My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 374

Ms. Claire Enjoyed The Fried Noodles

“Mr. Takumi! It is so delicious!”
“Haha. Indeed.”
“While the appearance and smell are odd, it tastes much better than I expected!”

After taking a few bites of it, Ms. Claire’s eyes widened with surprise.
Even if it wasn’t quite perfect in my eyes, it was a new experience for her.
Ms. Lyra also seemed to be pleasantly surprised by it. And so I was glad that I had made the recommendation.
Liza was eating hers greedily. Leo had eaten it before, and so it was no surprise to her.

Ah, Leo… That’s right. I had forgotten about what happened when Leo ate it.
The area around her mouth was already filthy. I would have to give her a bath once we returned to the mansion.

“Hah… That was good. While Helena’s food is excellent, it is nice to taste what the town had to offer on occasion.”
“Hehe. I don’t know if Ms. Helena will be happy to hear that.”

Having her food praised was one of the things that she lived for. And so she might feel a little bit upset at Ms. Claire’s betrayal.
Well, perhaps it would motivate her to make something even more delicious…

“But still, that was not enough.”

The portions had not been very large, and so even after eating them, we were not quite full.

“Well, didn’t Ms. Lyra buy some meat skewers? Where is she?”
“Yes, what is it?”

I suddenly remembered how Ms. Lyra had bought a lot of the barbecued meat, and so I turned and saw that she was leaning in front of Leo and taking the meat off of the skewers so they would be easier to eat.
I had thought that it was odd that she had bought so much, when no one had asked for them. But I suppose it was to give to Leo…
Liza was also next to Ms. Lyra. And judging by how she was chewing, she had probably received some as well.

Well, I suppose it was a good thing. Both Leo and Liza would become all the more fond of Ms. Lyra now.
Besides, Leo had been waiting so patiently while we were shopping, so she should be able to eat to her heart’s content.

“And there are plenty of other things to eat.”
“Oh, do you have any suggestions?”
“If you don’t mind them being the same things I ate with your father, yes.”

And so I waited for Leo to finish eating, and then we continued to walk down the street so I could show Ms. Claire the other stalls.

“Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. Over here.”

As the fried noodles were not enough to satisfy her, we continued to search for the next delicious meal. But this time, we wanted to find a place where we could sit down and relax.
Ms. Lyra then guided us away from the main street and to the same cafe that I had visited with Mr. Ekenhart.
As Ms. Lyra was from the orphanage, she knew the town quite well. And this cafe was known to have few customers, as it was rather hidden away.

It would be a little awkward to bring Mr. Ekenhart or Ms. Claire to a busy place. Even more so when Leo and Liza were with us.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.”

Just as we moved away from the main street, I had asked Nicholas and Johanna to buy some food from a few stalls that I recommended.
I had already talked to Ms. Lyra about coming to this cafe, and this way, we wouldn’t have to worry about the food getting too cold.

“This… I have never seen it before. What is it?”
“Uh, well…”

What Nicholas and Johanna had brought was some grilled dumplings and soup noodles.
Of course, they were made of different ingredients than I was used to. But the noodles were in a kelp broth and tasted delicious.

I explained this all to Ms. Claire, but was also surprised to learn that Nicholas and Johanna had been running.
It was soup… But they carried it without spilling anything. Was it a special skill they had?

“Hah… They were both very delicious. Thank you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Don’t thank me. Thank the people who made it.”

I talked with Ms. Claire as we leisurely drank tea.
Leo was lying down on the ground and yawning, while Liza sat on her back.
She was probably quite satisfied after all of the food that Ms. Lyra had prepared for her. But maybe she had eaten a little too much?

“Indeed. Still, it was all food I have never eaten before. But you knew about them, Mr. Takumi?”
“Well, yes. I saw them when I came with Mr. Ekenhart. So I knew that they tasted good. Besides…some of them were like food back from home. Not exactly the same, of course.”

Ms. Claire started to ask me about the food, and so I told her about them. Obviously, I had to be careful when talking about other worlds when we were outside.
Still, I told her what I could. How they were different or what was usually used, etcetera.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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