Paintbrush Summoner – 15

Chapter 15 – Learning About Status

“Now, let me see your status, Mr. Menew.”

She continued, not at all surprised by Menew’s reaction.

(…So she did it on purpose. Perhaps she likes to ambush people?)

With such doubts, he displayed his whole status.

Age: 23
25th, Month of the Snake
Occupation: Summoner, ???
LV. 54
HP: 8,000,000/8,000,000
MP: 9,600,000/9,999,999

Attack: 985
Defense: 598
Magic Attack: 999
Magic Defense: 999
Speed: 575
Luck: ???

Acquired Skills:
Seven Magic Elements, Status Ailment Resistance, Divine Oracle
Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Manifestation of All Things
Divine Artist, Growth Enhancement, Divine Beast Creation


There was a new skill? And two occupations?

“I see. So your level is the same. But you have more skills. In other words, it is currently impossible for you to level up, Mr. Menew.”

“It is?”


Apparently, a level up occurred when you acquired experience that exceeded your ability.

As for the skills, the ??? made it seem like there were other skills that just hadn’t been uncovered yet.

“As you are not making the most of your abilities, it is very unlikely you will gain enough experience to level up.”

Indeed, he had no trouble so far when it came to combat.

“Now that you mention it, this magic…”

He said as he opened the magic window. The nun looked conflicted.

A face mixed with regret, hatred, envy, and yearning.

“Wh-what’s wrong…?”

“No. I feel like I am teaching a legendary sage now, and I don’t know what to think.”

I’m sorry.

She continued to scroll through the magic window.

“As I have a skill for specializing in magic, I have nearly all of the healing spells. But you can freely use all seven of the magic attributes.”

She muttered as she kept scrolling.
But when she finally reached the bottom, she let out a loud wail.


“What is this!? Though, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.”

“Magic Creation and Magic Modification…”


The list had been too long for Menew to feel like going through all of it.

(What am I supposed to do with that…)

Menew… Kazuya Yamamoto, had talent as an animator. He was well aware of it.

In a world where your pay was decided based on your output, he made decent money. Because he met deadlines without dropping the quality.

He could copy someone else’s art and make it move. He was particularly good at sketching. It was easy to take something he saw and draw it. He had won awards in elementary school.

Even when he had to work through the night, his concentration did not drop. It was like he had a cheat as an animator.

However, he was no good at his studies, and did not like to exercise. And no one would have considered him good-looking. He would have been called ugly, even.

But that was all fine. Because there was one thing he was good at, and he was able to earn a living with it.

The way Kazuya thought was that everyone was born with equally distributed numbers. And what was important was where you put them and how you used them in order to increase the numbers.

He told himself this, forcing himself to believe. Even when other animators were jealous of him, or when he was looked down on for his appearance.

No matter how much he was bullied, or how unfair something was, nothing could beat his desire to draw, or the thrill of feeling his skills improve.

And so with some luck, his numbers increased. He continued to put his points into drawing. Because of that, he was happy no matter what happened.

But what about Menew?

(My numbers are different from everyone from the beginning… I don’t know how to live while trying to be the same as others…!)

Not only that, but it was a gift from a real god.

As Menew was deep in thought, the nun quietly put her hand on his.

“Are you troubled by the excessive abilities?”


It was from the heart.

She smiled as if to encourage him, and then told him to wait one moment as she got up from her chair.

A few minutes later, she returned with a thick volume.

“This is a copy of the Hero’s Record from the church headquarters. I think it will encourage you, and be a guide.”

It must have been ten centimeters thick.

“It contains details of those who were called Heroes. The status, skills, and other details. Normally, with special exceptions, you would not be able to read it or take it with you. But since you are special, it should be fine.”

So, he would be allowed to take it back with him.

“But…if someone found out, wouldn’t you get in trouble…?”

“I would certainly lose my job. Well, I will just return to being an Adventurer then.”

She laughed weakly. He was not even of the same faith as her, and so there was no reason to go to such lengths to help him.

Menew bit his lower lip and looked down. Then with a look of determination, he raised his head. There was no one else here to cause a scene, and so he would trust her.

“…I will do something now, that might seem a little strange.”

“I don’t mind. I became an Adventurer to learn of the unknown. Just like how I became a nun to learn more of god.”

In other words, she was a person who was filled with curiosity.

Menew chuckled and then took out the sketchbook and brush.

The brush ran along the pure white page.

(Copy all of the contents as well…!)

He willed it. And then, he drew the book that he had never even cracked open.

It had been like this during battle as well, but with the Divine Artist skill, he was able to draw very quickly. It probably took no more than a minute.

And then it materialized. In front of the nun, a second, identical volume appeared.


“Please check the contents.”

She picked up the new book and flipped through the pages and then closed it.

“It is exactly the same.”

“Well, now I don’t need to take this one.”


“And so neither of us has looked into the forbidden book. Isn’t that right?”


“Then there is no problem. Thank you for teaching me.”

Menew grinned and put the book away in his pouch.


While he had done it without thinking, that book was much too large to fit in his pouch.

“It is likely the result of your space manipulation skill.”

She said with a chuckle. Though her expression was a bit stiff.

“Sister… I think I will lose my way again. Well, perhaps I will never not be lost… However, would you mind if I came again, if I needed help?”

“Of course, you may. Come whenever you like.”

She smield gently.

While she was full of curiosity, she was also a nun, and leading people had also taken root in her heart.

“I think you are in the perfect occupation.”

And so Menew thanked her and laughed, and then left the church.

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