My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 376

Leo Was Angry


The moment I stepped out of the store, I felt the tension in the air and stopped.
Leo usually sat while she waited, but she was now standing and barking towards the road.
It looked like she was about to pounce on something…

“Mr. Takumi!”
“…! Leo!”

Ms. Claire and Nicholas also came out of the store, but stopped in their tracks.
I tried shouting Leo’s name, but she did not turn. It was as if she could not even see me.

“Good Leo. Please calm down!”

Ms. Lyra and Johanna were standing next to Leo.
But Leo didn’t seem to hear them either.
…What on earth…?
And where was Liza!?

I moved to the side and saw that Liza was near Leo’s face.
However, she stayed still as she squatted on the ground…
And she was holding her head… Is that!


While she was holding her head protectively, I saw something like blood between her fingers.
No, it was blood.
I shouted, and then Liza raised her head to look at me.
And I saw that a thin stream of blood was flowing down the right side of her face.
Had she been hurt!?
Was that why Leo was so angry?

“Papa! Mama is angry!”
“Leo, calm down! Liza, it’s alright now!”

However, Leo would still not listen to me.
Damn it. What had happened! Liza was hurt and Leo was angry…
But as I wondered what to do…
Leo lowered her posture and I could see that she was about to jump.

In order to calm her down, I started to move towards her.
However, there was some kind of magic pressure emanating from Leo, and I found it difficult to move.
I just needed to make her hear me…

“Grrr… Gah…!?”

While I tried to move forward, Leo was just about to jump. That was when Liza moved in front of Leo while shouting.
While it would have been easy for Leo to push her away, she held herself back in spite of her rage.
She looked at Liza questioningly, and seemed to calm down a little.

“Hey, Leo! What are you doing!”
“Grau!? …Wou…wou…”

I moved between Liza and Leo and grabbed the sides of Leo’s face.
Leo finally noticed me and her voice changed to one of sadness.
It was then that I could hear the voices of those around us.

“We probably shouldn’t stay here…”
“Mama. Are you alright?”

While Leo hadn’t attacked anyone, she had become quite mad.
I could see that some spectators had gathered around us, and they had expressions of fear.
Even though some of them would not know that she was a Silver Fenrir, now that they had seen Leo like this, it was no wonder that they were afraid.
And now that they were talking, even more people began to gather around…

I had thought that the people of Ractos were getting used to Leo. But this might change things for the worse.
As I wondered what to do, Liza reached out towards Leo’s front paw.
Liza was hurt…she should be treated at once.
But I could not use Weed Cultivation here… In that case!

“Ms. Claire, Ms. Lyra! Please ride on Leo! You too, Liza!”
“Very well.”
“Leo, you have to run. Move away from this place!”

After seeing that everyone was on, I shouted to Leo.
Leo seemed like she expected me to be mad at her, and so she was confused at first, but then nodded. Yes, she could hear me just fine now.

“Nicholas, Johanna, I’m sorry!”
“Yes, leave this palace to us.”
“Please protect Lady Claire!”
“I will!”

And with that, Leo started to run. And I ran right next to her.
The people who had been surrounding us quickly moved out of the way. Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they ran away out of fear.

While we moved away from the crowd, I thought I saw a familiar face, but this was no time to be thinking of such things.
And so I pushed it out of my mind and focused on running.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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