Makai Hongi – 326

Chapter 326

As I cut down the enemy with the Deepsea Dragon Sword and made my way through the camp, I found a group of high-rankers.
There would surely be a boss or mid-boss among them.

From far away, I could hear the excited chants of my men.
But it would take some time for them to reach me.

“…Hmm. I guess I’ll just fight them then.”

They seemed like they were up for it as well.
And so I returned the Deepsea Dragon Sword to my belt and took out the hexagonal club from my back.

The sword wasn’t bad, but it was better to use a blunt weapon if you were going to charge it with mana.
Besides, it was very durable and I could swing it without restraint.

I targeted one of the enemies, strengthened my body, and then moved forward.

Apparently, my charge was a lot faster than they were expecting.
As they stood there in shock, I slammed my weapon over one of their heads.

The skull was crushed, and the figure fell away limply. The corner of my mouth rose.
But in spite of being on the receiving end of my strongest hit, he was still breathing. In other words, they were strong.

I was giving it my all, and it wasn’t enough to one-shot them. That’s how tough they were.

The enemy right in front of me were likely the attendants of the boss.

One of them glared at me.
“We crushed you all on the battlefield. But I suppose you’re back for more?”

What an amusing thing to say. They thought we were part of Tralzard’s army.

“But you were sent to such a remote place as this. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that you’re slow to understand the situation.”
It was too much trouble, and so I didn’t bother to correct them.

Besides, this place was not on the main marching path.

Tralzard would have to take a longer route in order to attack this place.
In other words, they camped here in order to defend themselves.

They were probably an army that were here to prevent intercepting forces from going around.
In that case, the army that had been ahead of us had probably meant to go around and ambush them.

But nevermind that.
What I understood now, was that this land that they were guarding was not that important, strategically speaking.

As for how strong the people who were protecting the place were, I would have to find out.

“I didn’t come here to talk. Unless it’s with this.”

There was one thing I noticed after entering their camp. There should have been more soldiers inside.
At first I thought it was just made to be very big, but it wasn’t the case. Soldiers that should have been here were absent.

In other words, just as I had initially suspected, they had gone off to chase after Tralzard’s soldiers.

“It’s easy to talk. But you’ll soon regret charging into us when you’re all alone.”
“Make me, if you can!”

From what I could tell, there were around ten of them. But only three were really strong.
However, one of them was the first person I had hit, and he was still on the ground.

Their flying scouts would have warned them of our arrival.
If they took too long, my men would catch up.

This was an event with limited time. And so I would complete it in record time…I would annihilate them.
And so I swung the hexagonal club.

While some of them were strong, once they were out of the way, the rest were small fry.
As long as I didn’t mind taking some damage, it would be easy enough to destroy them quickly.

In fact, I didn’t even break a sweat.
My attacks were charged with mana, and they were very effective.

“…Now, I can sense something towards the back.”

Was it the main attraction, or another group of attendants?
I weaved my way past the tents and tried to see who it was. That’s when it happened.


A herd of giant horses dashed towards me.

“Golan. I might have messed up!”
Someone was running in front of them. Well, running away.

It was Beka. But she was smiling as I glared at her.
“They’re Red Savage Horses! Why are you bringing them here!”

They were a type of evolved Savage Horse.
Which meant they were red and much larger.

And while they were horses, they were carnivores, and would eat the heads of their enemies. Foul feeders indeed.
Their bodies were like masses of muscle, and they were difficult to deal with if they moved as a herd.

“I don’t know. I think I made them mad!”
And then she told me to move out of the way. I would have to punch her later.


I could just dodge them, but it was in their nature to attack as a group.
And even High Ogres would not be able to do anything if they were surrounded by them.

But they were also simple-minded, so perhaps they had been saved for a time like this, when the enemy needed a quick way to change the tide of battle.
And then Beka must have antagonized them. Something like that.

And so I stepped in front of the Red Savage Horses to stop them…but…

“It’s no use. They’ve gone mad with fury.”

They weren’t wild horses, but mad horses.
You could see their mouths frothing as they charged. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

“I guess I’ll take down the one in front.”
I doubted it would calm them down, but it was worth trying.

It was clear that the one in the front, who was chasing after Beka, was the leader of the herd. And so I would crush it.

“Eat this!”
I used a technique that was rooted in human power.

It could also be called a qigon or fa jin technique.
Something I had acquired as a human, and then trained with so that I could use it with mana.

It was the Demon World version of fa jin.
And it had also worked on Yamato.

I gathered the mana within me and unleashed it through both hands towards the horse in the lead.
Would it be enough to stop it?



Beka and I shouted at the same time. It was too unexpected.
As for the Red Savage Horse…it had exploded beautifully.

Like a red balloon—that was filled with meat.
The fragments of flesh seemed to fall from the sky in slow motion.

It was almost beautiful. Like it was Christmas and the snow was falling down around us. It was enough to put you in a romantic mood.

But reality was always cruel.
The smell of fresh blood brought me back to reality.

“Golan. Even I’m disgusted by what you’re doing!”

Ew! What are you doing? Read the room! Said Beka. Beka.

Well, I was already going to punch her later.
In any case, this Demon World fa jin…should never be used again.

“I’m very disgusted with you, Golan. But can you take care of the rest?”
“Hey, you should help me.”

Beka groaned. But she did help in the end.

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