Makai Hongi – 325

Chapter 325

We found the enemy’s main camp.
Well, they happened to be camping boldly in our path.

There was no point in sneaking around, as they would find us anyway.
It would be better to make the first move and go in all at once.

Fortunately, the enemy’s eyes were directed to the west.
And most importantly, the number of soldiers in the main camp right now was not too high.

“Are they chasing after the soldiers who escaped?”

It was possible.
The fighting had stopped nearly half a day ago.

If that was the case, then that would make things a lot easier for us.
Not only was the enemy looking the other way, but their defensive wall had been destroyed, and would not be much use to them.

The enemy was exhausted, and there were many wounded.
And some had yet to be treated.

The battle had been on a very large scale.
There were still corpses all over the battlefield, which showed how recent it had all been.

While the enemy had won, the damage was enormous.
My guess was that Tralzard’s army had lost because their leader was killed.

And then they lost the will to fight and retreated.
Judging by the aftermath, the leader would have been in the Corps Commander or General class.

Since this was Tralzard’s country, that meant they would be equal to a Lesser Demon King.
And yet they had been defeated and had to retreat. In other words, the enemy was very strong.

“…Still, I doubt that we’ll lose.”

Why did I think that?
“Hehe. We’re prepared.”
“I can’t wait.”

The idiot siblings walked up to me.
I had told them to make sure that the non-combatants had been cut off and positioned behind us. It seemed that they had finished.

“Alright, come over here. I’ll tell you the plan. We’ll move in slowly until they spot us. And once they do, we’ll run at full speed. I’ll be running ahead. Saifo, you lead the others.”

This time, we would do what Ogres loved best. Charge.
It was a strategy that allowed them to be the most effective.

“A charge, eh? Leave it to me!”

“Beka, I want you to protect the magic team. As soon as the enemy discovers us, I want them to fire off at the enemy camp. On both the right and left side. And you know what to do from there, don’t you?”

“Pull out the bones of all the enemies that come for us!”

Pulling out the bones after breaking them. It would be the easiest thing for Beka.
And so the simple plan was completed. It was fine. We didn’t have much time anyway.

“Let’s go! Everyone. Follow me!”
And so we advanced silently.

There was only around two kilometers between us and the enemy camp.
There were some obstacles in the way, and so the enemy hadn’t spotted us yet.

Once we were halfway there, one of the enemy scouts in the air noticed us.
It started to cry loudly, and suddenly, we could hear a lot of noise coming from the main camp.

“Alright, we will run at full speed from here.”
I dashed forward before I had even finished talking.

After evolving, strengthening my body with mana had very impressive results.
The knowledge gained from my fight with Yamato—partial body strengthening. That also raised my ability.

And so I crossed the gap in no time, and then the Deepsea Dragon Sword that was on my belt, flashed in the air.
The enemy saw me and raised their spears, but I cut them down. In the blink of an eye, the area was covered in blood.

“…Too easy.”

I had created an opening, and so Saifo and the others would be able to come in.
And like that, I continued to swing the sword as I cut my way deeper into the camp.

Heads rolled with every swing. It was almost amusing.
We were still on the outskirts, and I hadn’t encountered anyone strong yet.


I could hear the sound of magic bullets.
The fact that they were being launched now meant the battle was fully underway.

We were cutting our way towards the center, while the others used magic to slow the enemy down.
I wanted to kill at least one of the bosses here before the enemy had a chance to organize.

“Where’s the boss?”

There were wooden walls everywhere, and it was difficult to see.
I killed every enemy that entered my sight, but had yet to meet anyone who I’d consider strong.

I was starting to regret charging in without knowing more, when I heard the usual voices coming from behind me.

“Hyaahaa! Kill them all!”

“Hyaha! Don’t let any get away!”

“Hyaaaha! We won’t stop until they are annihilated!”

They were a reliable lot.
I stopped and listened to the sounds of the battlefield.

I could hear the sounds of shattering and bashing and war cries.
“They’ve sure grown.”

I learned about it on the way here, but more than half of my Ogres had evolved into High Ogres.

Once you became a High Ogre, your mana increased explosively, and your power increased several times over.
At this point, I wasn’t sure if it was a group of Ogres or High Ogres.

Apparently, they had evolved after fighting the Wild Hunt.
Though, I’m sure they were close to clearing the requirements after all the training, combat experience, and mana gained from defeating enemies.

I knew what the requirement was for Ogre evolution.
Defeat superiors.

You could evolve by repeatedly defeating those who were stronger than you.
The battle with the Wild Hunt had been the perfect feeding ground.

They were all above High Ogres.
And it was my group of Ogres that had faced them in a serious battle.

Normally, engaging in such a fight would result in your death.
They might have all been destroyed.

The fact that they had survived was why they evolved as a group.
So, what happened after they evolved?

“If they attacked me all together, even I would be in danger.” Said Saifo.

As a group, they were a threat to even someone like Saifo, who had undergone special evolution.
And they were attacking the enemy now. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what their destructive power amounted to.

So it was assuring to know that Saifo was leading them behind me.
And I was free to search for their boss.

For a while, I continued to wander around and cut down the enemy.
Until finally, I found someone who looked like they’d put up a fight.

When I moved towards them, I saw that they were a group of high-rankers.
I could tell, now that I was able to accurately see someone’s mana.

In terms of mana level, they were the same class as General Farneze.
“Alright, let’s go.”

Up until now, I had only been strengthening parts of my body.
That was all that I needed.

In other words, the true battle started here.
And so I charged my entire body with mana and then rushed towards them.

“I finally found something challenging. You better keep me entertained.”
As I bared my teeth and laughed, the enemy glared at me with hatred.

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  1. I was expecting for Golan to have accidentally already defeated the enemy leader during his rampage and not find out about it until after the battle was over.

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