My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 49

It was decided that Tilura would study

“…Did they have it where you come from, Mr. Takumi?”
“Yes. Though, it wasn’t something well known far and wide.”
“I see. This is my first time eating it… I never thought a dessert could be so delicious…”
“While it is a dessert now, I believe that it is usually supposed to be served with meat dishes.”
Is that so… Helena must have put some thought into making this then. I will have to thank her later.”
“Yes. I am very grateful that Ms. Helena always makes such delicious food.”
“Me too!”

Leo and Tilura agreed enthusiastically.
Yes, you had to be thankful for people who could cook well.
As soon as we were finished with dessert, Sebastian and Ms. Lyra prepared the tea, and we went to the drawing room.
Also, I learned that the Yorkshire pudding was called York Puddin here.
And so I would call it that if it was ever served again.

“Mr. Takumi, do you have any plans for today?”
“Indeed… There are things that I’d like to test with Weed Cultivation, so if that is alright…can I borrow your back garden again?”
“I do not mind. In fact, you should feel free to use it whenever you want, Mr. Takumi.”
“Thank you.”
“So, what will you be testing with Weed Cultivation? You already tested it quite a lot yesterday….”
“Ah… Actually, I’m not very confident that it will work as well as yesterday, so allow me to keep it a secret for now. It’s nothing dangerous, of course. And if I succeed, then I will tell you.”
“…Very well…”

Ms. Claire looked just a little pouty after I said that it was a secret.
The idea came to me after Leo ate the mysterious plant yesterday… It wasn’t something I had to hide, but I would rather not talk about it yet.
Besides, I wasn’t sure that I could explain it well.
I would figure things out after I tested it with Weed Cultivation and was successful.
And while it was mostly just a whim, I had a feeling that things would go well.

“Oh, are you coming too, Leo?”
“Wuff, wuff.”
“I want to go with Leo!”

As Leo wanted to go out into the back garden, I decided to take her. And then Tilura said that she wanted to go as well.
I suppose I could let them play out there.
That’s what I thought, but to my surprise, Ms. Claire put her foot down.

“No, Tilura. You are supposed to study until lunch time. I let you go yesterday because you had only just recovered from your illness, but you must go back to studying from today.”
“But sister… I hate studying…”
“Even if you hate it, you must acquire proper knowledge.”
“…Yes. I understand…”

It had seemed that Ms. Claire was very soft when it came to her sister, but I now saw that she was strict when it came to studying.
Tilura glanced back at Leo several times as she left through the dining hall.
Well, at that age, it was no wonder that she would prefer to play than to study.
I also hated school, and played a lot…
…It made me feel a little nostalgic.

“…It’s nothing.”

As I started to think of the past, Leo looked into my face with a worried expression.
I patted her big head and then turned to Ms. Claire as I had just remembered something.

“By the way, Ms. Claire. When will we go to the forest that we talked about yesterday?”
“Indeed… Sebastian?”
“Yes. …Though I’d rather you did not go…ahh! Uh, preparations to go to the forest, yes… We can have everything ready today so that you can leave tomorrow.”
“I see… Then we shall go tomorrow. Is that all right, Mr. Takumi?”
“Yes. I have nothing else to do here other than to test Weed Cultivation. So we should go tomorrow.”

Leo nodded as if to show her agreement. And so it was decided that we would head to the Fenrir Forest on the next day.
As I had only been in this world for a few days, it hadn’t been long at all, and yet it felt like it.
It was the forest that I had woken up in to find that Leo had grown. And where we had encountered monsters.
Also, it was where we met Ms. Claire.

“…As so much has happened, I feel a deep connection, perhaps.”

I muttered under my breath so that no one could hear.
With tomorrow’s plans decided, Ms. Claire and Sebastian left in order to see to it that things would be ready.
And so I went out to the back garden along with Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda.
As soon as we arrived, Leo started to run around.
Was she just excited or was it for exercise…?
Well, since both Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda was here, perhaps this was a good opportunity.

“Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda. Would you like to try riding on Leo?”
“Are you sure?”
“…Is it really all right?”

Ms. Lyra must have wanted to ride Leo, as she looked quite happy.
But Ms. Gelda had always been a little afraid, and seemed worried at the prospect of riding Leo.

“It’ll be fine. Hey, Leo. Come over here.”

I called Leo who was running around, and after she came to me, I told her to carry Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda.
Leo must enjoy carrying people, as she looked at the two maids and then wagged her tail.
Ms. Lyra was already fond of Leo, and should be fine. But Ms. Gelda…
At this point, she was used to being in close proximity to Leo, but she froze up once she had to climb up

“Ms. Gelda, don’t worry. Don’t be scared… Ms. Lyra, please help her.”

And so Ms. Lyra helped push Ms. Gelda onto Leo’s back, and then Leo ran around the garden.
Since it was their first time, Leo started by running much slower than she did with Tilura.
Ms. Lyra was cheering excitedly as she rode, but Ms. Gelda still appeared to be nervous.

“I’ve never seen Ms. Lyra in such high spirits before…”

Ms. Gelda was…uh, well. I would let her ride a little longer until she got used to it.
And so I watched Leo run around cheerfully as I put a hand on the ground, and started the tests for the use of Weed Cultivation that I had thought of yesterday.
When I had made the plant grow, I had not been thinking of an actual shape…
And so with trial and error, I thought of various things in my head and became absorbed in my study of Weed Cultivation.

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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