then Mr. Cloze said,

“I am saying that the Saviour Magician, Captain Vicente Sera, has called for you.”

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