Paintbrush Summoner – 14

Chapter 14 – Let’s Study

He also made leg bracelets for Cheeta, but before giving them to Valette, there was something that he had to confirm.

Yes, what was his exact position in this world?

He had felt something strange, when at the guild earlier.

Could it be that he was now considered to be a rather ‘strong Adventurer’?

Did the level that was displayed mean nothing?

Someone had been injured, and they were going to call someone from the Medical Guild immediately. It suggested that it was unusual for someone to be able to use that kind of magic.

He had many questions. So much felt wrong. He was, well…sticking out. From the rest of the world.

Valette seemed to be very sheltered. She had knowledge and education, but was unaware of a lot of norms of the outside world. And so it was possible that she didn’t even realize how strange Menew actually was.

(I have to learn… Gain the proper knowledge I need in order to live while hiding my abnormalities…)

Menew’s goal in life was to draw.

It wasn’t that he wanted to draw to achieve something. Even now, he could draw if he wanted to.

However, even when it came to plain drawing, what if some crazy skill or modifier took effect? (Being able to materialize things was already crazy enough.)

And what if it was enough to cause an uproar with the people around him? (Well, that had already happened after he flew around the town on Stan.)

…That was no good. What he needed now was general knowledge.

Thinking this, he made his way to the church.

She had already seen his status, and was clearly very knowledgeable about them.

And as a nun, she would meet with the townspeople quite often, and would have general knowledge.

So talking to her would be the quickest way.

“I will ask her!”

“Welcome, Mr. Menew. Is something the matter?”

“Uh, yes.”

In spite of the fact that he had rushed through the door suddenly, she smiled and welcomed him just as warmly as the previous day.

“As you know, I suffer from memory loss. And I wish to learn some general knowledge…”

“Being studious is a good thing. Well then, there is a room over there.”

“Uh, yes.”

She agreed easily and guided him to a room.

…What if it was a trap?

There was a click, and the door was locked. Thinking it strange, he turned around and…


There was something very dark in her expression now as she smiled.

Stan squeaked on Menew’s shoulder and tried to hide behind his head.

“I have been waiting for this. The moment when I can see your status to my heart’s desire…!”


“Indeed! It was with this hope that I purposely did not explain it in detail before!”

Now, show me! Hurry up and show me! She insisted. Menew was feeling very uncomfortable, and he raised his hand to stop her.

“I-I will. However, there is a condition.”

“What is that?”

“That you will teach me. With no lies.”

“Of course.”

She swore to god. Could that be believed?

She then sat facing him, and started by showing her own status.

Now just some of it. All of it.

Age: 27
3rd day of the Month of the Cow
LV: 68
HP: 6500/6500
MP: 850/850

Attack Power: 24
Defense Power: 120
Magic Attack Power: 145
Magic Defense Power: 250
Speed: 72
Luck: 145

Healing Magic Specialization, Divine Revelation, Defense Protection

“Is that enough?”

She asked with a laugh.

“It’s very, uh…”

Weak? Normal? Familiar numbers.

The kind you would usually see in a game.

“Weak, isn’t it? And yet my status is still on the higher end. After all, I am a former Adventurer.”


“But I’m still within the bounds of normalness. So you can think of these as average numbers for an Adventurer.”


And so Menew’s studies began with great booing.

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