Makai Hongi – 256

Chapter 256

○ Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s Main Camp – Saifo

“Scatter them!”

“Where is the filth!!”
“I am the filth!”

“You are!?”

Saifo and a group of Ogres had swarmed into Kyuka’s main camp.
The Reapers were there as well, though they did not seem happy about it.

There were even a few Vampires.
Why were they following and obeying Saifo?

Perhaps during the long journey…

“The only good enemy is a dead enemy!”
“Where are the evil foes?”

They had been poisoned and turned into meat heads.

Beka was running right behind Saifo.
She was behind him, in spite of being much lighter in comparison.

This was because she was going around and mercilessly breaking the necks of the soldiers that were guarding the camp.

“Isn’t this a violation of our orders? There wasn’t an order to charge!”
“Then let me ask you this, was there an order saying we ‘couldn’t charge’?”

“I didn’t hear of any.”
“Then there should be no problem.”

“Is that right? Maybe…”
Beka was very simpleminded.

“So with that settled… ARRGHHHHH!”
Saifo swung his metal club, and an enemy soldier shrunk down to half its height.

There was a reason that they had ambushed Kyuka’s main camp.

This business started back during the battle on the other side of the mountain.

“Damn it. We lost again! I swear that I’ll get him next time!”
“Ahahaha… Surely it’s impossible?”

After becoming a Masurao through special evolution, Saifo had been very confident when challenging Golan.
However, he could barely do a thing, and lost pitifully.

Saifo’s abilities had been enhanced by several dozen times, and yet it seemed like it hardly mattered.
He could not reach Golan even after his evolution. Could anything be more humiliating?

Not only that, but he had fought along with Beka, who had undergone a special evolution as well, and turned into a Dakini.

They had both become stronger.
And yet Golan was at a different level.

Saifo was consumed by a rage that he didn’t know what to do with.

In other words, he was feeling stressed.
Stress was something that Orgres never felt, as they lived without thinking, especially about difficult things.

However, when it came to people like Saifo, who had a ravenous will to become stronger, he sometimes felt stress over the large gaps in ability between himself and his opponents.

And the only way to relieve himself of that stress was…

“All soldiers, charge!”

Saifo and the Ogres had been integrated into the army, and took position in the right wing. And like this, they faced Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s army.

Due to Farneze’s army having inferior numbers, the situation was quite dire from the beginning.

Kyuka’s army spread out over a wide area that included the side of the mountain and its base.
As they had more soldiers, they believed they could annihilate the enemy by just surrounding them.

On the other hand, Farneze’s army just needed to buy time.
That was the order that had been given to them.

And so the battle continued passively, and while the center and left wing were pushed back, they were somehow able to hold out.

The problem was the right wing, where Saifo had been added.

To be frank, he was taking it out on the enemy.
All the anger he felt over losing to Golan was unleashed onto the enemy.

Apparently, the leader of the enemy forces had fallen at some point.
It wasn’t known who had done it.

Most people would find such a thing hard to believe, but before anyone knew it, the leader was gone.

Realizing that the tide could turn easily, Kyuka’s army started to draw back. That’s when Saifo and the others launched a vicious attack.
He had already shown astonishing feats up until this point, but that was just a warm up.

In the end, Kyuka’s army was not able to withstand the crazed attack of Saifo and the others, and they were forced to retreat.
The enemy took flight.

“Go!! Don’t let a single one escape!”
In fact, Saifo had no authority to be barking out orders.

However, the battle frenzy and stress caused by Golan, had weakened his self control.

Besides, Ogres were meat heads.
Yes, it bears repeating. Ogres were meat heads.

If someone told them to go, they would go.
And so they started to chase after the retreating enemy.

This would have come as a great surprise to Kyuka’s men.
Now that the corner had crumbled, it would have been a good time to attack the center.

But instead, they were just chasing after the retreating soldiers.

“GO! GOO!”
They heard the shouts coming from behind as they ran.

If they stopped, they would be killed.
And so they all ran back to the safety of the main camp.

That’s when the real tragedy began.
After all, Saifo and the others had chased them at full speed.

And this was a pursuit straight after a vicious battle.
There was almost no distance between Saifo’s men and the fleeing enemy.
They were practically combined.

And so Saifo and the others were able to enter the camp with the enemy soldiers.

Most of the strong ones had left in order to fight against Farneze’s army.
Even with them split up, they still had the superior numbers.

And so they would never have imagined that the enemy would attack the main camp in such a small group.
And worse for them, this group that Saifo led happened to be very powerful.

An elite group that had survived many hopeless battles in Tralzard’s lands.
And they knew very well the danger of charging into an enemy camp.

If anything, they were humming as they went under the gate.

And they did not know the word, ‘restraint.’
Without a hint of hesitation, they grabbed any enemy they laid eyes on and tore them to shreds.

“I still haven’t had enough! Bring me more!”
Saifo went deeper into the camp.

“…Hmm? Is that…?”
“What? What is it?”

Saifo and Beka had found something.

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