Paintbrush Summoner – 16

Chapter 16 – Hero Record

When he returned to the mansion, it was dinner time.

Menew was called to the great dining hall, and served along with Harnes and Valette.

And while he knew nothing of manners, Valette was patient in instructing him.

(I feel both grateful and embarrassed.)

But it was better to know then remain ignorant.

And so he listened carefully to the simple instructions until dinner was finished.

Then he returned to his room and jumped into his bed. Stan was surprised, and flew off and landed a short distance away.

“Ah, sorry. I’m just so tired…”


Stan cried, and after hopping around a little, he started to peck at Menew’s pouch.

“Ah, the Heroes Record. I suppose I should look at it.”

And so he sat up on the bed and took out the book. When he turned the pages, he saw that there were pictures, as well as the statuses.

On the top right of the pages were the years it was recorded. And judging by the number of pages, there were records of nearly 400 years.

He started reading from the first page.

Indeed, here was a list of status, skills, and achievements worthy of a ‘Hero.’

(It is quite a relief to see someone who is above me…)

He continued to flip through the pages.

There were hundreds of Heroes. Some were equal, and others were above him in status. And there were so many skills.

As the skills were also recorded in detail, he took notes of those who had the same skills as him.

He became quite absorbed as he continued to read.

By the time he finally closed the book, it was already morning.

And so he left his room in order to tell Valette that he would be resting today.

Right now, his mind was full to the brim with new knowledge.

Menew had come to this world with the sole desire of drawing.

But he also knew that he had so many abilities that would go to waste if he just drew and did nothing else.

It was better to know than to not know. However, knowing didn’t mean he would get an answer immediately.

In order to organize all the vague thoughts in his head, Menew lay in his bed and closed his eyes.

(Well, it’s Seker’s fault. I said that I didn’t need anything. All of these bonuses are causing me to worry. But I’m still grateful to him. I don’t want to complain…)

Suddenly, his thoughts stopped, and his consciousness began to fade…and float again.

(Huh? Why!?)

Before he knew it, he was in that white world again.

“You were feeling quite a bit of dissatisfaction in your mind, weren’t you?”

The English gentleman greeted him with a chuckle.

“Ah…so saying it in my mind counts as well…”

Indeed, he had likely said Seker three times.

“I’m honored that you think of me before bed. Still, is something troubling you?”

“A little. But I know it’s the kind of privileged problem that people would hate me for if they heard me.”

“Well, I won’t hate you. Perhaps you would like to share it with me?”

Seker said as he gestured to the sofa. When did that appear?

“Yes, I will then.”

And so Menew told Seker what was on his mind.

How having so much excessive talent was troubling him.

He wanted to draw. But now he felt that perhaps it would be wrong for him to draw and do nothing else.

It wasn’t that he wanted to be a Hero, like the ones he had read about. But he felt as if he had to make use of his talents now.

As he talked, his thoughts began to be organized in his mind.

“It’s not that I’m ungrateful for this second life, and the bonuses. But right now, I have average looks, I can exercise and…well, my brain is probably the same, as I am troubled like this… But when I was Kazuya, I felt as if I was leveling up by working as an animator. Even if I couldn’t view a status, I could feel it for sure.”

Right now, he could not see it.

Yes, Menew realized that what he wanted…was to grow…to feel that he was alive.

It was a primitive desire that exceeded the need to draw.

“I see… You saw the Heroes Record, didn’t you?”

“Yes. It was interesting. Even without bonuses, your status can grow so much.”

“As you say, it’s a matter of wagering what you have, and seeing how much you can increase it.”

“Were you spying on me at the church?”

“Well, I am a god.”

“…Could it be…”

“Yes. The god in that world is me. Even if I no longer get involved, I accept their faith.”

“What do you mean?”

According to Seker, gods were like the embodiment of the collective consciousness of humans.

It would be good if there was such a god that looked like this. The thoughts and beliefs of such people was what gave them shape.

Well, it was actually much more complicated than that, but he simplified it for me.

Seker was the result of a shared recognition from several worlds. But for an earth-born person like me, he went by Seker.
And though faith in such gods was low in modern Japan, Kazuya’s work had resulted in an explosive boost in believers. This was fascinating to Seker, and he looked at Kazuya fondly.

“While I did give you extra skills and stats, it was not out of malice. This is a world without animation that you were being dropped in. And so I wanted you to live a new kind of life…without obstacles.”

“I see…”

He was like some kind of worried parent.

Seeing it like that, Menew felt even worse for being troubled about it.

“Hah… Well, it’s only been two days! Very well, I will find my purpose in this life then!”

“Please do. But, you do remember our first promise?”

“…That I live a life that meets the minimum of civilization…”

“Very good.”

He had seen that Menew would still get obsessed to the point where he forgot to eat or sleep. After all, he had just stayed up the whole night.

“Sleep, eat, converse with others. That is enough. You will always have time to do things.”

“Yes. Besides, you gave me the body to do it.”

“Exactly. …Ah, yes, yes.”

Seker said as if suddenly remembering something.

“Stan, is it? I think he will be able to give you a good hint.”

“Gah? Do you know everything?”

“I am a god, after all.”

He said with a laugh.

And then Menew felt his consciousness being pulled away. Apparently, he was going to wake up again.

“Well, I’ll go now. And I’ll report back when I find my goal.”

“I look forward to learning about it.”

Seker smiled as Menew plunged into darkness.

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