Since I Wasn’t a Saint – 3

3 – Another World Baptism

How much time had passed after that?
How had she come to be here?
When Rina came to, she was in a room somewhere.

Someone must have brought her here. But as there was no way to find out, Rina decided to stop thinking about it.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she dazedly looked around at the room while sitting on a sofa.
‘A room that a noble was likely to live in.’
That was her impression.
The room of a lady who lived in a great house. Her descriptions could not do it justice, but she could not explain what she had never seen before.
The room of a young noblewoman from medieval Euroope. Gorgeous but not gaudy, there was a comforting elegance to it all. The sofa, table, curtains. The person who had selected them had excellent taste. Or perhaps it was just to Rina’s personal taste. But she felt relaxed in this room.

…There were fruits on top of the small table in front of her.

Was that red one an apple? The small purple one was too big and the peels thick to be a grape.
She didn’t know if this was another world, but it was certainly not Japan.

And next to the fruits, was a small knife to cut the fruits.

Without thinking, Rina picked up the knife and pressed the blade against her finger.
And then she slowly…drew it back.
There was a sharp pain.
A part of her had wondered if this was all a dream. But it was apparently not.
It was also the moment that she realized that this talk of summoning might be true.
The skin on her finger opened up after the blade was drawn, and then there was a tingling sensation, followed by fresh blood dripping.

…Ah, I am alive. This is real.

It felt warm as it flowed… She couldn’t help but chuckle.

“…!! …Wh-what are you doing!?”
Just then, a voice that was almost a scream rang through the room.
When did they come in here? There were two women standing there in shock as they looked at Rina.
Rina looked up at them with a blank expression.
Even she did not know what to say.

“Monica!! Get some potions from the medical room! Hurry!!”
The woman, who appeared to be in her forties, gave the order to the younger woman whose name was Monica.
And then she slowly removed the fruit knife from Rina’s right hand.
She then took out a handkerchief from her pocket and pressed it into Rina’s finger. The cut must have been deeper than intended, as the handkerchief quickly became soaked with blood.
“…Why did you do such a thing?”
The woman said in a tone that made it clear that she was angry.

…I don’t know?

Would she be exasperated if I said that?
Or even more angry?

And so she stayed silent.
“…I haven’t heard anything, so I cannot know what you are feeling. …But, even if it is difficult, you must not hurt yourself.”
The woman sounded like she was in more pain than Rina herself.
“…Yes…I won’t…”
That was all she could say in reply.


“…Lady Lana!!(Chief lady in waiting) I have brought the potions!!”
Monica burst into the room.
So the woman holding the handkerchief to her finger was Lady Lana. The head of the maids.
“Now!! Pour it on the cut!!”
Said Lady Lana.

…Hey, wait? Did she say potion!?

Finally, the strange word registered in Rina’s ears, much to her disbelief. It did hurt, and there were so many questions that she wanted to ask.
But her curiosity was stronger than any fear towards this unknown world.
As different thoughts raced through her mind, Lady Lana removed the handkerchief and was about to pour the potion over her finger.
“Don’t worry. It’s small, and so it will close up without any pain.”
Rina’s hand had pulled back reflexively, but Lady Lana held it in a firm grip.

She’s not going to give me an explanation or time to prepare?

I can’t be blamed for making such a pathetic sound.
Look, it didn’t actually hurt, alright?
However, the sight of a wound closing is just disgusting. And it also felt horrible!!

…It made my skin crawl!!
Whoever thought of that expression is a genius. I didn’t get it at first, but this is what it means!
It was like there were bugs running down my skin. That’s what it felt like.

…To be blunt, it was sickening!!

“See? It didn’t hurt, did it?”
Lady Lana said with a smile.
It was more of a sigh than a reply. That’s not the problem here…
She could not even say thank you.
Next to her, Monica swiftly wiped away the blood and then cast a magic spell.
In an instant, the table seemed to light up and sparkle.
It had happened so quickly, but it must have been an effect of the magic.
Was ‘Purify’ like a disinfectant? There had been blood on it, after all.

…Wait. Magic. Magic!!

I see, so this really is another world… It was the moment when she fully understood it.

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  1. Tsk, tsk. Hurting yourself ain’t it! Ever! Nothing more!

    At least the author did not rush the whole ‘isekai realisation’ thing like others usually do.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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