Since I Wasn’t a Saint – 1

Since I Wasn’t a Saint, I Decided to Become a Cook at the Royal Palace!
Author: Kamiyama Rio

1 – Beginning of the End

…Beginnings and ends. They always come suddenly.

“Woah! Did she gain weight again?”
The male highschool student said in a purposely loud voice as he picked up the rolling soccer ball in the school field. Ahead of him, a girl could be seen walking on her way home.
“Are you serious! No way! …She’s a pig now. A pig!”
Another student looked at the girl from behind the metal fence, and then burst into laughter. She was not in great shape by any standards, and they seemed to find this very funny.
“Still, weren’t there rumors about her being cute in junior high?”
“Yeah! Didn’t Naoya have a crush on her?”
“No I didn’t! …I was duped. It was fraud!”
Spat Naoya with a scowl as the others teased him. If she had still been pretty, then he might have been considered a hero. But reality was different.
Now it was just part of his embarrassing past.

…I can hear you.
Rina muttered with disinterest.

She was not like this because she wanted to be.
She had run to overeating in order to escape a terrible past.


–It happened suddenly one day.

On the way back from a trip they had taken to celebrate her starting highschool.

“…Hmph!! Are you even listening to me?”
Her younger brother’s annoyed voice sounded next to her.
“…Ah, sorry. I might have been sleeping.”
Rina said with a chuckle.
They had played at the beach until the last moment, due to her brother’s insistence, and so she was exhausted now.
Her brother looked cute when he puffed out his cheeks and sulked.
Rina patted him gently on the head as if to console him. As they were ten years apart, she couldn’t help but feel that everything about him was cute.
“Your sister is tired because you dragged her out to the beach in the morning, just so she could play with you. So you should let her rest a little.”
Their mother said with a slightly troubled expression as she sat in the passenger seat.
“…Hmph… Alright, but will you make me some omelet rice when we get back?”
Rina laughed as her brother looked up at her pleadingly.
How was it possible for someone to like omelet rice so much…
It seemed like he was always asking her to make it. This was so cute that she had the uncontrollable impulse to tousle his hair.
“Ahh!! Look! it’s an open car!!”
Just as they started to cross a bridge over a river, a white convertible rushed from the left side while blasting music.
“…It’s so cool.”
Muttered their father, who was driving.
“Hey!! We should rent one of those next time!!”
Said her excited brother.
He thought that while they couldn’t afford one, they could still borrow one.
“Oh, that’s not a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to drive one of those along the sea?”
Even their mother agreed.
“…Uhm, hmmm… Alright… On our next holiday…”
It was just as their father said this.


A terrible shock attacked the family.
She did not know what had happened.
Only the image of a red car was burned into her mind.
Why had it been so close to them?
And before she knew it, Rina’s body was overcome with a terrible pain and she could not breathe.


Water entered her mouth.
And then she finally realized that she had fallen into the water.
In pain, and desperate for air, Rina escaped from the shattered window. She followed the light and went up and up…
And so she had not noticed it. That her family was still in the car… That her little brother had stretched his hand out to her…


Hours? Perhaps days later.
The pain was finally gone, and her eyes opened…
Unfamiliar white curtains were blowing in the wind.
Yes, this wasn’t her house, but a room in the hospital.
And then Rina realized it.
That she no longer had a family who she could laugh with…

Father had loved to drink while eating the appetizers I made.
Mother would always say that my cooking was delicious, no matter what it was.
My little brother loved my omelet rice, and always asked me to make it.

…Such fun days would never come again…



The cold wind caressed Rina’s cheeks.
She always seemed to end up here.
She felt as if her family was still here.
Would they come for me after leaving me all alone?

Hey…I…did my best…right?
Can I just cross over to meet you…?

As if in answer, something touched her cheek.

…And then…

A warm light appeared in front of her and enveloped her gently.

It was a light…that would bring Rina happiness.

…The beginning of a summoning.

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I Decided to Become a Cook at the Royal Palace!

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  1. Damn that was a sad opening. I’m already hoping she gets a better life after getting summoned but going by that title I’m worried.

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