Realist Demon King – 195

Side Story – Jeanne and the Monsters

Outside of the walls of Ashtaroth Castle

“Why are there so many monsters here!?”

“I don’t know. In any case, we just have to kill them all.”

“You don’t have to tell me that! My unit is over here!”

“Yes, Saint Jeanne!”

“Now, brace yourself.”

“You too, Hijikata.”

“He’s raising his hand silently and trying to look good…it’s most vexing.”

“Saint Jeanne. Should we attack the monsters like this head on?”

“Yes. We will do that, because Hijikata will go around their backs.”

“Understood! Follow after Saint Jeanne!”

“Defeat the monsters slowly but loudly so that we attract their attention. However, be careful so that they don’t surround you.”

“Brilliant! Saint Jeanne!”

“I’m just repeating what Ashta said.”

“The Demon King is brilliant! He is our Demon King!”

“Ashta is a genius…oh! That was close! …Huh?”

“Th-thank you…!”

“Don’t mention it. Right now, we must focus on defeating the monsters.”


“…Hmm? My sword seems dull today.”

Ashtaroth Town – Blacksmith


“Hmm? What is it?”

“I’m having trouble cutting with my sword. The Nouvelle Joyeuse.”

“This sword?”


“I see. You can’t cut with it, eh? Let me see…”


“Hmm. It seems like you do proper maintenance on it.”

“Of course, I do. Swords become dull if you don’t.”

“Indeed. …Perhaps it hit the bones of a monster. The blade has a small dent in it.”

“Even I could not fix that dent…”

“It would be difficult without a special whetstone. But I can fix this. However, I will have to carve away at the blade, so it will be a little smaller. Is that alright?”

“That’s fine! Thank you, Gottlieb!!”

“Thank me when I’m finished. Hey!”

“You called me, Sir Gottlieb?”

“I’m a ghost, so I can’t repair it directly. And so I’ll leave it to you.”

“Very well. Saint Jeanne, I will repair the blade for you.”

“This is Jin. He’s a master sharpener.”

“Is that so? Then I leave it to you!”

“Now, you should rest in the town until it is finished.”

“No, I would like to watch. This weapon is very important to me.”

“…I see. In that case, you can sit right here.”

“Yes. …There are so many whetstones.”

“We change whetstones by grit, depending on the chip in the blade.”

“And the rougher ones carve off more?”

“Aye, that’s right. We use the rough whetstones first, and then the smooth ones to finish them off.”

“But I only have one whetstone. Should I have lots of them too?”

“You would be able to do this yourself if you did. But leaving it to the blacksmiths is also fine.”


“But you’ll likely make mistakes at first if you do it yourself. And so you should watch Jin and learn from him.”

“That is a good idea! I will do that!”

“Come any time. You are very welcome.”

“Sir Gottlieb, Saint Jeanne. I have finished.”

“What!? That is so fast! And it doesn’t look smaller at all!”

“But it is smaller. I sanded it down over the dent.”

“It feels just a little lighter! And it fits in my sheath.”

“Of course, it fits in your sheath. In fact, it might be a little loose now. Perhaps…”

“Amazing! It fits perfectly!”


“See! It fits in my sheath and isn’t loose at all! And I can unsheath it without any problems.”

“That’s not possible…”

“I suppose it’s because it is a floating relic from another world.”

“How very strange. It seemed like an ordinary sword when I was repairing it.”

“Well, there are a lot of unexplained mysteries in the world.”

“I’m glad that it’s fixed! Now I’m going to test the sharpness!!”

“It’s only just repaired… What a lively child.”

“Indeed. …But I’m sure that the sword is happy.”

Outside the Ashtaroth Castle

“Why are there no more monsters!!”

Hello. Thank you for reading. While there are a few short bonus chapters, this is the last one I will be translating for this series. I hoped you enjoyed the ride and thank you for the support up until now.

The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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    • Well from the looks of things, the author hasn’t posted any new chapters in over a year and there’s only 4 more chapters before we catch up to the raws.

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