Realist Demon King – 168

The Drake Horde

The graveyard and the moat were on the lowest floor.
And above it was the lake.
So there must be something else above that.
Toshizou asked me about it, and so I explained.

“Judging by how this place was made, I would assume that the next floor is the last one. I have calculated how far we fell when the count dropped us.”

“You must have been very calm in spite of the situation, master.”

“One must survive no matter what is happening to them.”

“Indeed. There will be no tomorrow if you don’t survive today.”

I agreed. And so we headed up to the next floor.
What I believed to be the first floor was very different from the others, as it was a forest.

“Well, this is strange. A forest underground.”

When I looked up, I saw that we really were underground. There was no sky above.

“There are plenty of places like this in this world. Forests and mountains within dungeons. And they have their own mysterious eco systems.”

“Indeed. I would like to study them and find out how they work.”

“I feel the same. If this world is ever at peace, then I will take time to investigate it.”

“When you do, I will help you.”

“I’m grateful for the offer, but I’m sure you will still be very busy, Toshizou.”

“Well, even if there is no fighting during the day, there will be at night.”

“Aye. You are quite the veteran there as well. As long as you keep winning, there will be another battle.”

“Well, I hope that both battles come to an end soon.”

I joked. However, as we talked, I noticed that an ominous air had started to surround us.

Toshizou was the first to take note of it, and he said,

“…It seems like we are about to be attacked by the enemy.”

“Yes, it does.”

I agreed. And when I looked, I saw a medium-sized dragon.

“It’s a drake.”

“Yes. However, this isn’t normal.”

Toshizou had a bitter expression.

“Aye, it would be one thing to see a few of them. But there are ten here. Ah, now there are even more.”

It was eleven.

“While they may not be real dragons, there is a limit. Besides, I feel as if they are organized.”

And then the old man explained.

“These drakes are being controlled by a master. A special drake must be on this floor, and it is controlling them. Unless we defeat it, they will continue to attack us.”

“And how do you know about that?”

“Because I have done my research. In fact, I helped you two in order to defeat this drake.”

“You did what, you old shit? To think that you were plotting all along.”

“It should have been obvious. Why would I help someone who isn’t even a beautiful princess.”

It was quite the insult, but there was no point in getting angry now.
We should cooperate and kill this drake.
Well, search for it.
And so I moved in between the two.

“Now, it doesn’t really matter. We cannot get to the surface unless we defeat it. In that case, we should work together.”

“Very good, Demon King. You understand me.”


Toshizou agreed. And then he cut down a drake that attacked him.
The red drake split into two.

“Splendid. But the drake we are looking for is not here. The problem is, how do we find it?”

I put a hand to my chin and thought.
In the meantime, Toshizou and the old man continued to cut down the drake that attacked us.
They were in sync to an impressive degree, and I couldn’t help but watch. At the same time, I noticed that the drake reinforcements were coming from a certain direction.

Surely their boss would be there. And so I found a bird that was flying and borrowed its vision.

Once I activated the ‘Hawk Eye’ magic, my consciousness moved to the bird.

Now that I had its vision, I looked at the forest up ahead. And then I saw that there was an especially large drake deep in the forest.

“I see. So that’s the famous drake.”

I wondered what its name was. As I thought of such things, the old man told me.

“That drake is called the Morning Star. Doesn’t it look like a star that glimmers in the night sky?”

“I suppose it does.”

The old man’s voice reminded me that I wasn’t a bird, and so I returned to my Demon King body.
“Now, I want to go and hunt the thing down.”

However, Toshizou and the old man had their hands full with the drake. There were just too many of them.

“But you two look like you’re busy. And so I will go and hunt it on my own.”

Toshizou reacted to this.

“Are you sure? You’re going to charge in without a single guard?”

“I don’t believe in charging into the enemy while you are alone. But there are times when it cannot be helped. I’ll kill it as quickly as possible, so just keep the other drakes off of my back.”

Understood! Toshizou seemed to say as he pierced a drake with his sword.

Upon seeing this, I launched some explosive magic into a group of drakes as if it was a farewell gift. As the sound echoed through the forest, I began to run.

Unsurprisingly, some of the drakes chased after me, but Toshizou and the old man cut them down.

“If you want to chase after my master, do it after you have killed me.”

The drakes did not understand him, but they could feel his intensity. If they ignored him, it would be to their own peril. Thinking this, they turned around and attacked Toshizou.

Like this, Toshizou succeeded in attracting the attention of dozens of the drakes.
He was the warrior of a Demon King army, after all. The strongest man in the Shinsengumi.
I was impressed by his skill once again, as I ran towards this Morning Star.

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