My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 48

There was something new added to the breakfast menu

She had eaten what I thought was a medicinal plant, and now she felt stronger… Was it something that raised your physical ability? Your stamina? Well, I guess that was the same thing…
What if…I…after making the Loe, had continued to create another amazing plant…
In any case, until further research makes the answer clear, I would grow them in the back garden.
This one, I had been able to make without any information, as it was just based on a random thought.
So even for just testing out Weed Cultivation, I would have to reconsider my process…
And so it was with thoughts of methods for testing tomorrow that I got into bed in order to sleep.

“…Hey, Leo. I understand that you’re full of energy after eating it, but calm down…”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“…Alright, alright… I’ll play with you just a little. And then you have to sleep.”

I had wanted to go to sleep early, but due to Leo’s renewed energy, I was forced to play with her until midnight.
Once she was satisfied, she rested the top part of her body on the bed and then fell asleep.
Since it was a good opportunity, I used Leo’s fluffy fur as a pillow and went to sleep. It really was comfortable…
Maybe I could make a pillow with any fur that she sheds.
But I haven’t seen her shed any yet… Maybe Silver Fenrirs don’t shed?
It was with such thoughts that I slept on my Leo pillow until morning.


I got up the next morning, and then woke up Leo, who was still sleeping with half of her body on the bed.

“…Isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep like that?”

Leo got up quickly and yawned as she got down from the bed and then stretched with her front paws in front of her.
Thanks to using Leo as a pillow, I slept very well and felt that I was in good condition.
Ms. Lyra was waiting outside, and so I asked her for a basin of hot water.
I then used it to wash my face, and then it was time to shave!

“…My skin still tingles… I’ll take my time and get used to it.”

Once the shaving was done, and I finished getting changed, there was a knock on the door and a voice rang on the other side.

“Mr. Takumi. Leo. Are you up?”

It was Tilura’s voice.
So she had come to meet Leo again.

“We’re up. You can come in.”
“Excuse me!”

I called from inside, and then Tilura burst through the door and entered.
She was certainly very lively.

“Good morning, Tilura.”
“Good morning! Mr. Takumi and Leo!”

She said with a curtsy.
While she was ten years old, she was the daughter of a duke.
And so she was taught proper manners. While it wasn’t like how Ms. Claire did it, it was still impressive.
After the morning greeting, she wasted no time in jumping onto Leo.
Leo also rubbed her face against Tilura.

“Mr. Takumi, Leo. Let’s go and have breakfast. It seems like it’s been prepared.”
“Thank you, Tilura. Thank you for coming to tell us. Well, let’s all go together then.”

So Tilura had come all of the way here just to tell us that breakfast was ready.
…Or maybe that was just an excuse to get to see Leo. But I didn’t mind.
Besides, Leo seemed happy that Tilura was so fond of her.
And so the three of us left the room and headed for the dining hall.
On the way, Leo let Tilura ride on her back, and they started playing while they walked.

“Mr. Takumi, Leo. Good morning.”
“Good morning, Mr. Takumi and Leo.”
“Ms. Claire and Sebastian. Good morning.”
“Wuff! Wuff-wuff.”

We entered the dining hall and greeted Ms. Claire, who was sitting at the table, and Sebastian, who stood in the back.
Leo and I sat in the usual place, and then Tilura got off of Leo and went to sit next to her sister.
Some delicious looking food was already set on the table.
There was something that looked like a pie crust that was baked with sausages and in a rectangular plate.
Uh, I think it was a dish that was called… ‘toad in the hole.’
Ms. Helena had clearly worked hard this morning.

“Well, let’s eat then.”
“Let’s eat.”

At Ms. Claire’s order, everyone started eating.
Once the plates were empty, I thought we would move to the drawing room for tea time…but apparently, the meal wasn’t finished.
Because a dessert had been prepared with the same crust for the toad in the hole.

“This is…very sweet and delicious.”
“Isn’t it? I didn’t expect a Yorkshire pudding to come out…”
“It’s so sweet!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Yorkshire pudding.
I suppose it was like a garnish dish that used the same crust as the toad in the hole.
Normally it was supposed to be had with a meat dish, but this one had whipped butter on it, making it a sweet dessert.
The texture was fluffy and chewy.
Both Ms. Claire and Tilura were smiling and seemed to be enjoying it greatly.
Leo also liked sweet things, and was eating it just as eagerly.
I guess girls really liked sweet things.
Though, I like them quite a lot as well.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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