Makai Hongi – 337

Chapter 337

“I can fly!”

My arms and legs were being held by Vampires who appeared to be seasoned, powerful warriors. However, I was not enjoying my flight at all.

I was moving in a straight line towards a very angry Melvis. I had been forced to.
And at such great speed.

“Um… I wouldn’t mind if you guys flew a little slower.”

“But we were told to deliver you with haste.”
“I see…”

It was good that they took their mission seriously.
As long as they didn’t hurt me in the process.

Besides, I wasn’t mentallly prepared yet.
I wanted to calm down a little before my meeting with Melvis.

“I guess it’s not possible.”

“Did you say something?”
“No, nothing at all.”

“Indeed. We will deliver you with as much speed as we can muster, so just hold tight a little longer.”

I did learn something today.
Flying was a lot faster than running.

With every step, the soles of your feet kicked the ground as you were pushed forward.
It was clear that the beating of wings was much faster.

“…I’m bored.”
As both of my arms were being held, I could not even scratch my nose.

A short while ago, we flew over the village that I used to live in.
As I had nothing better to do, I tried calculating our speed.

I could walk for about one hundred kilometers in a day.
And the battlefield where I met Atrasushia was around seven days away from my village on foot.

There were roads and mountains on the way, but it was likely about five hundred kilometers in a straight line.

As we had flown this distance in just one hour, then our current speed would have to be over three hundred kilometers per hour.

“That’s really fast.”
It was similar to the speed of a bullet train.

“Did you say something?”
“No… Uh, good work.”

While there were four of them, I was likely still very heavy.
And yet they could still fly at this speed. The high-rankers really were on a different level.

After flying for yet another hour, we crossed the border.
We had entered Great Demon King Dalm’s country.

In fact, this was my first time entering the country of a Great Demon King.

“As we are in foreign territory now, please be careful.”
“We may be attacked without warning, so please stay alert.”

“How the hell can I be careful when I’m being held like this?”
I couldn’t move my limbs.

Really, wasn’t this a terribly dangerous position?
My stomach was open to anyone attacking from the ground.

Besides, if someone so suspicious-looking was flying through the sky like this, even I would attack them.

According to what I had heard, the residents of the Celestial World had invaded. And so Dalm’s country was busy dealing with them.

But the celestials came from the sky.
So the sky is where the eyes of Dalm’s soldiers would be directed.

In the Demon World, people did not think, ‘let’s work together to attack the enemy.’ So unless there was an alliance, they would be fighting alone.

And so if a flying object that was clearly not from your country appeared, it would be seen as an enemy.

“…Should we really be doing this?”
“Ah, I cannot answer that.”

Now I was really worried.

Half a day passed after we entered Dalm’s country.
It was now midnight, I think.

But Vampires could see in the dark, and so they continued to fly.
They did not rest. Their stamina was incredible.

If this continued, we would arrive at our destination before I was prepared to meet with Melvis.
It was just as I started to seriously worry about what I would do, that they unexpectedly slowed down.

They had flown all night, and the sky was starting to brighten.
Even I could see the ground now.

“Now that I look at it, it really is a lot of flat land.”
My homeland had a lot of mountains. So no matter where you went, you had to travel up and down mountain paths.

But Dalm’s country was all flatlands.
“These lands were once a battlefield.”

Long ago, Yamato and Melvis had fought the residents of the Celestial World here.

“They fought so much that the terrain was altered?”
“That is what they say.”


As always, those two were on a different level.
It was flatlands for as far as the eye could see. How much damage had they caused?

It was no wonder that General Farneze was so frantic.
If the same thing happened again, it would be a disaster.

As for the reason that they had slowed down…
I had become a little excited, thinking that we were taking a break. But I was wrong.

They put me down on the ground.

“This is as far as we will go.”
Apparently, they were going to drop me off here and return home.

“From what we could see, there are traces of a battle up ahead.”
“…I see.”

The delivery point was right before the line where the damage began.
“So I’m supposed to go alone from here.”

“Yes. It is too much for us to bear.”
“It will be easier to discover us if we’re in the air.”

They said.
I understood what they meant, and they were right.

However, I hadn’t expected to be put down here.
They said that it was too dangerous, and so I must go alone. It wasn’t easy to just answer, ‘alright then.’

“We hope that you are able to persuade King Melvis.”

That was all they said. And then the Vampires beat their wings loudly and took to the air.
They wasted no time, and reminded me of fleeing rabbits.

“…Are you serious?”
I couldn’t help but groan.

The area up ahead was incredibly dangerous.
“My heart is heavy…”

But I had no choice but to go.
In any case, I used ‘Body Strengthen’ thoroughly, so that I would be prepared for anything.

There was no point in standing here indecisively, and so I rushed forward.
And before much time had passed at all, I came out into an area where a large part of the ground had been gouged out.

It was a crater. Some magic attack had done this.

A circle that was hundreds of meters in diameter.
And the deepest point was over ten meters in the ground.

There were similar craters in the area. So there had been many attacks, and this was the damage that just one of them caused.
What powerful magic.

“I’m not strong enough to survive this kind of thing.”
If I was hit directly, I would die.

In spite of what General Farneze had asked me to do, if he was still fighting, then I would have to turn back.
It was with such thoughts that I advanced…


The eerie sound came closer.

I was late in noticing it, because it flew down from directly above my head.
The thing that shot down from the sky was a glowing magic bullet.

My dodge was too late.


It landed a few hundred meters in front of me. There was an incredible flash of light and a thunderous explosion. The ground shook.


The shockwaves of the explosion rammed into me, and I went flying into the air.
It was a good thing that I had strengthened my body. After all…

“I. Can. Fly.”

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  1. My guess is that a former battlefield would not look like a leveled, flat ground. It’s rather the opposite, full of overlapping holes of varying depth. And with too much holes, the rest of terrain might form randomly shaped mountains. And maybe some canyons forming a net of cracks here and there.

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