Since I Wasn’t a Saint – 6

6 – Appraisal

After the questionable breakfast, the beautiful youth, Prince Chouzel, came to visit her while accompanied by another man.

“Good morning. Rina. I trust you slept well?”
Prince Chouzel said with a grin.

…Woah. His smile was blinding.
Were this an all girls school, there would be shrieks and shouts echoing everywhere.

“Thank you for your concern. …I slept better than I had hoped.”
She returned the smile.

…Well, that’s a lie.
I actually slept very, very well. In fact, I’m almost disgusted by how well I slept.
Of course, I don’t want them all to think that I’m insensitive, so I won’t be saying any of that…

“That is good to hear.”
Prince Chouzel said gently. And while she felt calm, a thought entered Rina’s mind.
Yes, Prince Chouzel was alarmingly beautiful.
However, he looked a little pale, and perhaps a bit underweight, though nothing severe.
So while he was not sickly, many older women of the world were bound to ask, ‘young man, are you eating properly?’
“…Is something wrong?”
Perhaps she had been staring a little too intently, for Prince Chouzel now eyed her with suspicion.
“Ah, no. …I was just wondering why you came to see me so early in the morning…”
Rina said as she glanced towards the other man who stood next to the prince.
Who was he?
While not to the same degree as Prince Chouzel, he was also very good looking.
“Ah, that’s right. This is Vil Tar, the Secretary of the Magic Department.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Rina.”
Vil Tar bowed curtly after being introduced.
“…Uh, you don’t have to call me lady, Mr. Tar.”
She was not a noble, and no one had ever addressed her like that before.
Besides, this Mr. Tar was clearly very important.

Now that she thought, the chief lady in waiting, Lady Lana, had addressed her like that as well. She would have to ask them to stop later.

“Then you can simply call me Tar…”
He made his own request in turn.

“There must be a reason that you visited so early in the morning?”
“I know this is terribly rude and presumptuous of us, but we were hoping you would agree to be ‘appraised’…”
Prince Chouzel said with a smile.
While it was not likely to look cute, Rina cocked her head to the side.
If she was being honest, when she heard the word ‘appraised,’ she thought of a certain TV show. The one where they appraise treasures. I don’t have any treasures with me. However, they had clearly meant that they wanted to appraise ‘Rina,’ herself.

…What? Why would they need to appraise me?

“You do know that there is magic in this world?”
Explained Prince Chouzel, as Rina still did not seem to understand.
After all, it had been magic that dragged her to this world…
“In this world, there are seven main types of magic. …First, fire, water, air, and earth. And then light, dark, and holy.”

Hmm… Seven types of magic.
But first of all, I came from a world without magic… So is there really any point in appraising me?

“It is said that only one in fifty to a hundred can use magic, which is not a lot. …And so, aside from determining whether or not you’re a Saint, would you allow us to appraise your skills?”
Prince Chouzel asked in an earnest voice.
…Well, it probably meant that if she could use magic, they would want her to use it to help their country…
Rina could see the true intention hiding behind the expression, and she nodded to herself.
But while they had brought her here without her consent, she was not so bold as to be able to live here without doing anything. And so if it was within her power, she wanted to do it.
“Thank you.”
Prince Chouzel and the Secretary of the Magic Department bowed their heads.

I Decided to Become a Cook at the Royal Palace! Since I Wasn’t a Saint

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