Royal Magician – 152

Chapter 152 – Captain Vicente Sera

The prince’s private room was isolated from the outside world with countless magic formulas and special magic tools.

The oxygen and ether concentration was significantly higher compared to the outside.
Seven layers of barriers that killed or removed germs and microorganisms.

Everything was optimized in order to help stabilize the patient’s condition.

(So this is the best healer in the kingdom…)

I was quite moved as I stepped into the room.
The first thing I saw was the resting prince in the far back.

Even for an eight year old, he was very small and thin.
His face was androgynous, and could easily be mistaken for a girl.

The body, which wore a silk nightwear, was thin, with the bones protruding.

The rough breathing and wheezing.

His face was red and puffy. And the sweat beading on his forehead suggested he had a high fever.

(For an innocent child to suffer like this.)

The anger welled up in me.
I could not forgive them.

Perhaps they had their reasons.
And perhaps some of them were right.

But no matter what, it was wrong to hurt someone so young, who had not done anything.

“Ms. Noelle Springfield, I presume.”

Echoed a gentle voice.
I turned around to see a magician with long, beautiful hair.

I knew all about this person.
While he looked like a woman at a glance, he was actually a man.

“You really are pretty when seen close up.”
“Thank you.”

Captain Vicente said with a smile.

“I am Vicente Sera. And I am the greatest healer in this kingdom.”

“Well, let us not waste any time. I called you here, Ms. Noelle, because I think it is the best way to save the prince.”

Captain Vicente said in a calm voice.

“You are not skilled in the field of magical medicine. And here is a makeshift team with no intention of collaborating, despite their individual excellence. However, without being defeated by these various obstacles, you chose the best course of action in the situation, and managed to lead the team and achieve a work speed that we never anticipated. Truly, it was a good showcase of your rumored situational judgment and adaptability.”
“No, it was really just because everyone was so good. I did not do much…”
“Well, we will just say that for now.”

Captain Vicente said pleasant before continuing.

“Currently, we are in a severe situation. The healing magic is hindered by an unknown magical formula laced with neurotoxins, rendering ninety-seven percent of it ineffective. In order to save the prince, we must find a way to neutralize the magic formula by any means necessary. And just moments ago, we received a certain piece of information.”
“And what was it?”
“It seems that the 2nd unit, the Bureau for Inappropriate Use of Magic, has obtained a lead that connects to the culprit. If we can arrest the perpetrator and identify the magical formula used from the confiscated evidence, then…”
“You can neutralize the formula and save the prince.”

I said, and Captain Vicente nodded.

“I have heard about how you once located a criminal organization agito while at the opera house. And I so hoped that with your help, we could confiscate the evidence and identify the formula while there is still time. It is a risk to depend on you, but I felt that it was the best course of action in this case.”

He stared at me for a moment.

“I will buy you some time. As the best healer in the kingdom, I will not let the prince’s life fade away so easily. I will keep him alive, no matter what.”

He placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Please. Lend us your help so that we can save His Highness.”

After the conversation with Mr. Vicente, I quickly packed up my things and left the palace.

As I ran through the garden of roses, I thought back on what had been said.

(He needs my help. He said it so seriously…)

It did not feel real at all.
Still, this was no time to be happy about that.

Time was running out.
But Captain Vicente said he would do anything he could to buy me some time.

(And so I have to do my best as well.)

I would save the prince no matter what.

With this resolution in my chest, I headed to the east section, which was used by the 2nd unit.

There was only so much that I could do alone. And I didn’t know anything about the suspect.
Cooperating with the Bureau for Inappropriate Use of Magic, who claimed to have obtained a lead, seemed like the best option.

“I am Noelle Springfield of the 3rd unit. I would like to speak to someone from the bureau.”
“3rd unit…”

The magician that I spoke to looked at me with some suspicion.

“Go away. We have no time to waste on the likes of you.”

(They were suspicious of us…?)

But why?
The 3rd unit was often described as lively and filled with unique individuals, but I had never heard anything about us being disliked by the others.

(Was there something that I did not know about?)

But I brushed away such questions for now, and said,

“Please let me help with cooperation. I think I can be of use.”
“We are doing fine already. There is no need for additional personnel.”
“Captain Vicente sent me. If I could at least talk with…”
“Captain Vicente did?”

Apparently, this was a surprise.
The magician looked at me with disbelief.

(This is my chance…! I shall press in while they are off balance…!)

“If you disregard me so rudely here, Captain Vicente will hear about it, and will no doubt be furious. Things will become very serious then. And I do not want you to take the blame for that. Now, will you please let me through?”
“Ve-very well.”

(Yes, I succeeded!)

The magician disappeared in the back, as I waited for his return, I thought of my next course of action.

(As being from the 3rd unit is doing me no favors now, I will continue to use the name of Captain Vicente. Though, if I get a chance, I should learn what their issue with the 3rd unit is.)

The magician then returned.
He seemed anxious.
Much more anxious than he had looked before.

(Did something happen?)

As I thought of several possibilities, I listened to the magician.

“I do not quite grasp the situation fully, but…”

The magician said in a troubled voice.

“The director wishes to speak with you, Ms. Noelle.”

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