Realist Demon King – 128

Ghost Ship

It was already decided that we would deal with the ghost ship, but the problem was how we would accomplish that.
And so I first asked Marco Polo, since he was knowledgeable about the sea.

“Marco. About this ghost ship, how strong is their fighting force?”

“It is in fact, a small fleet of five ships. And they are commanded by the pirate with red hair and burning eyes, Francis Rosnay.”

“So you even know his name. There is something dashing about it, too.”

“Aye, he was once a human. But he gave his heart to Demon King Dagon, and became an undying monster. He then captured the ghost ship that was said to only appear once every few hundred years, and he became its captain.”

“He seems larger than life. Someone who won’t be taken down easily. So, is he interfering with the trade routes as a way of supporting Dagon?”

“I believe so. After all, the reformists are gaining momentum because of it. Those routes are the lifeline of the city.”

“Then we must deal with the ghost ship. No, we must defeat Francis Rosnay.”


“However, a human was able to sell their soul to a Demon King, huh? And now he cannot die.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“So, how can we defeat such a person…?”

As I sighed, Jeanne answered cheerfully.

“Do not worry, Demon King! You have already killed other Demons Kings who were immortal!”

Yes, that’s true. Muttered Toshizou as he rubbed his beard.

“Demon King Eligos was said to be undefeatable, but you were able to destroy his core and make him defenseless. And by human standards, the other Demon Kings might be seen as immortal as well. And yet you defeated them. A mere pirate shouldn’t be too much trouble.”

He said.

And while I felt that he was simplifying things a little too much, it was better than quivering in fear over this enemy.

Just then, I heard the far away sound of something shooting through the wind. And then an explosion.

My subordinates all looked surprised, but it was a familiar sound to me.

My old friend, the dwarven chief had made this sound often in his experiment room in the castle. He was trying to create cannons that I could use for war.

In other words, this sound was likely from a cannon. Upon hearing this, Marco Polo said,

“It’s just as you say. It is a cannon. It seems like someone is attacking the city from the port.”

“It would not be easy to approach the city without being seen. Especially the kind of ship that is equipped with such great cannons. It must be the ghost ships that we’ve been talking about.”

Marco and Ryoma were in agreement.

And so I caught a sparrow that was perched in the window. And after making it a temporary familiar, I had it fly towards the port. And just as had been suspected, the ghost ships were there.

They were ridiculously large ships, but also old. The sails were in tatters, and the hulls were covered in barnacles and seaweed. There were five such ships.

I wanted to get a look at the captain’s face, but the moment the monster entered my vision, I was cut off from the familiar.

Apparently, it detected the sparrow and shot it down. Either that, or perhaps they had someone who could block my magic.

It was unfortunate, but we were going to defeat him anyway. And I would be able to see his face as much as I wanted when the time came.

And it was with that thought that I told my subordinates that we would go to battle.

“This is unfamiliar ground. And we will be fighting pirates. Still, I have faith in your abilities. You will not balk in the face of a strong enemy.”

It wasn’t said to flatter them, it was true. These Heroes already had high morale.

Jeanne said,
“I’ve always wanted to kill a pirate!”
She had already unsheathed her sword.

“It’s good that you’re enthusiastic, but keep it for the battlefield.”

I said before turning to Eve. She guessed what I was going to say.
“You want me to stay here…”

“Yes. Fighting has already erupted at the port. Your skills in pouring tea will not help us there.”

“But I have a dagger. I can help protect you.”

“And while that’s a very comforting thought, I want you to save that fervor for now. I believe your loyalty and bravery will come in handy one day.”

She became quiet after that, but I had to then persuade someone else.

“I would like to leave one of my guards here. Marco Polo is the leader of the conservative merchants. Perhaps this attack is just a feint.”

“That’s true. Asssasins might come to this mansion if it is left empty.”

Ryoma said. However, she was busy polishing her pistol.
I could tell that she had every intention of going.

And since I knew that there was no point in trying to persuade her, I turned to the ninja, Kotaro. He nodded and said, ‘certainly.’

“I will cut down anyone who tries to enter this mansion.”

He showed me his kunai as he laughed.

It would be impossible to pass his security net. That’s what I thought as I got up from my seat.

Jeanne, Toshizou, and Ryoma also got up, and we headed towards the port.

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