Paintbrush Summoner – 13

Chapter 13 – Flying! Horus-tan

Menew flew back, dodging the slash attack that was unleashed by the swordsman.

Keeping his torso straight, and his gaze down. He flew up to the top of the guild roof with just the strength of his muscles. While drawing.

As for the spot that Menew had been standing, the greatsword slammed into the imprint of his shoes.

“That’s not the martial arts of a sorcerer…”

The swordsman muttered as he jumped up to the roof and adjusted his grip on the greatsword.

Indeed, as Menew’s attack power and defense power exceeded that of those who dedicated their lives to maxing out their level.

The average person’s stats were generally two-digits. The swordsman opponent managed to reach three. However, for better or worse, Menew did not know this.

He crouched on his toes over the drainpipe and drew single-mindedly for 30 seconds.

The Divine Artist skill allowed him to draw faster.

“It’s finished!”

Menew shouted happily as he jumped down from the drainpipe. At the same time, he directed the sketchbook towards the ground.

And then…a giant falcon appeared inches off of the ground.

It caught Menew, and then beat its wings.

Menew made the falcon rise high up into the sky once, and then ordered it to ‘Body Slam’ the swordsman in a way that only the wind pressure would hit him.



“He’s flying!”

The wind was so strong that even the spectators were shrieking. And just as expected, the swordsman was knocked off his feet and went flying into the air.

In the corner of his vision, Menew saw that Valette was clutching onto the man who was next to her. The bastard was grinning a little.


After confirming that the swordsman had lost consciousness after hitting a well, Menew made the falcon land softly on the roof.

He patted the falcon on the neck and then looked down at the crowd of Adventurers below. The man who was the referee then raised his arm towards Menew.

“Th-the victor is Summoner Menew!”

It seemed like most of the spectators had lost their bets.

While a few cheered, most looked pale as they sighed with disappointment.

Aside from them, a few others rushed towards the fallen swordsman.

Menew also left the falcon on the roof, jumped down, and went to see him

“Are you alright?”

He was breathing, but it seemed like it would be dangerous to move him.

“He is unconscious and can’t hear us. Perhaps he hit his head very hard.”

“We’ll take him to the Medical Guild.”


Menew stopped them.

“It was a result of my duel with him. I will do it. Besides, if there is no Healer here, it must be because the guild is busy.”

“Uh, ah…but…”

“I think…it should be fine.”

Yesterday, while browsing through his magic, he saw something called Search.

If it had been translated properly, Menew thought he knew what it would do.

“It’s my first time, so I’m not confident, but…”

He muttered quietly so that no one would hear. And then Menew directed his hands towards the swordsman.


A black magic circle appeared and went through the man’s body. In his mind, the words ‘Concussion,’ ‘Contusion,’ ‘Lower Back Pain,’ and ‘Treatment with Heal is necessary appeared.

(Concussion and contusion… The back pain was probably from before… I should be able to do it with basic magic…)


He closed his eyes and chanted.

This time, a white magic circle appeared. The glowing light enveloped the swordsman’s body before disappearing. The man sighed and then regained consciousness.

“Agghhh… Huh? It doesn’t hurt?”

“What a relief. Sorry…I went too hard.”

While he held his head as he got up, the man was then surprised to realize that there was no pain. Menew then offered his hand.

The swordsman accepted it as he got to his feet with a smile.

“No, I’m sorry for underestimating a Summoner. Thank you for healing me, Menew.”

“Not at all. Uh, your name…”

He had just gone with the flow, and had not even heard his name before the duel.

The swordsman laughed loudly and shook his hand.

“I am Dan. Nice to meet you!”

“Ah, yes. Mr. Dan.”

He didn’t know if they would meet again. This person seemed a little overwhelming.

If he was being honest, while Menew had come to register, he did not actually intend to work.

At least until he ran out of money.

Right now, he just wanted to focus on drawing.

He had registered just in case, so that he could work if he needed to, and to avoid suspicion. But after this unexpected event, people were now looking at him hopefully.

Even now, he could see that people were about to start inviting him to their parties. And so Menew quickly took Valette’s hand and rushed towards the guild building.


“Hey, Menew!”

He ignored Valette’s alarm and the cries of the Adventurers. Though he did silently order the falcon to follow.

The falcon rushed towards the ground, and after Menew picked up Valette and jumped on its back, it rose up into the air.

“M-Mr. Menew!?”

With the sound of rushing wind surrounded them, and when the falcon was flying with its body level, Valette stopped screaming.

“How amazing. I am riding on a flying beast…”

“Is that unusual?”

Menew asked, and Valette nodded.

She kept looking down as if she had never seen such a sight.

“Flying beasts are beasts that can fly while carrying people or luggage. …And while there are many monsters that can fly, only the high ranking ones, or divine beasts are able to carry anything heavy.”

Valette said as she stroked the smooth feathers.

Cheeta pressed into her as if jealous, but Valette was completely taken in by the giant falcon.

“I see… So I guess this is a divine beast.”

He muttered the last part to himself.

The falcon cried loudly as if it had heard. As if to agree with him.

Horus and Seker were deities with falcon heads. In fact, Horus was the falcon god.

He had been frustrated by the duel, and had only summoned it thinking how good it would feel to have a giant falcon who could mow down his opponent. However, now that he thought about it, it was thematically appropriate.

(It reflects the setting in my mind. …So it would be a waste to erase it.)

Menew had been circling the sky above the town for a while now, but Valette then tugged on his sleeve with an embarrassed expression.

It seemed that they had attracted a lot of attention. There was a great deal of noise coming from below.

“Sorry, sorry. Let’s go back.”

“Yes. I’m sorry to have disturbed your thoughts…”

“No, I don’t like to draw attention either… Thank you for reminding me.”

After decking on a path back to Harnes’s mansion, the falcon flew in that direction.

From above, he could see that the mansion had an incredible, maze-like garden made of green hedges.

Thankfully, there was plenty of open space in the garden. And so Menew had the falcon land right next to the house.

He jumped off first, and then lent Valette his hand.

“A trip through the air. It was a rare experience. Thank you.”

She looked genuinely happy as she bowed her head and walked to the house.

She was trying to appease the sulky Cheeta now. Their roles had reversed.

Menew then turned to the giant falcon, who had folded its wings, and thought.

“…Perhaps I can make a tool that will shrink it.”

The falcon let out a cry. As if to say it was a good idea.

Menew then sat down on the ground and opened his sketchbook in order to design the tool. He imagined a tool that would allow you to change the size of something at will.

It was a golden ring, which could be placed on a bird’s ankle. And so he tried it on the falcon.

The falcon flashed briefly, and then it turned into a rather cartoonish-looking bird, like Cheeta.


“Is that how you chirp?”

The shrunk falcon then landed on his shoulder, and so he petted its breast with his finger.

“A name…a name… If I don’t do it before Valette, she’ll just call you Pirori…”

That reminded him of bacteria, and he wanted to avoid it.

“As you remind me of Horus-tan… Stan. What about Stan?”


The sparrow-like bird chirped happily, and after flying around Menew’s head, it perched on his shoulder once again.

(Ah, so, will reversing it work…?)

Valette had been very fond of the flight.

And so Menew took out his sketchbook and drew a silver version of the ring on Stan’s leg.

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