My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 50

I Studied Weed Cultivation

The time passed as I continued various tests with Weed Cultivation, and before I knew it, it was midday.
Of course, Ms. Lyra and Gelda were not riding Leo the whole time, and they got off after about an hour and watched me work as Leo played.
Then Sebastian came and told us that lunch was ready, and so I stopped my studying for the time being.

“Well, I learned quite a lot.”

Apparently, Weed Cultivation didn’t just make plants that I knew about, but it could reflect my will and create plants that might not even exist.
Of course, it still wasn’t just any plant. I could still not make vegetables, etcetera, but this was more than enough.
After eating lunch, I separated from Ms. Claire, who was still making preparations for tomorrow, and Tilura, who would continue studying, and I returned to the garden in order to conduct tests with Weed Cultivation, with plenty of trial and error.
During all of this time, Leo continued to run around in the garden.

“…You sure have a lot of energy, Leo.”

Well, she had taken a break in between. She came to rest near where I was working, and upon seeing the plant I had made yesterday, she had happily devoured it and then went off running again.

“…So I’m clearly the reason that she is like this… But I suppose it’s better than not having enough energy.”

Just as the sun started to set, Tilura, who had to make up for time she didn’t study while ill, finally came out into the garden when she was done.
She then ran around with Leo and then rode on her back. Sometimes they would just rub their faces together and jump around happily.
After some time, Ms. Claire and Sebastian finished making preparations for the forest journey, and so we joined them for dinner.

“Mr. Takumi. Do you still refuse to tell me what you are doing with Weed Cultivation?”
“Hahaha. I’m still studying it… Please wait a little longer.”

As for Weed Cultivation, Ms. Claire’s curiosity seemed to be without limit. Though I managed to evade it and finish dinner.
But Ms. Claire seemed a little sulky because of this, though she did smile once the york puddin dessert was brought out.
We rested a little after dinner, and then retired early because Tilura had become quite tired after running around so much.
Ms. Claire returned to her room, and I took Leo back to mine.
Then I left her there so I could take a bath alone.

“Phew… This really is a nice bath.”

As I had spent most of the day outside, I had to wash my body thoroughly.
While Leo had been running a lot, she was going to the forest tomorrow anyway.
She would just get dirty again, so her bath could wait for when we returned from the forest.
I washed myself clean and then soaked in hot water until I was warmed to the bone. And then I returned to my room and played with Leo a little before going to bed.
I had been thinking about Weed Cultivation for nearly the entire day, and so my brain felt a little exhausted, even if my body was fine.

“And tomorrow…is the forest.”

I better get some sleep then.
I said goodnight to Leo, who was rolled up into a ball next to my best, and then I sunk underneath the covers.


In the morning, after I finished washing up, I prepared to go to the forest and left my room.
This time, Tilura did not pay us a visit, which was unusual.
I wondered why, and was told that she had overslept.
She had gotten up in time for breakfast, but there was no time to go and call me and Leo.
After breakfast, I returned to my room to grab my belongings.
I had already found a use for the bag that Sebastian suggested that I buy.

“Leo. Let’s go!”

I put a few pairs of clothing and tools that I bought into the bag, and then I called Leo before leaving the room.
When we reached the entrance hall, the twenty servants were standing in a line in order to see us off.
Ms. Claire, Sebastian, and Ms. Lyra were wearing the same traveling clothes… They were plain clothes compared to what they usually wore, and had a kind of leather armor on top.
Aside from them, Phillip and Johanna, who had accompanied us to the town, were also present. And there were also two others who were armed and wore metal armor.
…Huh? This many people were going?

“Sebastian and Ms. Lyra are going too? And…even the guards…”
“Yes. Even if you and the great Leo will be with her, we cannot allow our Lady Claire to go with such small numbers. Lyra and I will be there to take care of her, and Phillip and the three other guards will escort us through the forest.”
“Really. I tried arguing with Sebastian, but he would not hear of us taking fewer people.”
“Hahaha. Well, it’s because he is so concerned about you, Ms. Claire.”

I suppose they could not allow a duke’s daughter to go off with some strange man and his dog…his Silver Fenrir, for a few days.
Huh? But where was Tilura?
I thought that she would at least want to say goodbye to Leo, as they would not be able to see each other for a few days…

“Sister, Mr. Takumi, Leo! Please be careful! And come back soon!”

It was as I was thinking this, that Tilura burst out from between the servants.

“Tilura. You must continue to study while you wait.”
“We’ll try and return as soon as possible.”

I’m sure she actually wanted to come too, but we were going to the forest, which could be dangerous. And so we could not take her.
I was sure that she had heard plenty of that from Ms. Claire already, and had decided to be patient and see us off.
Perhaps Leo had realized this, as she licked Tilura’s cheek and rubbed her face against it.
Tilura understood this to be a greeting for Leo, and so she smiled and waved at us.

“Well, let’s go then, Mr. Takumi.”
“Good travels, Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. Please return safely. We will all be waiting for you!”
“Take care, sister, Mr. Takumi, Leo!”

The servants all talked at once, and so it was quite loud and hurt my ears.
And so after being sent off by the servants and Tilura, I, Leo, Ms. Claire and the others left the mansion.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. You know what, I’m surprised Takumi doesn’t ride Leo more. I would take any and every chance I could to do so, but maybe I’m just weird.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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