My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 47

We Decided to go to the Fenrir Forest

“Wuff-wuff-wou. Wou! Wuff-wuff.”

Uh, now it was…Fenrirs know to submit. It’s in their instincts. And even if they attack by some mistake, I’ll defeat them all, so it’s okay… Something like that?
It probably wasn’t what she was saying word for word, but I could tell from Leo’s expression that she was confident that she would be fine against fenrirs.

“Uh…so that’s what she said.”
“…But Mr. Takumi…only you can understand what Leo is saying…”

Oh, now that talking with Leo was starting to feel so natural, I forgot that the others couldn’t understand her as well.
…It was a little embarrassing.
I coughed as if to distract them and then explained what Leo had said.

“Um, so according to Leo, the fenrirs will know to submit to Silver Fenrirs by instinct. And even if they attacked us by some accident, Leo will still be able to defeat them. And it won’t matter how many of them there are.”
“…I see… Well…then… But what if multiple Silver Fenrirs appeared?”

Sebastian was still not backing down.
Well, it was because he was worried about Ms. Claire. And so it couldn’t be helped that he didn’t want her to go to a dangerous forest.

“Regarding that, she says that it will be safer than normal fenrirs or monsters.”
“What do you mean?”
“Because Silver Fenrirs never attack their own kind. If anything, they will greet her as a friend. And so whether there is one or many, it will actually be safer to encounter them.”
“…If that’s the case…especially since the great Leo, who is a Silver Fenrir says so…”
“Sebastian. Are you satisfied now?”
“Then it is decided. Mr. Takumi and I and Leo will go to the forest.”
“…As you wish, Lady Claire.”

Sebastian no longer had any good arguments left, and so he was unable to stop Ms. Claire.
However, even now, he did not feel that it was completely safe, and he looked rather somber as he nodded.

“Ms. Claire.”
“Why are you so adamant about finding out if there are Silver Fenrirs there?”
“That…I will tell you on a different day. We’ve already talked for so long. And Tilura is tired. If we’re going to the forest, then it would be best to rest early tonight.”
“…Very well.”

When I glanced over to Tilura, she was in the corner of the room, and did appear to be dozing off.
However, I did feel as if Ms. Claire had just dodged the question…
Perhaps she saw the doubtful look on my face, as she then put her face near my ear and whispered.

“I will tell just you and Leo when we are on our way to the forest. I don’t really want Sebastian and the others to know.”
“…Very well.”

I nodded and she then moved away and smiled.
What was this reason that she didn’t want the others to know about…?
Well, she said that she would tell me, so I would just have to wait.

“Lyra. Please take care of Tilura.”

And so Ms. Lyra picked up Tilura and carried her off to her room.
Not only had she eaten a lot, but we had been talking for a long time about something she wasn’t interested in, and so she had become sleepy.
There was still time until dinner, so she could take a nap for now.

“So, Mr. Takumi. I will talk to Sebastian about preparations for going to the forest.”

Ms. Claire was going to talk with Sebastian then.
Would she berate him for pressuring her earlier?
…No, if anything, he might start lecturing her about this sudden decision to go to the forest.
And so Ms. Claire and Sebastian left the drawing room.
Only Ms. Gelda remained, and she was giving Leo some milk.
I watched Leo drink and spent the time relaxing while drinking tea.
…Well, the tea had become cold after sitting there so long.
But it was fine, because it tasted good.

“Ah, Ms. Gelda. Can I have another cup of tea?”

After drinking tea in the drawing room, Tilura woke up from her nap, and Ms. Claire finished talking with Sebastian, and so we had dinner together before retiring early for the night.
As I had taken a bath after lunch, I returned to my room right after the post-dinner tea time.

“Phew… I didn’t expect to return to that forest…”

Leo was tilting her head and looking at me.
It was like she was asking what was wrong.

“Well, we had wandered through it for quite a while. And since there were orcs…I thought that we’d never go back again.”
“Wuff! Wuff-wuff.”

Then why are you going?

“Because Ms. Claire seems like she really wants to go. It’s also the first place I came to in this world. So I am curious about what we might find.”
“…Wuff! …Wuff?”
“What is it, Leo?”

While talking, Leo seemed to have found something, and she was looking at my desk with a questioning expression.
But I hadn’t put anything on the desk… Ah, I did place that plant that I had made with Weed Cultivation. The one that I had never seen before.

“Ah, that. I don’t know why, but it started growing when I used Weed Cultivation. Since I’ve never seen it or heard of it before, I put it there so I could study it later. …Don’t eat it…. Ah! Hey, Leo!”
“Chew-chew… Wuff!”
“…You ate it… It was probably some kind of medicinal herb…I hope it’s not poisonous… How do you feel, Leo?”
“Wuff? …Woo… Wuff-wuff!”

Leo suddenly became very excited.
I’m sure she was holding back a little, as she was so big, but her tail was wagging furiously.

“Wuff-wuff! Grau! Grauu!”

Uh, let’s see…you’re full of energy and can run for miles now…?
What effect was this?
If she felt like she could keep running, was it exhaustion recovery? Energy enhancement?

“Leo… Do you know what effect the plant had on you?”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff-woof-wou-wou!”

Leo was shaking her head and wagging her tail as she tried to explain to me.
She said that she didn’t feel any fatigue, and that her body felt like it was in better condition than usual.

“So your body is in better condition…?”

What does this mean…?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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