Paintbrush Summoner – 17

Chapter 17 – Learning From Predecessors

When Menew awoke, the sun was already starting to set.

(The nun had talked about wanting to learn about god…)

While he probably would not be able to introduce any to her, perhaps he could tell her what he knew.

She had given Menew records from a book. A guide. It had created a bridge over the ledge that Menew had thought was a dead end.

And so he decided to read it.

He was starting to feel a thirst towards the knowledge and experience that he lacked.

Menew discussed it with Valette and Harnes over dinner, and they took him to the library in the mansion. He was very grateful.

They treated him very well, thinking that he had lost his memory.

Still, he could not keep his promise of a minimum, civilized lifestyle, if he locked himself up in the library, and after depositing his money at the Merchants Guild, Menew would go to the Adventurers Guild and learn martial arts and to use swords and magic, from those who had time to help.

He also went to talk to the nun. If there was something he got stuck on in his studies, or he would listen to her stories of past adventures.

“I have even met a Hero once.”

“Huh? Seriously?”

“Uh, yes. It’s not as unusual as you might think. Though, it seems like a lot of them are rather strange.”

Perhaps they were like Menew in his past life.

Becoming obsessed with one thing often meant cutting off other things.

While I was interested in Heroes, I was also interested in the divine beasts and monsters that appeared in the book.

“Huh… And divine beasts too?”

“Yes. As guardians are often found in dungeons.”

“I see…”


One piece fell into place inside of Menew.

“Thank you. I shall study a little more.”

“Yes. Please come again if you have any questions.”

Menew returned to the mansion and stayed in the library.

And like this, Menew maintained a lifestyle of ‘adequate exercise,’ ‘acquiring knowledge,’ and ‘battle practice.’ He slept at night and woke up in the morning. He talked with people. He remembered to eat three meals a day.

And then when three months had passed, he made a decision.

…In the meantime, there was a man who harbored negative feelings the whole time.

“That bastard…!”

The man crushed the wooden cup with his fist. The apple wine covered his hand, but he didn’t care.

He was angry. Over a single incident.

Giant Trolls were high-rank trolls with intelligence. Well, the intelligence of children.

They stayed in their territory, and did not allow the other trolls to leave either. They were kings, and even if a Hero were to fight them, it would not be a quick and easy battle.

And so the fact that it had left its territory, suggested that something had caused it to go mad. That made them even more dangerous.

And the man… Sir Ralph, was certain that he was a Hero.

His status and multiple advanced skills were proof of it.

Sure, he had not maxed out his level yet, but he had thought that no one in the kingdom could stand against him.

And yet, the Adventurer with memory loss had beaten the Giant Troll with a single attack, and even summoned a divine beast.

It had also been investigated whether or not the troll had already been injured.

And there were many eye witnesses for the divine beast.

Apparently, he was learning from some Adventurers now. It was not right.

From what he had heard, this man was now living with Mr. Harnes, the chief of the Merchants Guild. So considering that connected, he could not get involved easily.

However, Sir Raph’s jealousy had been raised to a point where it could not be held back.

“Excuse me. It has arrived.”

Sir Ralph had skills that included, Physical Strengthening, Mental Abnormality Resistance, Body-blade Unity, and Sword Demon.

And a sword had just arrived for him. One he had asked for a while ago.

A demon blade that changed after receiving the wielder’s magic energy. Master blacksmiths sometimes made such blades. Powerful but twisted.

It was a cursed item, but Ralph had resistance to it.

So he would put it to use.

And show that he was the only true Hero in the country.

But knights were forbidden from dueling.

And so, he thought. He needed a place and a reason to fight Menew.

Currently, he had paid off some men to act.

Mental Abnormality Resistance. It allowed you to resist mental attacks from the outside.

However, when it came to the jealousy that was eating him from within, there was no stopping it.

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