My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 391

I would be able to take the katana with me to the forest

“You will also have to hire a butler. But Lady Claire should help you with that, so you do not need to worry.”
“But weren’t we talking about managing it together?”
“That has not been decided yet, but we are moving things in that direction. It is something that I will discuss with Lady Claire soon, as His Grace has already agreed to it.”

When this had first started, I thought it was something I could do leisurely by myself…but things just kept expanding…
However, they were going to hire a butler for me. And it was most likely that Ms. Claire would do it with me. So surely we should be able to manage…
I suppose Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian had been talking about it today.

But since Ms. Claire had gone to the town with us, they were not able to tell her about it yet.

“And so, we will have to create a longer list of selected people to hire.”
“Very well. While I still don’t know how many people I will hire, I will do my best in choosing them.”
“Very good.”

So the first list I had received was just a temporary one.
The scale of the operation was increasing in size, and I felt overwhelmed. But I wanted to do what I could for everyone’s sake.
Of course, that also included choosing carefully from the list.
I didn’t think that they would put anyone bad on the list, but there was always a possibility that someone could have gotten in there by mistake.
There was much to think about, and so I troubled over it while watching Sebastian leave in order to talk to Ms. Claire. And then I went to the garden to continue my training.

“Mr. Takumi. You can take the katana with you to the forest. Of course, your usual sword as well.”

Once my mental sword training and swinging was finished, and I was wiping myself with a towel, Mr. Ekenhart suddenly said that to me.

“The katana? Are you sure?”
“As long as it is in the forest. I would like you to abstain from using it in populated areas, such as towns, but there is no one in the forest.”
“That’s true.”
“Only people from the mansion will be going to the forest this time. And they are not the kind of people to talk about it to outsiders. So there is nothing to worry about.”
“Very well. I will bring both of my swords then.”

Indeed, if we were in the forest, then we would not be seen by any strangers.
While it was not quite a place that no one ever went near… It was still generally empty of people.
Especially the place where we had camped last time. No normal person would go there.

I had defeated orcs with a sword, but not a katana.
And since they were used a little differently, I was slightly worried… But unlike the time in Range village, there were other people to help me.
So even if things didn’t go well, there was no chance of me dying.
While it still won’t be a casual excursion…at least it wouldn’t be such a burden.

“When looking at you swinging earlier, it seemed that you have become quite comfortable with it.”
“Yes. I think that it happened faster than it did with the sword.”
“Well, it’s also because you already had some training. But perhaps you just happen to have the aptitude for it, Mr. Takumi.”

I didn’t know much about that, but it did somehow feel more comfortable in my hands.

“By the way, when will we be going to the forest?”
“Indeed… Probably in four to five days. But we only decided that we would go, but haven’t chosen an exact date yet.”
“Four to five days… So not immediately.”
“Well, there is no need to rush. As you are going to fight, you must prepare.”

The last time we had gone to the forest, it was just two days after making the decision. So this was quite a bit longer.
But then again, it was because Ms. Claire had been quite insistent.
If I had four to five days…then I could observe the herb gardens, as well as make some herbs for Mr. Kalis’s store.

I wouldn’t want Ractos to run out of herbs while I was away from the mansion.

“Also, we should receive an answer from Range village soon.”
“Do you mean, about the growing of herb gardens?”
“Yes. I sent word to the Range village chief about it. But have yet to receive a reply.”

So he would receive an answer from Mr. Haines soon… As it was a message directly from the duke, Mr. Haines would not ignore it or wait for too long.
Besides, the land was the duke’s property to begin with, so it was not like they could even refuse him if he made the decision.
Well, the duke wouldn’t do such a thing. That was why the people loved him.

But Mr. Haines… Would he really be fine with growing herb fields around the village?
He had been very friendly when I was in the village. So had the other villagers.
Considering the matter with the wine, I did not think it would be disadvantageous for the village, but I was still a little concerned.
I did not want to do anything in the village that was not welcome…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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